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This page contains excerpts from Discord DMs between Sean Walker and Chris. Chris's messages are in blue and Sean's in green.

In August 2021, a file of DMs was leaked to Kiwi Farms. The file is a Discord log of conversation spanning from 11 May 2021 to 1 August 2021.

Asking Chris to leave The Place

22 June

Chris, please leave the place. If you want to know why that is, I'll explain.
Something going further wrong in the group once again?
I need to VC with you in private.

Just you and me.

Okay. I will voice chat with you, Neko. Day after tomorrow; Friday the 25th; 4:30 pm, (your) Pacific time.
yes, that sounds good with me.

Remember, just you and me.


this is a very serious matter, and don't worry, you're not in trouble. This has something to do with other stuff.

btw, why are you unable to VC tomorrow? I need to talk with you urgently.

Fated Timing. Also, Barbie Chan is planning on doing some physical work in sorting a bunch of small boxes that have been needing to be sorted and disposed or placed properly.

Very likely, I will have become fatigued in helping her complete this task by the time I would have been most likely receptive, but the strongest at the time would likely very much be up to ten percent receptive.

Also, I am presently going through a major upgrade and transformation spiritually and in my Goddess abilities and powers. This process will very much definitely be flowing through into the entire day and night today (the 24th). Also, Strawberry Full Moon as part of that massive equation, so my brain and soul will be majorly divided during the day.

Friday is much better, because I foresee and know better that my brain will not be needed during the day as much with the cosmic and multiversal/interdimensional links and duties after about mid-afternoon. I will have recharged my mental energy by 7:30 pm (my time) on Friday with a Dew.S.A and brain-healing binaural beat meditation tracks.


I want to speak to you because I want you to be safe and sound.

same with me.

I want to speak to you soon because the situation isn't too good on my end.

If you can talk with me tomorrow, that would be great.

Voice Chat

25 June

3 hours Chris. See you then.
8 minutes.

2 hours later.

Hey, Neko.

I totally spaced; I am really sorry.

I can talk now if you are free.

I'm here.

are you ready to VC?

Let me go pee real quick. Be right back
take your time Chris.
you good to talk now?

Sean then started a Voice Chat which lasted 101 minutes. During the conversation, he sent Chris several images, audio files, a link to Naught's Kiwi Farms profile, and a YouTube video containing recorded audio of the Watchmen group's movie night during which Sean accused Naught (aka Bismuth) of having doxed him (embedded below).

He also sent Chris an invite link to the Knights of CWC Discord server.

Chris texts Null

26 June

Chris texted Null about Naught (aka Bismuth) and screencapped the messages to share with Sean.

Hey, Neko. Talked with Josh. His feedback on Bismuth is still in keep and agreement. As promised, I strictly confide with you those talk screen caps. I trust you to keep these to yourself; these stay off of anything posted online, as well as videos and whatever else.

Also Strictly Confidential; just between you and I for now, I also mentioned to Josh of my plans for going to Everfree Northwest in less than a couple of months from now.

He’s expressed interest in supporting my trip.

That’s all for now. Continue safe, strong, and consciously, Neko.

Check you later.


Chris's and Null's messages are quoted below, Chris's in blue and Null's in yellow.

Naught is the same name as a mega asshole on the kiwi farms. I don't know if he's the same person. Does he use an anime avatar?

I had to ban the one on the forum

Yes. That's him.

From what I've heard of his recent voice clips, he not only sounded like he was heavily defending himself and covering something up (I felt those emotions and vibes as well), but I also sense a slight vibe of external influence; possibly someone controlling him.

He's in a group of two or three other people and they plan stuff together.

Mentally ill anime people.

Don't give them access to anything private

Yep. More than just anime, though. They've also talked of racism, and Nazi type things.

Definitely two others. Kyle and MKR; Kyle is definitely worse; talks soo damn much, boasting his smart-talk, interrogating my intentions and present mentalities. Damn, he's seriously tiring.

