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This page lists enablers of Chris's delusions not worthy enough for their own page..

Helena Fiorenza

Helena with Magi-Chan.

Helena Fiorenza, also known by her Twitter handle PickinyFelliny, is an Argentinian who draws surrealistic art. In September 2019, Helena posted to Twitter photoshopped drawings of Magi-Chan and role-played that she and Magi-Chan had gone on a date, tagging MagiChan111448.[1] Chris noticed and followed Helena back. While in his own phase of role-playing as Magi-Chan, Chris answered:

The images Helena has been uploading chronicled the one day she and I shared together, and yes, I did spend the night; her bed was comfortable. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. My wish I made is coming true, as I had foreseen. 💜⚡️

In later updates she started to add to drawings of her OC (Known as Jeffrey) that was a trap. In later tweets she heavily implied that Magi-chan and Jeffrey were dating, as well as sexually intimate, to which Chris noted on Nov. 30th:

He does like to have fun at times, so his brain is not overworked. He also does enjoy the simple things when he can.


Christine...Please stop this, Mewtwo is not real, the merge is not happening, you need serious help. If you need help there are people to help you with these delusions. This is incredibly unhealthy for you.
AquaDiamond8, March 2019[2]
Still i dont want [Jacob Sockness] attacking my people when the merge happens, Christine has said there will be no more war or need for violence in the merge, my Sapphire has forseen this
AquaDiamond8 changes her tune, November 2019[3]
AquaDiamond8 and Magi-Chan. Drawn by Aqua November 2019.

AquaDiamond8 is a Twitter user who has bounced from being a ween[4], to a white knight, to an enabler. In November 2019, after having tried to discourage Chris's delusions months before, Aqua abruptly switched tactics and instead embraced Chris's delusional beliefs. She changed her Twitter handle to "CPU Goddess Aqua of the Mac Book Pro", echoing a similar move as fellow enabler MKRNightVee. Like MKR, Aqua had frequent spats with Sockness. Later, Aqua began drawing fanart of her OC interacting with Magi-Chan[5]. She then posted a Pokémon drawing, claiming it to be an alt-dimension Magi-Chan[6]:

Val Valentino, The Masked Magician.jpg

Val Valentino, The Masked Magician. A celestial powerful magician

Dex Enter: "This Magi-Chan is so powerful he has to mentally project a simplified form that the human mind can comprehend. Looking at his true form would drive you mad."

Dex #: unknown

Chris was enticed by this news:

Seriously? You disovered an alt-dimension Magi-Chan Sonichu? This is a very interesting find. I'll look more into this one for myself.

Also, for your information, regardless of which variant, Dimension or Timeline of origin, Special, Regular, or Mega Evolved, the Pokedex Number for Sonichu and Rosechu will always be at #982 and #979, respectively.

Aqua answered:

Oh i wasnt aware ill make sure to write that down. But he more discovered me in a way. I was meaning to chat with your hubby when i realized i wasnt in our normal meeting spot, then he appeared through a portal.


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