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Victory Rockout

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Victory Rockout (originally called Skyrim Victory.mp4) is a video uploaded early in the morning of 28 August 2011 under the YouTube account "CWCvilleProductions". In this video, Chris flails around a Guitar Hero controller while dancing to a metal remix of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim theme. Chris completely disregards both the rhythm and structure of the original song, and just screams whatever pops in his mind in a not-particularly-musical manner. It appears to be created in response to Thorg's retirement from Trolling, referencing Thorg's love for the Elder Scrolls.

Chris once again complains about CWCki. He's likely taking an issue with the PS3 Tracker on the front page, which said (as of 28 August 2011) "Chris was last spotted playing Fallout: New Vegas. Chris has spent over $3,678.10 of YOUR money!" and is trying to hint that he's not spending that much money on video games. (It is worth noting that CWCki's numbers are on the conservative side.)

The video frequently skips and misses frames, which is most likely due to his PSEye being damaged (again).

Victory Rockout
Stardate 28 August 2011
Subject Matter TrollsTrolls Trolls
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy, SmugSmug Smug
Saga TomgirlTomgirl Tomgirl
Gratitude for a good person in N.C.
Response to ADF

Glad to see my remixes going to good use. . .




-eah we got victory! I won with a victory! Victory on all damn cyber bullies! Cyberbullies gonna get their kickin', BAM BAM BAM! Bam! I kicked your head in, you damn dirty bullies! [Strikes the air with his guitar controller.] Whee!

You bullies are really, really stupid! Trolls are really, really stupid! Hey you bullies are really, really stupid! Team Rocket's stupid, you're stupid, you're stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID!

Hello Ian! Why is your last name Brandon Anderson? JUUUUUULAAAYYYYYY!


Victory over the trolls! I'm also the creator of the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon! Yeah! [turns around and thrusts his ass towards the camera] So you can kiss it! Kit! Kiss it! Kiss it!

And I paid ten dollars for this guitar and game combo, at a garage sale a couple weeks ago! I only paid ten dollars FOR Fallout: Vegas when it was on sale a previous time!

So your assumptions of what I paid for everything...INCORRECT!

The CWCki's a damn lie! Ahhh.... Exaggerations! False implications! Naked Truths and a content plague inside contents!

Never trust the CWCki no matter what! If you have questions, ask me d'personally! I will answer with honesty! All they tell you is exaggeration and lies! Damned old internet bullies!


[turns off camera]

Gratitude for a good person in N.C. Chris's videos Response to ADF