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Kenneth Erwin Englehardt

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Kenneth Englehardt
260px-Kenneth Erwin Englehardt.jpg
Name Kenneth Erwin Englehardt
Also known as Kengle
Date of Birth 2 March 1960 (age 57)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Race White
Religion Muslim
Education DeKalb Technical College (AAS, accounting)
Kennesaw State University (BBA, accounting)
Occupations Bookkeeper
Amateur artist

Kenneth Erwin Englehardt (born 2 March 1960), affectionately nicknamed Kengle by Christorians, is one of Chris's Facebook white knights. As an overweight, inept, autistic, middle-aged, part-time bookkeeper and accountant with a penchant for creating bizarre artwork, Kengle naturally feels as though he shares a lot in common with him.

Kengle is also notable for being one of two confirmed genuine fans of Sonichu during the comic's run (another being Sonichuizcool).

Relationship with Chris

Kengle's intentions towards Chris seem entirely True and Honest. Kenneth will often give praise to Chris when he feels there is justification in doing so. A notable example of this was praising on Christian on some of his artwork of a medallion, having an opinion on a video game, and breathing in and out. That being said, he'll occasionally make what appears to be a subtle jab at Chris, and even outright call him out when he's clearly in the wrong, in particular over the events of 26 December 2014.

Kenneth is well-known for his artwork, Sonichen and Rosechen. While he was initially rejected as a troll by Chris, this is no longer the case, and they have been Facebook friends for quite a while. Kenneth remains the only person on record to have made a Sonichu-derivative website. Occasionally, he does post on Chris's Facebook statuses. There is some debate on whether Kenneth can be considered a member of Chris's inner circle on Facebook (as they do have a number of mutual friends, the most notable being William Elliott Waterman), but Kenneth is often flatly ignored and sometimes treated contemptuously by Chris. Despite being known as a lolcow amongst lolcow enthusiasts, by and large he is actually quite well-liked on Facebook.

Kenneth has also hosted anti-bullying forums in the past, on and Technical issues (caused by his unfamiliarity with forum design) and trolling forced these off the Internet. While Chris did express interest in his idea of making a fan-site, this did not materialize due to Kenneth's unfamiliarity with Dreamweaver.

Kengle has also bought several of Chris' eBay items, and sent him some sardines after Chris's house burned down. Kengle is considered a lolcow in his own right in part due to his bizarre Sonichu fan comic Sonichen. It is not known what Chris thinks of this parody, but according to Kenneth himself Chris takes a neutral stance.

Ken once bought a Sonic the Hedgehog comic book. The problem was that it contained a preview for Sonic Boom at the start, which predictably got Chris hotheaded.

Although Kengle is classified as lolcow in his own right in part due to his bizarre artwork and websites, he is considered more of a borderline/low-grade cow compared to more infamous cows on the forum. It was recently noted that Kenneth's Sonichen and Rosechen website was dismantled and rebuilt as a general website to exhibit his artwork. As of November 2016, the website is a blog where Kenneth posts, among other things, progress updates on Sonichen and Rosechen, meaning the comic has returned.

Relationship with trolls

Kengle was temporarily banned from the Kiwi Farms because he seemed not to comprehend that there are mean people on the Internet, and instead believed that everyone is genuinely interested in Chris as a cool famous Internet dude who everyone wants to befriend. Eventually, accepting the fact that such people existed, Kengle has decided to go on an online crusade against them. In 2017, he started, a blog in which he writes angry posts about Pmurt and other topics, in a bid to divert attention from the real Kiwi Farms to himself. Needless to say, he has not yet succeeded in doing so.

A thread on the Farms has been made specifically about Kengle, and it has ballooned to hundreds of pages and counting.

In many ways, Kengle is the Rosechu to Chris's Sonichu; a useless borderline-NPC character who shows up occasionally to be mildly annoying.

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