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Chris's education

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This man put up with Christian for an extended period of time. May God have mercy on his soul.

Chris has spent a great deal of his school years hopping from one school to another. This is a list of the schools that he spent time in.

Chris's education

Time Level Institution
1987-88 Kindergarten Greene County Primary School
1988-89 First grade Greene County Primary School
1989-90 Second grade Greene County Primary School
1990-91 Third grade Greene County Primary School
1991-92 Fourth grade Nathanael Greene Elementary School
1992-93 Fifth grade Home-Schooling
1993-94 Sixth grade Providence Middle School
1994-95 Seventh grade Providence Middle School
1995-96 Eighth grade Providence Middle School
1996-97 Freshman year Manchester High School
1997-98 Sophomore year Manchester High School
1998-99 Junior year Manchester High School
1999-2000 Senior year Manchester High School
2000-01 Freshman Piedmont Virginia Community College
2001-02 Sophomore Piedmont Virginia Community College
2002-03 Third year Piedmont Virginia Community College
2003-04 Chris is banned from PVCC for one year None
2004-05 Final year Piedmont Virginia Community College

Greene County Primary School

Greene County Primary School was the school Chris attended between first and third grade.[1]

James Madison University

James Madison University,
Shenandoah Valley

James Madison University is a university that Chris went to for speech therapy sessions at a young age.[1]

Chris carpooled there with his friend Joshua Martinez.

It's the best college ever, Chris once said.

However, a recent video has shown that his arch-nemesis Gregg Mays attends this college, and therefore, Chris may think differently about it today.

Providence Middle School

Providence Middle School, Richmond

Chris's middle school.[1] Chris has described his time there as happy.[2] He is fond of Mrs. Sanford, one of his teachers from Providence whom he sees as one of the most influential teachers he had. Chris credits her with helping him develop social skills and teaching him how to cope with various problems, such as bullying.[3] With that being said, Chris would also later on moan about verbal bullying he endured at Providence and being dragged to the school's principal office. He even described those events as being on the same level as having been abused by his babysitter.[4]


Nathanael Greene Elementary School

Main article: Nathanael Greene Elementary School

Chris was allegedly abused at this Elementary School by the principal and members of the staff. According to Chris, they pinned him down and recorded him screaming. His father then moved the family to Richmond and took legal action against the school district. The case was dropped in 1994.

Manchester High School

Main article: Manchester High School

Chris attended Manchester High School from 1996 to 2000 and has fond memories of his time there. He seems to consider these years to be the best of his life. Chris may be right, there are photographs and an attached story documenting that on his 18th birthday, several attractive girls came to visit and spend time with him. Such a thing is nearly unthinkable today. Photographs from the period also show that he was reasonably slim compared to today.

Piedmont Virginia Community College

Main article: Piedmont Virginia Community College

Chris's mediocre grades in high school meant his only option for further education was this community college. Here he began a two-year associate degree which took five years to complete, owing to his Love Quest beginning in earnest and in turn severely maligning his academic life.


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