Yeah he's a weirdo. Keep him at a distance. If you have any issues with him let me know.
I am planning on silently leaving the place Discord server, but on the right and fated timing in the near future. I don't want to pull out prematurely. I've also muted their respective phone numbers.
Good idea. Careful with discords, see people trying to invite you to their clubs all the time. It's a lot of drama.
Side-note, I will have to confirm Nightvee's safety and being from Meghan. But, I'm certain Nights and Reala have his back during uncertain moments.

No shit.

Too much drama.

But what's been recently happening, it is another level.

Even potential worse "Big Boy" Doxxing from Naught.

Who is he doxing?

I have foreseen this potential outcome when I joined the group a couple of years ago, but I was uncertain at the time which were the toxic ones.

I had felt it was well and good to be part in later confirmation.

It probably started with good intentions but then people get their personal politics.
I was not surprised at all that they were wanting to take advantage of my less mature mentality of yesteryears, but how much they've should have know I have been maturing and doing better since coming out in '14.

Right on.

There were background happenings that saw other kind individuals banned from the group as well.

Anaxis, Silvia, Nigel Uno, Aquadiamond, to name a few.

"Ran them out of town", supposedly, too.

If you're looking for some kind of outlet for talking to people let me know. Not sure what kind of socializing you're into these days. It seems like you want to have fans around.

Sean commented:

I just saw these screenshots btw.

props to Josh.

Well done Chris!

Later that night.

Hey Chris. I just got kicked out of the place again. However, I don't intend on returning this time and I think its obvious why I would think that way.

I'd suggest you quietly leave the place and follow my lead.

Chris leaves The Place

27 June

I shall follow my instincts on the timing is silently making my leave from there. A coup step for me, indeed.

Two hours later.

The timing is right. I have just left the place server.

Kyle was definitely reading into the last insight I was leaving for the three of them.

It is very good.

Thank you Chris.

you did the right thing.

Chris do me a favor and don't talk to Meghan and Nova.

they will lie.

they will use their manipulation skills on you as they did with me.

New sweetheart

2 July

I’m actually feeling really good right now. I hit the hay during the 10:00 hour last night. I had an extensive and lucidly clear dream, and I didn’t wake up until about 4:30 am. (edited)

Sorry; also shared this story with Emily in sane highest level strict confidence earlier. I know why I am getting much better quality sleep; it’s been so for the past week. An uninterrupted extensive clear dream after hitting the hay around midnight; ending up with less than six hours of sleep and feeling very well-rested and satisfied afterwards. Partly, it is to do with the Universe, Cosmos, and the events taking place as part of the Dimension Merge. I will tell you the bigger reason why, But this is Seriously, Strictly Confidential. I genuinely do not want this to get out in public ears and radar, Especially Anywhere on the freaking Kiwi Farms. I have been more sex-positive lately; masturbation has become easier and more fun with me in recent months. But the more recent significant detail: I have a sex partner of our 1218 half of our universe; she has been very satisfactory. Her identity needs to remain a Strict Secret, and this is a mutual genuine affection. I’m finally getting the long overdue experience, and she is helping me explore. The relationship is open, still, and I remain compassionate and loyal with Magi-Chan and the others. Since we’ve started the ship progress with the first intercourse last Sunday, I have been feeling a lot less physically stressed and improved quality of life. We’re mainly still exploring the options and teaching each other up to when we find what works best; she is physically older than I; considerably fragile, but she has Great inner strength and Soul Power. I mean, Simply Just…


Sexy negligee

10 July

Just had my shower, and I wanted to share a juicy detail with you.
oh boy.
My lady friend and I are really making good progress in the bedroom. I’m figuring out how to best pleasure her (she’s really sensitive internally down there). And, what I’d like to share is this:

As you may have guessed from the recent drawing I did in the theme of “Final Boss in a Sexy Outfit”, I have always, always, always wanted to own and wear some negligent. So, I shared the drawing and desire of mine with her, and she was all for it!😆

LOL noice.
So, I went onto Adam & Eve’s website, and ordered three garments, and a transparent robe. One of the negligent is about exactly on what I had drawn onto myself.

I can confide a photograph of me posing in it, if you’d like, but I’d imagine you’d rather be content with just seeing the product page of the Bedtime Story piece.

of course.
And it looks soo good on me.

So many years ago, I never really had thought I could look so damn sexy.

And it feels really good.

