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Sarah Nicole Hammer

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Chris & Sarah shortly after her wedding[1]
Sarah is Christian's Life-Long Best Friend. She is a spunky gal, and she is very pretty. One may say that she is the spitting image of Britney Spears.


Animal Crossing card describing Sarah Hammer; who looks nothing like Britney Spears

Sarah Nicole Hammer (born 13 October 1982[2]) was the girl next door[3] for Chris from age 2 until around age 10, when he moved away, whom he apparently considered his closest friend. Chris met Sarah again when he entered Piedmont Virginia Community College when he came back to the county after finishing Manchester High School. Although by 2005 Chris had come to regard Sarah as his best and closest friend however, Chris seems to suggest that he hasn't had much contact with her as compared to his childhood.

As far as can be told, Chris has had no contact with Sarah since he came into the spotlight, and unlike Megan Schroeder there aren't any trolls who know her IRL capable of updating us on her status. There's no evidence to suggest that Sarah has even seen the comics, or has any opinion on them.

Sarah Hammer in real life

Like anything that looks good in real life, Chris ruins it by drawing it.


She brought me a lot out of my autistic social shell for the time back then.


Wikipedia autobiography

Chris continues to cherish many important memories with Sarah, such as riding swing sets, playing hide and seek, and rollerskating.

It is not entirely known if Sarah actually cared about Chris. In Chris + Sarah's Life-Shares, Chris recounts a story in which Sarah told Chris that Casper the friendly ghost was hiding under the house. Chris, being as childish as he's always known to be, fell for it and went to search for him. When Chris entered the crawlspace, Sarah locked him in and left. Eventually, Sarah's father had to come and get him out.

Sarah also tried to convince Chris to put a honeysuckle in his mouth. Specifically the tip, which is sometimes alleged to be poisonous. Chris almost fell for this one, but his parents caught him and warned him of its "dangers". And you know what they say: a girl that tries to kill you isn't really your friend.

Sarah and Chris were the same age and attended the same elementary school, but Chris moved to Richmond to attend middle school[4] and would not see Sarah again until after he returned to Ruckersville on June 2000.[5] In Mario Kart 64 Lego Raceway, made on 4 June 1998, Chris named one of the characters after Sarah, suggesting that he was still thinking about her at the time.

Chris has suggested that he did not originally view Sarah as a potential sweetheart; this decision apparently came later, most likely due to autism and a sheltered upbringing.

She got hot

Between 2000 and 2003 Sarah grew up and shed her old image, and became so attractive to Chris that he later called her "a spittin' image of Britney Spears."[6] The fact that he thinks she looks like Britney Spears is probably just because she has boobs and long blonde hair. She actually looks nothing like Britney Spears and has a completely different face shape, but Chris is notorious for his poor facial recognition skills. This is the man who had to stare at himself in a mirror for hours to remember what he actually looked like after all.[7]

With Wes Iseli

By Chris's admission, he hadn't had much contact with Sarah after he moved to Richmond, although at some point he apparently concluded that they were destined to be lovers. Unfortunately for him, at a certain point Sarah started dating local magician/heart-throb Wes Iseli, eventually moving in with him at some point prior to July 2000.[8] Learning about this development was clearly traumatic for Chris. On one occasion Chris saw Sarah sitting in Wes's lap, which made Chris visibly jealous; this incident was important enough (to Chris, anyway) to document in his comics. A similar freak out occurred when Chris saw Megan sitting on the lap of one of her male friends around the time he was discovered by /v/, and he still gets insanely jealous whenever he sees a girl sitting on the lap of any other man, likely because it reminds him of the Infinitely-High Boyfriend-Factor.[9]

Chris regards losing Sarah to Wes as one of the two reasons he launched his Love Quest. Although this event technically changed nothing—Chris had never had a girlfriend and still did not—it spurred him to action, giving him a reason to actively seek out and obtain a Boyfriend-free girl.

The lyrics of Christian's song "BFF's (Best Friends Forever)" seem to be addressing Sarah, with Chris conceding the impossibility of romantic love and seeking greater fulfillment in a closer platonic friendship. His comparison of "your boyfriend" (presumably Wes) to Black Sonichu recast himself and the couple into the hero-lover-rival troika that he developed for Sonichu, and then further refined by featuring Wes as an evil hedgehog in his own right. Thankfully, Wes's career proved resilient enough to survive the trauma.

To this day, there exist no records of what Sarah's reaction to any of this insanity was, not even in Chris's recounting of the events.

With William Spicer

At some point Chris learned that Sarah broke up with Wes and then subsequently met another man, William Spicer, whom she eventually married and now has a child with. The ups and downs of how Chris took this news are captured in how the fictional Chris reacted in Sonichu #2 after Sarah tells him, and in Sonichu #5 when Chris made a comic adaptation of her wedding. Chris knew so little about Spicer, probably having never met him, that in the comic he decided to depict the groom as a Yu-Gi-Oh! character so that he wouldn't have to draw the actual person. If the comic is anything to go by, Chris did not attend the wedding in real life, but quietly accepted Sarah's decision anyway. William Spicer was spared the fate of being made into a one dimensional Sonichu villain like his predecessor was however, though not because Wes had done wrong while William had not, but rather because Wes was unlucky enough to have dated Sarah while Chris was interested in her, while by the time William was marrying her, Chris had already moved on to Megan.


