January 2023 jail visit

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Some things discussed in this article are based on unconfirmed claims. As a result, approach this article with skepticism when reading it.

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As for (Traineealex), I will Certainly approve him as a contact. I graciously Look Forward to our meeting.
Chris, allegedly adding Reddit user Traineealex to his list of approved contacts
Traineealex's sketch of Chris bears a slight resemblance to Thom Yorke. Also, undeniably creepy.

On 14 January 2023, Reddit user Traineealex posted to the /r/ChrisChanSonichu subreddit, claiming to have visited Chris in jail on 9 January. The post included a sketch of Chris, along with a write-up of the encounter, and an explanation of how it took place.[1]


Highlights from the account of the visit:

  • Chris is allowed visitors a couple of times per week, but only if he's personally approved of them.
  • Traineealex alleged that in September 2022, Heilberg had sent a letter to his friend, who had correspondence with Chris, requesting him not to post Chris's letters online and threatening legal action if he did, and speculated that may be why so few letters have come out in recent months.
  • Chris is reportedly the thinnest he has been since high school.
  • Chris is reportedly showing signs of his age, with his hair graying.
  • Chris appears to be medicated to the point where it is slowing his speech.
  • Heilberg seems to have finally convinced Chris to keep his mouth shut.
  • Chris has been playing basketball in jail (presumably alone) and was unbanned from the rec room, but still has no contact with other inmates.
  • When asked about when he will be released from jail, Chris responded "The truth will be revealed in months".
  • Chris appears to have accepted that he may never return to 14 Branchland Court or see Barb ever again.

From the addendum:

  • Chris's behavior during the visit was purportedly "zombielike."
  • Chris was clean, though his hair was dry and in poor health.


I took a road trip and visited Chris in jail on the 9th. My friend has been sending letters to Chris since late 2021, and he got Chris to add me as an approved contact. Chris is allowed visitors a couple times a week, but only from people he's personally approved.

Back in September, my friend got a letter from Heilberg asking him not to post Chris's letters online and threatening legal action if he did. That's probably why so few letters have come out. My friend never released his letters either way, and never planned to until Chris got out of jail.

First of all, Chris is thin. Like, "holy shit" thin. He hasn't been this thin since probably 2000, if not earlier. That being said, he definitely looks worse for wear. He looks noticeably older. His hair is 100% gray at this point, not the brown-gray-swamp it was back in 2021, but it's still dark. One of his eyes was bruised (which he said he got when he fell), and they had very dark bags. He still has the stubble, unsurprisingly, and it's more visible than it looks in pictures. His voice is thin.

As soon as he started talking I could tell he was on something. He hardly did any of the usual falsetto or screeching, and his responses were short. He slurred his speech even more than usual, but he didn't talk as fast.

I did my best to draw while he talked, and he seemed happy with it. He kept interrupting me and cutting himself off to make quips like "make sure you get my good side" and shit like that. It was annoying.

I asked him about the review date, the letters, why he was still in jail, etc. but he insisted that Heilberg told him not to talk about it. It seems like Heilberg actually managed to shut him up, at least when he's medicated. I could've prodded, but he was getting frustrated and starting to use the "whining demonic six-year-old" voice, so I dropped the subject. That's actually the only time he got whiny the whole visit.

I asked him what he does all day. He said he spends most of his day meditating on the prayer rug, and that he liked playing basketball in the rec room (apparently he got unbanned for good behavior). He gets food from the commissary once or twice a week. He kindly offered that he's been taking fiber supplements because jail food makes him constipated. Also, apparently he's been mixing popcorn into his ramen. He doesn't ever talk to other inmates.

He said he doesn't know how much money he makes from his jail drawings, but guessed it at around $25. He said he hasn't gotten any donations in a few months outside of Praetor. I asked him about Kengle, and Chris just responded "he's the Antichrist", with a smile. He didn't elaborate.

I asked him if he wanted to get out of jail, and he shouted that the "truth would be revealed in just months" or something like that. He confirmed that as part of his "sacrifice", he wouldn't be returning to the Sonichu Temple or seeing Barb anytime soon. I asked him if he missed Barb, and he said yes.

