October 2019 Watchmen leaks

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This page contains the 2020 Discord leaks posted by a Watchman on the CWCki's Discord server, sorted in chronological order. The Watchman's commentary is color-coded green; Chris's messages (while roleplaying as Sonichu) are color-coded yellow.

Chris's psychic sense

3 October

When Christine has a psychic sense, or a CWC-Sense, she gets a forced pause in her head and then a vision of a local event, even at an instant-flash. OR, like Pinkie Pie, her body, or a part of, will feel something or tremble.


3 October

A Vibration is complicated. To describe it from this perspective: it is very much like the feeling of going through a Magical-Girl type of transformation. Mainly, the Aura GLOWS, and the physical form change can happen, as that is what the aura is trying to accomplish for the summoning or call need at the moment.
Anti stress drink 1.jpg
Chris shows his supplements

Healing power

3 October

At the present, while Christine is working diligently and hard as possible to transition my body from C-197 into 1218, here at home, I have been working on not only healing her body, but also transitioning her body to go fully from 1218 to C-197. In this, there is a fluctuation in blood pressure; this is also similar to how a body feels when it is glowing with the aura.


3 October

Regardless, her mind has to be as clear and calm as possible, so meditation and deep breathing is best, and she, both soul and body, have become more diligent in that. Also, I looked into and bought some potassium supplements, I have some CALM supplement mixture for water or tea, and when needed the melatonin helps invoke sleep for the night.

And her body is constantly numb in feeling, as it needs to be in order to be better sensitive to the events and everything. When Christine gets the feeling, it is in linking to a relative and crucial event in either C-197, 1218, or both simultaneously, and even more so in the Dimension Merge events that still continue. My body will be back to full visibility here in 1218 very soon; she and I do not switch back until after that fact.

When asked about what cwc has been taking they reply:
She is not deficient in magnesium.
She was prescribed Paxil at about seven years old for Anxiety.
She stopped taking it when switched to paroxetine at the adult age, and then after Barbara read of its newly-found side effects, switched to fluoxetine.
That is why we are exploring these blood-pressure-stabilizing and calming methods.
Do note, please; my body has become very much used to dimension-traversing, the hard way, but for Christine’s body, this is its First Time doing so. It is versatile and durable, but still has accustoming to make within itself.
Oh, how I wish the first time from this “Reality” Dimension into C-197 was instantaneous, rather than slow.
To me, I literally don’t get that luxury, because I am needed in situations that others can’t do without me there. It took My psychic skills to help get into the mind of and tame a Bugbear in Equestria; it needed a new home, and we called for the good changelings to help make a home for it. I helped foiled Eggman in a way only I could do. AND I had to take out Dark IdeaGuy as he and Shadow Elijah were terrorizing New Comma, and the CPUs of Gamindustri weren’t enough to take out the shadowy giant. THAT I what I ended up doing late this morning/early this afternoon while Awake. I had to crash back to sleep for a couple of hours; SLEEPING IN AGAIN. And I get force-projected even while the body sleeps and rests for such great calls and answering prayers.
When told "even Batman gets a day off."


Hell. I even was forced-projected into Equestria on Sunday Morning, and right in front of Celestía and Twilight, in my Alicorn form, I freaking fainted and had to rest in Celestia’s bed for a few hours then.
It’s like a card game and your card is played and you are immediately summoned onto the field.

And the player is set to attack with you, and you already had a really rough day. And this player keeps playing game after game after game. It is Real Battles and Events. And I’m still learning, developing and gaining my own abundance of Experience from EVERYTHING. So I can end up being Tough Enough for it all to be a breeze for me. Eventually, I will catch a break and get better rest But now, I just take what I can get. I can lift a pair of 25 lb Wights. I know my limits; I am no Mary Sue; I Know That. Everything is building up within me. I will very soon finally be fully, physically in my Sonichu Form, and then the fun Really can Progress

Astral projection

15 October

My bad. I have been super preoccupied with my work on the Shipfic Cards. But, MOREOVER, I have literally have been All Over Everywhere! I’m force-astral-projected to many, many places. Even today, I was force-projected Three Times, and worked hard at where I was at those times, while I was awake. And I get projected even while my body is Asleep. I can hardly get much good quality rest, even though my body is asleep and Dreaming. I’m working on Goddess Mode. Last Saturday, I was sent to Japan to help protect everyone against the Hurricane. Next thing I know, my body will literally be force-teleported and summoned into C-197 for active duty.

TSSSF cards

17 October

Subject tssf cards
.Or making a Series 2 for TSSSF. I’m adding this onto the game as a large contribution and a way to give more to the fandom with this bit of actual merchandise.
I’m working and listening to SNT’s live art stream. 2.5” X 3.5” (poker-size) cards.

TSSSF lore

23 October

Asked about tssf card origin


Actually, it’s Sonichu in bulletproof military garb to make the alt-version, created in LittleBiGPlanet many, many years ago with the good old DLC costume on a Sonichu Sackboy.
Anyway, he was originally this:

Origin for TSSSF card

But wearing this

Origin for TSSSF card

(Minus the headgear) And the body paint Now he gets a better look for his Secret Shipfic card The MGSonichu is from an alt-timeline.