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SHOWDOWN is a recording of a telephone exchange between Solid Chris (IBA) and Liquid Chris (CWC), in which Solid threatens to arrest Liquid for identity theft, and involve Bob in this debacle.

SHOWDOWN: With the Recording of The Feds, The TRUE CWC Confronts The FAKE
Stardate 09 August 2009
Subject Matter Liquid confronts Ian about the slander that Ian's been giving him.
Featuring Liquid Chris; Ian Brandon Anderson
Saga LiquidLiquidLiquid Saga
Audio Recordings
Kacey Phone Call


IBA: 'Lo?

CWC: Hello, Ian. Yeah, I think you know who this is.

IBA: [sigh] Look, Christian, stop this.

CWC: Look, you are giving me a lot of stress right now and I am not going to handle it.

IBA: [sigh] Look, Chris, [CWC snorts, possibly from laughter.] listen. I was kind enough to accept that you have said that you are actually a Christian W. Chandler, but you were born as a Chris—

CWC: [interrupting] Yes, my name— My name— My name is Christian Weston Chandler.

IBA: Alright, fine, your name is Christian Weston Chandler, [CWC: Yes.] but the fact is, you were born with that name; you are not the Christian Weston Chandler that was born as Christopher Weston Chandler, who’s the original creator of Sonichu and Rosechu.

CWC: No. No. No.

IBA: [interrupting] Look, I fa— I've— I've— I-I’ve ask— I've asked you nicely [CWC: No, my name—] to please stop pretending, [CWC: No.] for the sake of Kacey. She really cares about you.

CWC: I do not pretending anything. And you need to stop slandering me with your lies on the YouTube.

IBA: [scoff] Look, I don’t know what the heck is wrong in your head, but you know, [CWC: No, I don't— I—] and I know, her parents knows, Kacey knows, the whole world knows that you are not the Christopher Christian Ricardo Weston Chandler.

CWC: [interrupting] Well— Well then, the whole world must be— You know the whole world must be slandering against me, because I don’t think that’s very true, because my fan base— If you took a look at my— You— If you take a look at my YouTube videos, you see that my fanbase has left me comments of support, and I take— And I take a look at your YouTube videos and you— And I see that they are all calling you out.

IBA: [sigh] Look, just please, don't— Don’t do this. You’re breaking my balls here. Stop doing this. Stop playing this game. Quit pretending. Please, come clean.

CWC: I am— I'm not pretending—

IBA: [interrupting] Stop it.

CWC: Mmmm... You are really ticking me off right now. Mmm...

IBA: [sigh] Look... Look, we’re both ticking each other off, but let—

CWC: [interrupting] You ju-ju-ju— You just keep making up all these things up, I'm not, I mean whatever, you know, and right now, you’re ma- you're making that up- you're making them up right now.

IBA: Making what up?

CWC: [interrupting] You're just making that up off the top of your head, because your name is not Christian Weston Chandler, it is Ian Brandon Anderson, and you are grinding my gears.

IBA: [interrupting] No, look, listen I— Listen, I'll spell it out for you: I came up with I. B. A. Chandler as in I, meaning myself, B, as in specifying what I am, A, as in singular, and Chandler, being my last name. [CWC: Mmm... Yeah, that's—] There is no such thing as Ian Brandon Erinson. [CWC: I actually figured it out.] I am Christopher Weston Chandler.

CWC: No, because I found it out, your Ian Brandon Anderson name, the reason you a— You added Chandler to that is because you were paying tribute to the serial killer Oba Chandler.

[Ian talks to parents in background indistinctly.]

IBA: [background, to Barbara] Mom, if you keep that up, he's gonna hang up, we're gonna lose track of communication right now. So [unintelligible] the devil's number.

Barbara: [background] I'm get a phone talk to him.

IBA: Are you still there?

CWC: Mmm... Yeah, I'm still here. What do you want to talk about?

[Ian talks to parents in background indistinctly.]

IBA: [background] I'm not going to let this go, he's [inaudible] around with me in real life.

[Bob talks indistinctly in background.]

IBA: [background] He— He's continuing to call me this Ian Brandon Anderson that somebody made up.

[Bob and Barbara continue talking indistinctly in background. Something is mentioned about how Chris "needs to let these things go".]

IBA: Look, Chris, stop it. Stop this game, you know—

CWC: [interrupting] I am not playing a game. I am— I have not— I have been— I have been being true and honest this entire time, and you have been playing a dirty game.

IBA: Look, stop. No, no, no, [CWC: Yes.] I am not play— I am not playing a game, I am being the true— I am the true, honest voice of reason here, I am being the— I am the true, honest one here. [CWC: No.] I am the original true creator of Sonichu and Rosechu and the world of CWCville. You're just trying—

CWC: [interrupting] No. No. That's— That was me.

IBA: You're just... No, no, no, no. [CWC: Nobody-] You have never been to Manchester High School, [CWC: Yes, I have. Yes—] you have never been to Piedmont Virginia Community College, you are taking the same class as Kacey is, over at community college in Washington, D.C.

CWC: Uh, no, I am not, I don't even live in the Washington, D.C.

IBA: You are in D.C., I know it, [CWC: Not—] she knows it, [CWC: No.] we all know it. Now stop it, if you don't— [CWC: Mmm... Yeah, I'd like to see—] If you don't— If you don't— [CWC: I'd like to see you prove that, because, uh—] IF YOU DO NOT COME CLEAN RIGHT NOW, I AM GOING TO GET MY FATHER IN ON THIS FURTHER, AND YOU ARE GOING TO GET FUCKING ARRESTED, THROWN IN JAIL, AND YOU WILL NOT GET TO LIVE THE PEACEFUL, HAPPY LIFE THAT KACEY AND I WOULD LIKE [voice cracks] YOU TO LIVE, BECAUSE KACEY REALLY CARES FOR YOU, MAN!

CWC: [interrupting] That's not true, I am honor roll! I was honor roll, and you... You have just been... Mmm... And you know what? Ya— How would you— When would you even, you know— You keep making all these threats with the police and—

IBA: [interrupting] I am not making up any threats, my s— [CWC: Yes, you are.] —everything I tell you is true, honest, and legit, you are the one being—

CWC: [interrupting] No, you are being— You are not— You are not being true and you are not being honest.

IBA: Okay, this is it. I have gave you the last warning, I gave you the last response, you just busted my balls again, you're going to jail. I'm sorry, Kacey.

CWC: Yeah.

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