In a chat from 16 April 2009, Chris mentioned that the last time he had seen Sarah was shortly after her wedding. He had heard little of her afterwards except for a few updates from her father and Joshua Martinez.[10] On 18 April 2010 Chris again stated that he had lost touch with Sarah after her marriage.[11] On 14 March 2010, shortly after the CWCki instituted The Wallflower policy, Chris wrote a blog post asking that the CWCki will erase from its pages all the references to various people he cares about, Sarah among them.[12]

Sarah in the comic

Christian first hints at Sarah's involvement in the Sonichu comics in Sonichu #0, where he alludes to three mysterious electric hedgehogs: Chris-Chan Sonichu, Wes-Li Sonichu, and Saramah Rosechu. This is the closest Chris can come to a slow-building long-term mystery, so of course he blew his wad right away, revealing the identities of at least two of these characters a few pages later in the Classic Sonichu Strips.

Sarah Hammer/Nicole Rammer

Artist's impression of Sarah Hammer and the Lightning Bracelets.

After Chris activated the anchuent powers foretold by the Anchuent Prophecy, Sarah had a vision of the ancient queen of the Cherokian Clan, who explained her role in the prophecy and gave her the Lightning Bracelets. Using the bracelets Sarah could transform into Saramah Rosechu, whose role in the prophecy would be to maintain the balance between Chris-Chan and Wes-Li.

When Sarah discovered these two hedgehogs, they were already locked in battle. Although at first she didn't know who Chris-Chan and Wes-Li were, Saramah quickly learned that the hedgehogs were also her old friend Christian and her recent boyfriend Wes Iseli. Forced to choose between these two men, Saramah remembered who was writing the comic, so she impaled Wes-Li against a tree and broke up with him, citing his cruelty toward Christian. Saramah actually spent more time dressing down Wes than she did battling Count Graduon, the evil she and the others were prognosticated to defeat.

With Wes quickly departing, Chris and Sarah returned to their human forms and caught up on old times. Chris believed he now had an easy path to becoming Sarah's sweetheart, but unfortunately for him she was already interested in another man, William Spicer.

Though Sarah technically did not appear again until Sonichu #5, she did appear in one of the Classic Sonichu Strips from Sonichu #0. The one which she appeared in was reprinted in Sonichu #4 and established as having taken place a few weeks before the events of Sub-Episode 7.

Later, in Sonichu #5, Chris would invisibly attend Sarah's wedding to William Spicer, being on-hand for Wes-Li's attempt to kidnap her. Using his Chris-Chan Sonichu powers and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Chris rescued Sarah, who then rewarded him by tossing him the bouquet and wished him luck in his pursuit of Megan. In spite of this issue being based around Sarah's wedding and being intended as a sendoff to her character, she did remarkably little in this story, just filling the role of the kidnapped princess.

Sarah was not seen in the comic for a long time afterwards, but she did appear again in Sonichu Special 2, also known as the Wedding Comic. In this comic, she attends Chris's ill fated marriage to Ivy, dressing in drag and acting as the best man, since Chris doesn't actually have any friends other than her who could fill that role other than fictional characters or possibly his father. One can't shake the feeling that he'd probably ask Sarah to do this in a real life wedding too.

Thanks to the efforts of Nintendo lawyer Jay Z during the Miyamoto Saga, Sarah later became one of many characters who had their names retconned in the story, due to being based on real life people. As such, in the Sonichu Videobooks, Sarah Hammer instead became Nicole Rammer.

Saramah Rosechu

Not creepy at all.
Sarhamah's [sic] origin is unknown but her radiance shines brighter than the sun. When she shoots her arrows, they fly like lightning bolts. She is also known as a peaceful protector. And she is lovely, angelic, and simply irresistible.


Sarhamah Rosechu Animal Crossing card.

Most, if not all of Sarah's appearances in Chris's comics are in the form of Saramah Rosechu, using the powers bestowed upon her by the Anchuent Prophecy to transform into a furry. She has no actual personality beyond asserting her deep, abiding friendship with Christian, which again suggests that he knows nothing about this person except what he likes to think she feels about him. Sarah is able to activate this form through use of the Lightning Bracelets, which act as her own equivalent to Chris's Sonichu Medallion or Wes Iseli's Fireshock Pendant.

Prior to the retcon, Saramah Rosechu was a much more sensible name for Sarah's Sonichu form, even if still slightly weird. Since the change however, new readers of the comic who are not aware of the background of the character are just left baffled by the strange notion that a woman named "Nicole" transforms into a hedgehog and is then named "Sarah" for some reason.

Due to her lack of a large role in the comics, Saramah Rosechu doesn't have many powers compared to the other two chosen ones of the prophecy. While Chris and Wes both use weird Pokémon related attacks or Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to fight, aside from the retarded Team Blast attack ripped off from Sonic Heroes, Sarah is only ever seen using her bow and arrow to fight with. Both the bow and arrow are lightning bolt shaped. They may or may not be literally made of electricity. It's hard to tell with Chris's art.

Queen of the Cherokian Clan

The only picture of her to this date.

Wife of the ancient leader of the Cherokee Clan, and the Cherokian Clan's queen.

Little is established about the queen except that she was the object of a rivalry between her husband and his Wasabi Rival. She would be reincarnated as Sarah Hammer, about whom we know little except that she was the object of a "rivalry" between Christian Weston Chandler and Wes Iseli. This is a good example of how Chris's female characters exist only to motivate his male ones and/or be fap material. The Anchuent Prophecy caused Sarah to learn of her past life and thereby gain the powers of Saramah Rosechu, which she was tutored in using by a vision of the Queen.

The queen hasn't shown up since that single appearance, and considering that Sarah/Saramah has been absent from the comic since getting married in Sonichu #5 save for her brief cameo at Chris's wedding,[13] it's highly unlikely she'll ever show up again.

Oddly enough, of the three ancestors, she is the only one who actually looks something like a Native American; although she's still blonde and blue-eyed, she's wearing a dress that could be made of deerskin, which is the stereotypical way of dressing Native ladies in works of fiction. At least Chris got that part right.



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