That’s all for now. Check you later, Leo-Tiger.

you too.

wishing you and your partner the best.


Everfree security

13 July

Sean and Chris discuss plans to defend Chris from Jacob Sockness at the Everfree Northwest convention. Chris brings up Bella and says she will help as a defense measure against Sockness. Chris also uses magical thinking to pretend that the spirit of Randy Stair will help guide Sean against Sockness.

Hey Chris.

I had this idea of possibly doing a repeat of 2 years ago in regards to defending you from Sockness.

the man claims he has everything to go, and this is troubling.

So what I thought about doing is that I have you do a voice clip of yourself letting people know that Sockness is out to get you again, and you should tell those people that they should contact the convention to prevent him from even entering in the first place.

Fair and valid idea, but I do not want to put pressure on anyone from enjoying the festivities. I will meditate on that, however.

And like minds think alike yet again, my friendly Leo Azul; I was considering copying/pasting the earlier discussed plan for when I was going to attend BABSCon last year in avoiding Sockness.

Having to do with the group of us staying in the hotel taking the same elevator up, and stopping off at multiple floors; I get off on a floor that is not mine and take the stairs the rest of the way.

And everyone else can get off at their respective floors as normal.

Although, in this case, obviously, this plan would be shared with the present posse we’re assembling.

Also, Strictly Confidential, but I have a travel partner in the works for the flight to Washington and back at the same airport and likely will share the room with her. Not my lady friend, but it’s Bella of the Praetor group.

But having her nearby as a genuine friend and defense measure is of good help.

I can't believe people would go this far to wanting terrible things for you. And look at Jacob threatening to do his worst. Disgusting.

Quite the dark veil that challenges us to face head-on.

And appropriate with what I have to talk to you about, Sean.

There have been the various and continuing cosmic and energy shifts in progress in these events. I know you’ve been feeling these as well. Hitting me tough, but I’m still hanging in there strong and overpowered.

Ember just came to me with a message in regard to Sockness.

Randy and the Ghost Squad are working to break through the horde of demons around his apartment building.

In the present energy shift, there is a potential boost going to Sockness. But there is a counter, and it involves you, Sean.

Me and Bella.
Hey. Bella is on my end in the future trip, But in the immediate present, Randy and Ember need your help.

You have great and powerful magic in addition to your psychic abilities.

With Andrew and Ember's help, I will defeat Bismuth for good. And to ensure that he doesn't hurt another innocent again.
Please, focus; this is referring to Jacob; I will come back to Bismuth in a moment.

And you have great insight and have found a zen in dark and light within and around you.

I find it hilarious that Jacob thinks he can outsmart me and the others. lol

"oh, the Watchmen are gone that means I can finally harm Chris!" nah man, just because the trio are gone doesn't mean I'm not around.

and like everything else in life, the trio have been replaced.

What you’re being asked to do is channel the energy and magic from Jake’s person and direction; draining him in the progress. You will have to astral project and look into his mind a bit to do this, but you will be guided by Randy and the other neutral and good spirits to get around the demons.

This is going to be a major process for you, but I would not be telling you to do this if we did not feel you were up to the task at hand.

this whole thing is my first test as a leader overall.
but with everybody's help in this, I am confident that I won't let you down.
Good thought. I have faith and confidence in you, Sean, my Messenger Leo.


Thank you Chris.

I hope Bella, and whoever accompanies you in Seattle will do their thing.

let them know that I give them my energy in their defense against Jacob.

Chris describes his lady friend

14 July

Sean asks Chris to describe his "lady friend" that he had been having a sexual relationship with. Chris dances around the matter with vague hints on her age and misleading statements on the possibility of she and his mother meeting.

At the end of the month, the incest call would leak, revealing that the lady friend was actually his mother.

is your love quest over?
Plus, my lady friend is an overpowered individual, herself, in her own right even before I came further into her life.

It has been over since I found love with Magi-Chan and Cryzel in 2018.

The present matrer is one that totally cleared that up for my body on this half of the veil.

what does she look like btw.

I never asked you this if you're wondering.

I suppose I can share a few details with you on physical characteristics.

As I have stated, she is over 50.

