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... your bully of a boyfriend is the Original Author of the "Chris-chan" page that was put up there for the "LULZ", "Laughs Under Lucricities". Which I don't have to tell you is not only mean and cruel, the page is HORRIBLE
Chris-Chan, graciously translating his own disorientating spacker-speak for Kathleen.[1]
I am a stressed homeboy imprisoned in lulz
Lyrics in (Clyde's) Trollsta's Paradise

Laughs Under Lucricities, also referred to as Laughs Under Lucrativeness[2] and Laughs Under Lucridicities,[3] is a backronym that Chris coined for the ubiquitous internet slang "lulz." Broadly, Laughs Under Lucricities refers to any humor generated at Chris's expense and therefore completely reprehensible as far as he is concerned. Of course, it goes without saying that "lucricities" and "lucridicities" are words he made up, and "lucrativeness" makes little sense in the negative context implied by Chris's use of this phrase. Also of note is the fact that "Laughs Under Lucricities" would translate into "LUL", not "LULZ" as Chris suggests.

A related term is "lucrid", a word Chris has used variously,[4][5] despite that fact that it is nowhere to be found in any formal dictionary. It is seemingly a combination of "lurid" and "ludicrous" but falls short of being a portmanteau and is more like the result of a head-on collision of the English language. Its application suggests that Chris mistakenly uses it in place of the word "lewd," or more likely "lurid," or similar term of contempt.

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