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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page contains posts from the Watchmen Discord server The Place. Chris's messages (while roleplaying as Sonichu) are color-coded yellow.

The Avatar State

In this conversation, Chris discusses with the Watchmen member Kyle about his discovery of "deeper meditation" or what he calls "The Avatar State", a concept apparently introduced to him by the Praetor member Isabella Janke. The conversation also provides hints as to what his relations to Bella may have been like prior to his arrest. While Kyle describes her as being "the gratuitous porny one" and a "sycophant", Chris appears to have held a much more favorable opinion of her.

28 December 2020

09:41 PM Chris: Hey, y'all. Today was yet another real doozy with a bunch more constant meditation. I've ended up learning about the deeper meditation that this body tends to do at times that I, as the soul host during this time, or Chris if she was in this body, can resume control and take advantage of. Borrowing the term from the Nickelodeon show: being in the Avatar State.
09:42 PM Kyle: So, like a remote desktop?
09:44 PM Chris: The term was brought to my attention today by Bella, and it piqued my curiosity, so I looked up its definition; even saw the episode titled "The Avatar State". What this is similar to what happens. It involves Chris Core (of the Solar Plexus (to correct the misunderstood chakra term of Sacral; that's below the Solar and above the Root) essentially taking over conscious control of the body and brain, and even able to access the powers and abilities from deeper within the body.
So, yeah, I have this topic some further thought. This can also be comparable to when Star Butterfly transformed and flew through portals in her sleep for a time; her Star Core, if you will, taking conscious control over the body while Star, herself, was temporarily disabled and unconscious.
Also watched the movie "Soul" on Disney+ today; really good movie.
09:49 PM Lainchu: Who is Bella?
09:49 PM Chris: As for me, though, not totally unconscious, but left in observation mode while Chris Core had control of the body in the Avatar State (I feel like there is a different term synonymous to that), I remain somewhat conscious. And I can regain control should I fell need to and have a reason.
One of our Praetor group friends, she's the one who made up the lovely animation:
09:50 PM Lainchu: Ah, I see
09:50 PM Chris: [Chris linked to Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation]
09:50 PM Kyle: Hopefully not the one who made those mock edits to the speech.
Oh ya, the gratuitous porny one?
09:51 PM Chris: We are not judging, plus she's actually cool to talk with.
09:51 PM Kyle: Judgement is good, sycophants are cheap.
09:52 PM Chris: Anyway, pretty much a let-you-know on this bit of progress in figuring out the further details of Chris' body's abilities and powers.