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This one image stirred up a lot of chaos.

With e-fame comes drama. For a lot of well-known people, often times drama is caused not necessarily by their hand. Unfortunately for Chris, all of his drama is self inflicted. Even before becoming well-known on the internet, he was causing drama in his life and making people not want to associate with him. The drama caused brings more attention to him in a negative light, where normally no one would pay attention to him.


Main article: The GAMe PLACe

Possibly the first dramatic event in his life, was when he used to frequent a game and hobby store called The GAMe PLACe. Chris could have blended in with the crowd, but his strange behavior and erratic temper caused him to be alienated and eventually banned. He had a very childish attitude when playing card games with children, and showed blatant racism to any black patrons.

After years of horrible behavior, a photo of him at The GAMe PLACe surfaced on Encyclopedia Dramatica and Chris caused havoc, trying to find the person who took it. He would talk loudly about the page, interrogate other patrons, and management threatened to kick him out if he didn't stop.

What finally got him banned was getting into a shouting match with a young black child. Chris could have apologized for his behavior or accepted the ban, but he chose to escalate the issue by trying to get his parents and the police involved. That did not change anything. For a very long time, Chris tried to overcome his ban by sending the owner letters and trying to sneak in, but was caught every time. He eventually went to YouTube to slander the owner and demand to be allowed back in the store.

In 2010, his attempts to be allowed re-entry went too far when he went to The GAMe PLACe and took photos of the owner, before trying to run him over with his car. This caused Chris and his mother to be arrested and faced with multiple charges. Even after this, Chris still tried to slander the store by defacing a coupon found in the local newspaper.

Encyclopedia Dramatica

Main article: Encyclopedia Dramatica

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a satirical website that posts articles about events on the Internet, and pages about certain individuals as well. When an article about Chris was made, it introduced a lot of people to the (at the time) unknown manchild. His websites, comic, and Anna's blog story, "The Tale Of The Crazy Pacer," were posted and his page became one of the most popular on the entire website.

A lot of Internet users that post amusing things online would usually have a page made about them, but most would be forgotten over time if they stopped responding to trolls or stopped posting immature content. Many of the people featured in articles have been forgotten about over the years as they moved on with their lives.

Chris found out about his page immediately after it was created, and, instead of ignoring it and letting it die out, he took it upon himself to try and get the page deleted. When that didn't work, he started adding content to the page, which made him look even worse. He posted homophobic comments and tried to get other users to dox the creator of the website. For some reason he thought that if he added a lot of content to the page, it would overload and delete itself. What was exposed was personal information about Chris that no one would normally find out about, and disturbing porn made of his former college dean and one of his close friends.

Not surprisingly, this made trolls want to mess with Chris even more, and destroyed the one genuine friendship that he had in real life.

House Tour

Main article: THAT IS MY HOUSE

In 2009, Chris uploaded two videos to YouTube of tours of the inside of his house and the property outside to impress two women. He showcased his family's hoarding habit, and a few months later his parents found out about the videos and were not happy.

A video was posted of Chris raging about the videos being online, even though he was the one who posted them. He screams in the video, similar to a toddler throwing a temper tantrum, demanding that the videos be deleted from the entire internet. An uncut version was leaked, showing his elderly father telling him off for posting the videos and demanding they be taken down. His reasoning was that the health department of their county could see the videos and deem the house a fire hazard.

Because of the rage that ensued, trolls decided to make multiple mirrors of the video and email the health department, linking to the videos.


Main article: DoopieDoOver

In 2016, Chris became aware of the popular YouTube channel, Planet Dolan, and especially took a liking to one of the contributors, DoopieDoOver. In 2017, he attempted to make contact with her, and commissioned her for some art. Since he was a patron, Doopie obliged and did the requested artwork. In true Chris fashion, he took her treating him as a customer to mean that she liked him as more than a business transaction, and went overboard with his obsession with her.

He listed her in a National Girlfriend Day list of close girl friends, online and real life, causing her to backpedal and let him know that they were not friends. Chris was in denial and tried to argue what she told him, by saying that since she was a good person that counted her as a friend to him.

Because of Chris's obsession with her, Doopie was swarmed with people who previously had no idea who she was, and was harassed constantly. Even though it was Chris's fault, he thought it was because all trolls are evil, and started a campaign to have trolls harass him instead of her. The harassment to Doopie even included people making fake profiles pretending to be her, just to mess with Chris.

After blocking him and trying to get him out of her life, Chris still stalks Doopie and tries to make contact with her. What this tells people is that they should not accept Chris as a customer, or have him be interested in their content, because it might ruin their life.

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