July 2021 Watchmen leaks

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This page contains posts from the Watchmen Discord server The Knights of CWC.

Chris's posts are in blue and the Watchmen's in various colors.

The Suitress enters Knights of CWC server

19 July

After Chris invited The Suitress into a Discord server run by Sean Walker,[1] Sean and the Knights of CWC Watchmen members greet her.

The Suitress's comments are in magenta, Sean Walker's are in green and other Watchmen in red.

Joined the server.
Welcome! <CENSORED>[note 1] Introduce yourself if you may.
[emote of hand clapping]
My name is Kat, I also go by as Neko.
There's only a few people here This is nice and exclusive
I modeled this server after the one that Me and Chris used to be in a while back.
yeah we're not here to turn chris into a zoo exhibit lol just a small friend chat
Hey, @everyone. I trust you all to be kind and guiding to <CENSORED> she and her convention buddy are part of my convention weekend posse, at least for Friday afternoon and the Saturday.

And I personally vouch for her.

Hello there, and welcome!
bringing them in here is a good thing.
Thank you, Christine
hopefully we can become good friends on the way while you're here.

Reacting to MLP G5 toys at the store

27 July

Chris explains that his mindset for recording the Direct Message to Hasbro: MLPG5 Is Cancelled. video was prompted by being triggered over seeing toys from a rebooted My Little Pony series at Wal-Mart and Target.

Hey, @everyone. With all of you, I wish to go ahead and clear the air in regards to the video I have uploaded earlier today.

The preface: I did not get today's set of commissions to draw from Josh, so I chose to make a day off out of it, and go to the book store and read and highlight my copy of "Warhol/Chris Chan" some more.

After leaving the book store, I went to Kroger for groceries (ham, turkey, a block of cheese, also needed some more orange Crush, Pepsi, and a case of water.

Kroger wasn't keen on the orange soda, and their stock of bottled water was low, so I ended up going to Wal-Mart for the soda and water.

After getting the soda and water, I took a lap around the store as I like to do. Then, looking in the toy aisle where the My Little Pony toys were normally, I saw the sign that I was not looking forward to find. A handful of figures of the magic-less unicorn from G5. Needless to say, I was triggered, but I had known what I was to do in this event.

I literally snapped my fingers, and these particular figures literally phased out of existence from the store. With that in mind, I opted to check Target as well. I found four figures of the orange G5 pony, and I repeated the process with that bunch of figures.

I knew after I had got home, it was the time to take the more direct, and compassion-filled approach, so I recorded myself with the lights above the lavatory mirror, and said directly, straightforward, and to the point what I said in the video.

I tell you all, as I have stated time and again, and even a while ago with <CENSORED>:

This has absolutely nothing to do with the trivial details of the show, or the visuals of the leaks. The impact of G5 being aired prematurely will literally do a heavy Metaphysical amount of damage to our very Timeline, here.



  1. In keeping with the Suitress policy, this conversation has not been transcripted faithfully. All references to her personal information present in the conversation have been redacted.