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This page will discuss minor Watchmen members that played some significant part of the Watchmen saga, but do not have enough to warrant pages of their own.

Members List


Anaxis, the third admin of the CWCki Discord server, and another former CWCki editor, played the role of Lainchu in the original Watchmen and in Sean's splinter group.[1][2]


Christine...Please stop this, Mewtwo is not real, the merge is not happening, you need serious help. If you need help there are people to help you with these delusions. This is incredibly unhealthy for you.
AquaDiamond8, March 2019[3]
Still i dont want [Jacob Sockness] attacking my people when the merge happens, Christine has said there will be no more war or need for violence in the merge, my Sapphire has forseen this
AquaDiamond8 changes her tune, November 2019.[4]
AquaDiamond8 and Magi-Chan. Drawn by Aqua November 2019.

AquaDiamond8 is a Twitter user who has bounced from being a ween,[5] to a white knight, to an enabler and Watchman. In November 2019, during the Jacob Sockness saga, in hopes to lure Chris away from Sockness, Aqua joined the Watchmen and embraced Chris's delusional beliefs, changing her Twitter handle to CPU Goddess Aqua of the Mac Book Pro. Later, Aqua began drawing fanart of her OC interacting with Magi-Chan.[6] She then posted a Pokémon drawing, claiming it to be an alt-dimension Magi-Chan:[7]

In September 2020, Aqua confirmed in the comments of a Dillin Thomas video that they were no longer a part of the Watchmen.

in all honesty at first i genuinly wanted to help chris but after the incident with Wendy i wanted to make things better, and try to help him, and as someone with autism, and who has family that acts like chris, i knew how dificult it is to get them to beleive certain things. I guess going along with it and pretending to be a goddess was better than letting her be on her own and let someone else take advantage of her.

Note that i never wanted anything from Chris, and did want to help, and despite what Dillin says about MKR or some of the "enamblers, not all of them are bad, MKR is the nicest person i know and i know that she truely does care for Chris.

I wanted to to help them with keeping sockness away from Chris and though it took some time ive seen chris is no longer taking his crap serious. I do keep up to date whats been going on, but i dont interact.[8]

The Fool

The Fool was a late addition to the Watchmen, added in April 2021 by Naught, who noted his interest in tarot.[9]


Klop, the creator and first admin of the CWCki Discord server, and a former CWCki editor, was involved in the roleplaying of the Lainchu character.


An admin in The Place Discord server, Kyle, also known as Nova and Spade, was present in the Google Hangout chats. Kyle was also apparently the inspiration for Chris's Kylechu OC. Kyle apparently boasted of working at a suicide hotline and inducing callers to go through with taking their own lives,[10] something which was revealed in Discord leaks, both audio and text.[notability disputed]

Chris had mixed feelings on Kyle. In a 26 June 2021 text to Null, Chris said on Kyle that he "talks soo damn much, boasting his smart-talk, interrogating my intentions and present mentalities. Damn, he's seriously tiring."[11]


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