I asked him if he still believed in the merge, and he basically said "yes, and it's finished!" and repeated that the "collective shift was just months away", and that the "truth would be revealed".

We were basically out of time at that point so I showed him the drawing. He laughed and basically told me it looked like shit. I thanked him and left.

Letter snippets

The post was not taken seriously at first and was eventually removed by the Reddit mods the following day. On 15 January, the user posted snippets of a letter he claimed his friend received from Chris,[2] allegedly adding him as an approved visitor:

Letter snippet 1
① 0104202 ♡ [Below the date is a heart encased by two lightning bolts.]


Firstly, foremost to the cause of the

Collective Shift, I [?] confirm to

Letter snippet 2
[The words "or close only" are legible from a cropped-out sentence at the top of the image.]

As for [CENSORED], I will Certainly

approve him as a contact. I

graciu graciously Look Forward to

our meeting. ♥


On 16 January, the post was deleted by Reddit moderators for unspecified reasons.


Look similar?

In the letters, lines resembling tally marks appear to be bleeding through from the other side of the letter. The handwriting is stilted and messy but appears to conform to all of Chris's mannerisms and lettering, causing debate as to their authenticity. Some argue Chris's medicated status may be the cause of the stilted handwriting, a theory that was supported in an addendum the following day. Others argue this as evidence the letters were forged.

One Redditor showed skepticism that the letters were authentic, pointing to the difference in handwriting:[3]

I compared this "letter" to all the scans of letters that could be found here and when seen side by side, the differences are laughably obvious.

The ones that stuck out to me was that the lowercase a's in the 'letter" don't close and don't have any tail, whereas Chris's do, which is the same issue with the lowercase n's of the "letter". The lowercase y's of the "letter" all have a left upwards hook on the end, and Chris' y's don't; they just fall straight down, even curving more right than left.

The letters in this note are all very widely spaced and have little visual hints that the speed that they were written in was extremely slow and deliberate, much like someone who is trying very hard to get the style right. It actually reminds me of a child practicing writing in kindergarten/first grade, trying to form the letters right, because you see the same kinds of "stutters" and crooked lines and spacing with that level of deliberation. Looking at Chris's past letters, forming characters is largely not a concern at all for him; he clearly writes in his own handwriting at a decent speed with no real deliberation on forming the letters correctly on the paper.

The general direction of each individual letter is also very stout and seems to want to stand upright, and Chris's haven't been that way, being more oblong and sharp with a lean to the right, and the type of paper and the use of pencil is a dead giveaway.

I've only ever had experience in the most basic of forensic handwriting comparison that you'd pick up from watching every season of Forensic Files for your entire childhood/young adulthood, and with just that I can tell it's all so blatantly faked lol. There's definitely more discrepancies that I've missed, with better forensic/academic logic than I have here with my own comparison.

Overall, seems like a pretty blatant fake, that (like you said) doesn't even need to be dissected to this level to be identified as fake, but I know I can't be the only one who's interested in comparing the handwriting to see if it's real or not. If anyone else notices any differences (or similarities, if you feel so inclined to argue that this is real), I'd like to hear them lol.


On 16 January, Traineealex posted an addendum in reply to his last post which addressed questions such as the authenticity of the letter's handwriting,[4] and announced he would not be answering any more questions about the visit:

Some last words on this visit.

Chris's handwriting has definitely atrophied over the past few months, and I wouldn't be surprised if it has to do with the drugs. You can see evidence of this in some of his most recent jail art. His behavior was undeniably zombielike. I asked my friend to send some older letters for comparison (and the Heilberg letter), but he said he didn't want to send anything else.

In regard to his hygiene, he was clean. His hair was limp and lifeless, but it was dry and didn't look greasy. I didn't notice him smelling, but he was behind glass so I didn't get a good whiff of him, so to speak.

I'm abandoning this account now because I don't want to risk doxxing myself, so I won't be answering any more questions. Needless to say, I won't be visiting Chris again. Thanks for the memories