She has grey hair

Shorter in height than I

Blue eyes

so around the age of my pops.
Is your pops between 50 and 60 years old?
early 50s.

around the age your father had you.

he was born at the peak of the Vietnam War.

one of Gen X's earliest sons.

My lady friend is 20+ years older than him.
so 70s?

so close to your mother's.

I am attracted to wisdom and intelligence.

You could say that

have her and your mother met yet?
But she still looks and does good despite that. Which also was a reason why for my Tweet set about older individuals needing love too.

They have, yes, and Barbie is fully supportive.

i'm sure they can get along.
They do; it’s rather similar to one meeting their inner child, because my lady friend is quite energetic, herself.

reminds me a bit of my mother.

she's in her early 60s yet she still acts like she's in her 40s.

I think her asian genetics have really came in handy.


14 July

Immediately picking up from the previous conversation on age and genetics.

Now you make me think of Robertchu and how he credits his stubborn Cherokee heritage for surviving three heart attacks and two triple bypasses.
your father survived all that??
Pacemaker was installed as well at one point, yes.
what a tough guy. lol
Still tougher than nails on the C-197 half in his Sonichu self.
he must've had a lot of spiritual guardians preventing him from dying.
And destiny and fate, yes.
I think when he passed, I feel like he chose to leave.

and becoming one with the guardians.

Okay, now I’m feeling crestfallen and reminded of what he had said in Martha Jefferson on his birthday. He actually said such self-harming statements like Andy Warhol knowing his next trip to the hospital, even for routine gallbladder surgery, would be his last.

That is another thing

A Common Mistake among the typical individual:

They tend to be like “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die”, and then death manifests before them. If they had said that they were staying alive and living for years to come, they would have actually stayed longer up to over a hundred or so.

Too many make the mistake of accepting death and wanting to flee the battlefield so recklessly.

I feel like when my body is too weak, I will chose to leave the body I am in now.

and yes, that means becoming an eternal guardian.

Your body is stronger than you think, and you know it.

Like I know for fact that my body is immortal, and therefore I continue to affirm this as well.

its not the body, its the mind.
Both in combination, yes.
even when my body no longer functions, I'll already know by then who I'll lend down my mind to.

i'm never really gone. lol

For now, I need to let you go for the night; you have your work cut out for you with taking some of Sockness’ energy and power. Do not fall for the dark side. Ember and Randy will be your light if you slip.

Blessings to you and your efforts, Sean.

Do your best.


again, thank you Chris.
And be safe
same with you.

send my regards to the Praetor people while you're at it. 🙂

let them know they have my powers.

have a good one. ⚡


19 July

Chris discusses with Sean about inviting other people to the Knights of CWC Discord server. First Chris decides on inviting Bella to the server. He also decides on inviting the Suitress to the same server. It is here where it is revealed that Chris, despite the Suitress using a pseudonym to hide her identity, and not wanting her personal information shared with anyone, had shared it to Sean, sharing the pseudonym, a picture of her, and various other pieces of personal information. This puts light on how she was doxxed not long after leaking the incest calls. It also gives insight into how Sean and Bella had met each other.

Hey, Leo.

Just a heads-up, I’m sharing an invite to the group with my friend, Bella, of the Praetor group.

yes please do!
I’m also sending an invite to a new friend who is a resident of <CENSORED>[note 1] who will also be joining Bella and I at the convention, with her convention buddy.

Her name is <CENSORED>.

oh okay.

btw, good morning from Cali.

Good morning to you. 💙
its good that they're joining though. For better or worse, they should be telling us on what they're doing.
Anyway, she is also on the spectrum but has some self-defense of her own. She is a very kind admirer, and I do sense she will not only be of help for the weekend, but this will boost her self-confidence as well.


This is a photo of her

I trust you to keep this info between you and I in confidentiality.

of course.
She is also <CENSORED> years old, and she is looking and choosing her college.

Her parents are rather overprotective as well, but she is proving herself in their view as well.

at least mine were chill.

only came in when it was necessary.

At least they came in and helped you out; each of those times are a blessing to be counted on your end.
exactly, and that's what good parents do.

Is <CENSORED> the new member that just joined?


