December 2019 Watchmen leaks

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This page contains the 2020 Discord leaks posted by a Watchman on the CWCki's Discord server, sorted in chronological order. The Watchman's commentary is color-coded green; Chris's messages (while roleplaying as Sonichu) are color-coded yellow.

TSSSF cards at bronycon

(Leaked August 11 2020)

12 December

(December filled with murmurs of Courtney Snt and tssf cards either rejected or accepted)

December 12th asked about bronycon

The original set had at least five or ten expansions from themselves, and they allowed fans to add onto it.

So, I dare say, Countless. It is big at conventions, yes Y’all should look up TSSSF and the Children of Kefentse community of players. I don’t have the numbers Thinking I would be able to make a flow chart off-hand.

TSSSF card partnerships

(Leaked 11 August 2020)

12 December

Originally, the planned Expansions were Sonichu & Rosechu, Nightstar & Friends, Chris Chan Sonichu, IdeaGuyCorruptions, Sonichu/Rosechu OCs, Nightvee (Warriors for Andromeda added into that one), Samurai Pizza Bots and Super/Mega Forms. Arizona Slime was a, let’s say, Bonus Expansion Pack. And I like doing more for the while longer, so I opted to help with Sonichu Villains, Hangin’ With Magi-Chan, and (pending Courtney’s response to proceed) SNT & Friends. The Promo cards were planned as well.

Apologising to SNT for redesign rage

(Leaked 11 August 2020)

December 14th

Hey, everyone. Firstly, the Missions and Quests are pretty much what one would experience from the mundane to the extraordinary and unbelievable in a typical D&D game, or in most RPG or JRPG video games as well.

Second, I am feeling in a sitch. As all of you are aware, I had found and solved the problem in CS-89 and can look at all of the redesigns of the Chaotic Combo from there with no problem. Of which to solve the theft of magic items from there by the Rokat Empire, I did have help from and with SNT, herself (who was fatefully portaled into the dimension for the similar lead-up, and the same goals as I in resolving this Dimensional-Affecting problem. Back onto the problem at hand now: recall the email I had sent to Courtney (@projectsnt) in response to the video, and how impulsive and harsh I was in its contents, Friday, a week ago. In more recent days, with things having cooled down on that, and the impulsive tweets I typed, I've noticed Courtney not directly acknowledging me, and she has not responded to my email, either. Plus, recent SNT and Me art, she could have retweeted, but she did not. I sense that she may be feeling most distraught and upset over what I did. I directly apologized in an email yesterday. And I made a public apology on Twitter as well. I know she's had the chance to read the apology, because she had just retweeted a couple more SNT Fan arts from others. I wish to confirm this feeling she may have and do what I can to make it right with her. I have been made aware she has a Discord account and server (with access only to her Patreon Patrons). I would jump on that, but from my experiences between Doopie Doover and my brother, Cole: I've learned I can be easily denied and refunded my pledge. And I do not want to come off as even more pushy or similar.

Chris asks for Jacob to be kicked

(Leaked 11 August 2020)

December 14th

Chris finally ask for Jacob to be kicked.


(Leaked 11 August 2020)

15 December

Hey. Just noting a personal observation for y’all’s reference. The first time, or first few times, when your body literally undergoes a super powerful transformation, or a transition from one dimension into another (the Hard Way), you are very likely to feel some motion sickness as a side-effect on the changes going on. Frequency changes between dimensions definitely bring on some motion. That is all for now. I go beddy-bye for now. Goodnight.

Chris tries to clarify

(Leaked 11/08/20)

December 16th

Chris tries to clarify
I was talking of Dimension Frequencies; the unique frequency of a dimension and/or timeline that differentiate it from the infinite other dimensions. There are also Frequencies Between Dimensions (it can be a Void), like the one between 1218 and C-197 (the Iron Curtain) that we are still working around and through towards the completion of the Dimension Merge.

I am not feeling at my best right now. I’ll check back later.

Chris worries for SNT

(Leaked 11 August 2020)

December 19th

Chris worries for SNT
I concur. I don’t want to personally come off as annoying, either. Although, I wonder how the Bad Trolls have been messaging her lately?
Jacob threatens to kill barb Again:

Jacob Threatens Barb.png

Chris explains why Jacob is gone

(Leaked 11 August 2020)

December 22nd

Chris talks as magi-chan:
Magi-Chan - Yes, I agree as well. Jacob Was valuable for his individual knowledge, wisdoms and sorcery skills (albeit fickle, but still with promise). After I, Tri, Val and Christine have personally gone in and took in the intelligence and tech of the Rokat, we have been formulating our plans on the continued flow of events and our premonitions of all future possibilities. Jacob’s usefulness had come to an end around when Michiro had showed me around the local VR Simulator rooms for the Rokat Grunts and Soldiers to project themselves and carry out orders and tasks in other dimensions and areas to transport relics and rare goods for Jakoba’s mal-intentions. I took a temp job to spare an individual from being a slave to their system, and also to gather the better intelligence. Jakoba realizes that to us, Jacob has met his limit at the present time, so he is trying to discourage us through him.
Anyway, with what we have gathered from there, is and will be most helpful to us in going between dimensions; you all and us, so we can group and work together for the greater good and safe future.
With all of us working together, both worlds and dimensions will be safe and well together.

Our plan, as Jacob had put it, has been in not decreasing the magic of C-197, but Increasing the Magic in 1218, so the merge can be completed. We had foreseen this outcome, waiting for the confirmation from Jacob’s wording, and this was our big plan, indeed.

The leaker asked why magi-chan still messages Jacob, and he compares him to the idea guys,
Yes, Jakoba and Jacob’s relationship was similar to that between IdeaGuy and Johnson Wiles.
Chris talking as magi-chan:
Except, in the past time, IdeaGuy had the motives and ideals, while Johnson was the pawn with firepower and soldier ranks.

To get Christine to write his lore, which she did not, fully. Jakoba is aware of Christine’s stronger ability to write, act and think events and actions into fact, which was the reasoning. And in that, I intentionally told her to Not read his texts in this dimension, with the exception of the one part about the Good Mirror of ElAeRa. But she did not consciously know of his wordings and literature. Jakoba, through Jacob, wanted her to make a card of Jacob’s dimensional mirror, but she did not. Instead, she chronicled our Mirror of ElAeRa. And she did the same of her Celestial Key, Light-Powered Celestial Mojo, and the temple powers of this house and even the gazebo in the backyard