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Christian Weston Chandler...Yep, I'm on TV :)

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Chris-chan: Because making a homemade DVD about yourself justifies your existence.

Christian Weston Chandler...Yep, I'm on TV :) is Chris's homemade DVD, featuring various video clips Chris had made before his Internet fame, and also his actual, if meager, TV appearances. Despite its title, very little of the material on the DVD was ever featured on TV.

Chris originally sent copies of the DVD only to a select few people, but nevertheless thought him making the DVD was an important enough achievement to mention repeatedly in the Sonichu comic and elsewhere. He also believed that people would actually be interested in buying a copy along with other merchandise, and even planned a Blu-ray release.[1] Suffice to say, the disc was actually burned with a Magnavox DVD recorder out of material that appears to have been transferred off of VHS tapes, and doesn't actually approach commercial quality, even if it actually had any interesting content that people would actually pay for. Chris possibly thinks that lack of content and video quality that was abysmal to begin with will mysteriously look better when burned on hi-def discs.

Naturally, since this relic was so profoundly important in Chris's mind, it piqued the curiosity of the trolls, and a copy was eventually obtained by LordSillynipples by posing as Chris's childhood friend and first crush, Tiffany Robinson.


C.W.C. On TV Trailer

To reduce marketing costs, Chris put the trailer for the DVD directly into the DVD. The trailer provides an 8-minute summary of the rest of the features, in case you don't want to melt your brain by actually watching the whole DVD.

C.W.C. Super Sonic Winner!!!

From 26 February 1994, shortly after Christian's 12th birthday. Local news coverage of him winning a Sonic the Hedgehog contest and earning a $1,000 shopping spree for video games. To date the pinnacle of Christian's entire existence, this event fueled the delusional manchild he is today.

Song of Christian

Filmed on 15 May 1998, when Christian was sixteen. Presented as an episode of The Christian Chandler Show, Christian gives a dramatic reading of a poem he wrote about himself. He then spends twenty minutes explaining the meaning of each line, about fifteen minutes of which is dedicated to him leafing through his hand-drawn Nintendo Power magazine.

Mario Kart 64 LEGO Raceway Prototype Animation

Mario Kart 64 LEGO Raceway Animation by C.W.C. on Game Boy Camera

Filmed on 4 June 1998.

Hey, do you like Mario Kart? Do you like LEGO Blocks? Do you like stop-motion animation? More importantly, do you like hearing the same fifteen-second clip of music played over and over and over while you watch grainy black-and-white 8-bit footage of LEGO men getting into car wrecks? Then this is the clip for you!

SPOILER: LEGO Christian wins the race. No surprises there.

Unfinished CWCville Tour

Filmed 12 July 2001.

Chris Chan in the PokéNews


Filmed 16 October 1999. The local news media does a fluff piece on the rise of the Pokémon fandom, and Chris happens to be among the small children playing the game. Chris being 17 at the time, years older than the playing crowd, is not discussed. This clip provides the DVD cover with its money line:

I'll send out my Dragonair, even though it has 60 Damage on it. Oh boy! It has 3 Energy on it... Slam Attack!


Christian Chandler's Animal Crossing Documentary

Filmed 22 November 2003. An hour-long video of Christian playing Animal Crossing. If the video is any indication, Animal Crossing is about as exciting to watch as organizing files in Microsoft Windows.

C.W.C.'s Animal Crossing/Mario Paint 24th Wedding Anniversary Special

Created in honor of Bob and Barbara Chandler's anniversary, on 7 June 2004.

"So Need A Cute Girl" Music Video

Filmed 20 December 2004. Music video for the lead single off Christian's debut album.

Chris Chan's Harvey Birdman Commercial

Filmed 24 February 2005. Christian enters a contest where the goal is to deliver a creative advertisement for a Harvey Birdman DVD. He instead blathers on about himself, Sonichu, and Mary Lee Walsh. The time constraints laid out in the contest rules are obvious, as Christian struggles to cram his random-access humor into a thirty-second soundbite so that he sounds like the Micro Machines man.

Chris Chan's Pixelated PS3

Filmed on 28 November 2006. Christian enters another contest requiring him to shill a product in under a minute, this time a PlayStation 3. To answer the question "What would you do for a PS3?", Chris first explains everything he would like to do but won't (e.g., save up the money and go to a store), and would but can't (forsake a cure for autism), before revealing that he has constructed a PS3 from LEGO blocks and Pixelblocks.

C.W.C.'s SlideShow of Photographs, Art, and Comics

Still images taken from 1982-2007 with interspersed commentary that gives new insight into Chris's past. The accompanying audio is from the 1998 KCWC broadcast and his Christian and the Hedgehog Boys album.

Christian Weston Chandler's FUTURE MESSAGE

Filmed 24 February 2007. In celebration of his milestone 25th birthday, Chris delivers an address summarizing the lessons he has learned in his life and how they should be applied by future generations of "ladies and gentlemen and dudes of all teenages."

Great Director's Cut

As a way to save face after the DVD was leaked onto the Internet, Chris claimed[2] that the trolls didn't have the "Director's Cut", which includes footage of Chris's Christmas from 2004 and takes from the Pixelated PS3 commercial. The trolls long thought that the "Director's Cut" was just a bluff. That was, until December 2014, when it was revealed that Catherine acquired a copy, and passed on a snippet of footage that a member of the CWCki Forums eventually placed on YouTube, thus proving its existence.

He later told Regina that he has a "Master Copy" with over six hours of tedious crap.[3]

Possible Sequel

In an email to Cole, Chris expresses his intention to create a new DVD "around (his) 50th or sooner"[4].

Images from the Physical DVD


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