That is her

I hope that she and Bella will collaborate with us to ensure your safety at the convention.

i'm feeling confident about this.

I am positive they will most assuredly.

We’re getting the Posse together.

I hope they end up enjoying this trip so much that they'll have to come to BABScon next year. lol
I believe that an0nym0us who joined the group is Bella.

I saw she had joined, but her name did not appear on the member list.


she sould be on the list now.

can you ask Bella if she's the Anon person?

I would appreciate it if you did. Lainchu isn't completely convinced yet.

I did ask her; she is.
nvm, I talked with Bella. She confirmed its her. 🙂

Adult Chronicles exists in C-197

23 July


I heard about that game being made, and I was wondering what you would do if you helped advised it? or consult.

Sorry, what game?
the Adult Chronicles.

I heard about it on Twitter, and I was curious to know your opinion on it.

Oh. Actually, the Adult Chronicles, the actual game, already exists in C-197 in fully programmed media. But with this iteration, here, it’s mainly interpretations and misinterpretations of my adult years post-High School Graduation from the context and lack of context available online.
I feel like it won't tell the whole story.

and your story is very very long.

24 July

No shit, and still ongoing.

Upset at MLP G5

27 July

Sean talks to Chris, concerned over Chris's behavior in a video about the rebooted My Little Pony cartoon and the video revealing there are several punched-in holes in the wall.

Chris I just saw your video on MLP G5, and while I'm concerned over your recent anger over it, I understand why you don't like it.

I don't like those designs either. They're pretty bad. lol

But please, don't hurt yourself.

come to the server and vent.

I am not going to hurt myself at all, Sean.

And this has Nothing to do with the trivial details, including their design.

As I have stated, it has to do with the fact G5 is Not supposed to exist at all in this timeline until After Season Fourteen of G4.

so the issue you have with it is that they're doing it too early?
My action was just for the justice and safety of our universe and our timeline, here.


Anyway, I am about to take a shower. I will talk more on the server later or tomorrow.

Thank you, Sean.

ok, I just wanted to DM you because I was worried.

I'm glad you cleared it up for me.

After all, if G5 is not cancelled soon now, things WILL get Metaphysical for and with Hasbro.
G4 made MLP bigger than it was before.

I can't see G5 making the same impact.

They're making a mistake.

No fucking shit.

I pray and ask my fellow deities and our ally spirits in the spirit realms to make fucking positive and sure Hasbro gets this message DEEEEEEP and Now.

The punched-in wall visible in a video.
also, can you explain what happened to the wall?

there's speculation that you punched it.

My hands have punched that wall more than once in the past, yes. But it was part of the sequence of events at the time in practice of physically breaking the threads of the iron curtain veil.

I’ll check you later.

okay, thanks for telling me.

have a great rest of your day Chris.

Rest assured, I have absolutely no intentions at all to hurt nor kill myself.
If you like, this message, and my rest assured message, you may share publicly. I give you my consent on this.

Role-playing to cope with MLP cartoon

28 July

Hey, Sean.

I sense there may be additional concerns and fears that have spawned with you recently.

Please, feel free to talk with me about them.

what's going on?
I was thinking of you and sensed that you may have found additional concerns while conducting your investigation and research.

But, on the other hand, here,

There is a concern that is bothering me a bit: the responses from the few amongst the collective who are actually more Light than Dark, yet they’re listening to the bad demons, in response to the premature existence of MLP G5.

I did have an idea that you may be most influential in shifting the tide for the positive for our timeline.

You can go live in a video with your thoughts and insight about MLP G5, and comment with the details I have shared so far, and what you, as well, have seen in your visions, and even heard from talking with the spirits and angels from the realms.

This could very well be another instance the Messenger WildLeo (you) comes through in breaking up the chaos and boughts. (edited)

one thing I know for sure.

I have recently communicated with Randy, and he shares the same opinion as you on G5. (edited)

Take some time to think this through and write your insights and thoughts, along with what you’ve heard from Andrew, the Ghost Squad, and the others.
I plan on actually viewing the upcoming film when it comes out. Just to roast it of course. lol
It is actually BEST to not wait on that at all. Although you do have the option to roast the leaks and footage so far. But, more and to the point: how Equestria losing its magic in this premature execution will impact Everything in this timeline and for all of us within it, here.

If we can prevent the MOVIE from ever being debut at all, that gives us the BEST chance in maintaining the safety and durability of our timeline.

I'll admit, its an uphill battle.

I'll give it my all, but nothing is assured.

best to keep your expectations low, and you'll never be disappointed.

All we ask is that you give it your best and all, Sean.

Thank you soo much.


You're welcome Chris.

Discussing the incest fallout

31 July

Good morning, Sean.

I check in with you. I had a rough night; only got an hour and half of registered sleep (that my FitBit read, anyway). But, yeah, the full-length back seat cushion was not only partially comfortable, but I had to lay down with my legs scrunched half the time, and when the feet were on the floor the other half (my right leg was restless during that feet on the floor time). Anyway, I managed to scour a few bucks, and I found a hotel for a deal of $56 a night; I check in about 2:00 this afternoon. So, Bella came forward with her side of the story, and determined the culprit who leaked the details. What are your thoughts and feelings about that story? Josh is complaining that I am putting too much faith in Bella, but I’d like to hear this aspect out to at least have that piece of the puzzle.

Josh is right Chris.

You trust anybody that’s a woman way too much.

Ah. Say no more. Her story is not credulous.

And correction, I do not trust some women. Aunt Harriet and Uncle Tom’s response to my plight was most disappointing.

what did they say?
They said to the Police that I was not allowed on their property.


My ONE remaining relatives that I would have given a whole lot of trust to in such the dire emergency, and they get frightened about me.

You think that was scary to them, wait until they hear the voicemail I left to them that Barbara is still in UVA hospital.

Fucking cops did not bring her back home yesterday as they should have. One Dog and a Bunch of Cats and a few Kittens rely on her.

Good thing I acted on last resort and gave my neighbour my extra house key and asked him to be on watch for Barbara. Now the deputy has already knocked on his door and asked him to tend to the dog and cats on our behalf. This remains Strictly Confidential between you and I. Even Josh pulled a stunt earlier today that I am still shook up over. Don’t want to talk about it right now. I am checked in. I am going to take a shower, and shortly enough, I will have a bit of supper; there is a Kroger next door to this place. Walking distance I have been and still am counting my blessings, Sean.

Chris. Do you think you'll face charges for what happened?
To be seen.
I got mentioned in Josh's recent Kiwi Farms post.

I'm the sole survivor.

That sounds like a good thing, but I was surprised at first.
all I can tell you at this point Chris is that you have to expect nothing but the worst going forward.

don't be disappointed when things don't go your way. We all had to learn that at some point.

I expect the expected and the unexpected.

At least I can sleep comfy tonight.

The worst case scenario is that you'll go to jail, the best case is that you may get sent to a group home. I can't see you returning to the Temple tbh.

I might sound a bit mean, but that's how things appear right now.

I am holding faith and staying strong in all of this.

Appear, but not yet proven. I will check you later.


and one more thing: if the Authorities talk to you, cooperate with them.

Hey, Sean.

I am feeling on a mend at the moment. Yesterday morning during that one and a half hour of sleep, I had a very telling yet bizarre dream.

tell me about it.
I’m certain you’ve heard of the video game, The Binding of Issac. Well, this dream saw me in a lucid dream where all I could do is hear and listen to a bunch of dialogue between some individuals, and a constant flesh-coloured blob that changed shape, but it was mostly big-head oval. It also sometimes has a brown splotch on the bottom; possibly a beard.

And a while ago, I hit the hay about 7:00, here; I had another hour and a half’s sleep, and I had yet another similar dream, but the discernible dialect was annoying me, and I wanted out of this “what the fucking hell” kind of dream.

I have belief this not only pertains to not only the situation I am in that would be comparable to Issac’s initial plot, as well as the Dimension Merge’s completion in continued progress, but also my ally demi-deity, Jesus, himself.
Do you think we're in the Dimensional Merge now?
The details of the dialogue is a blur to my conscious.
[reply to "Do you think we're in the Dimensional Merge now?"]

BING-Fucking-O! Yes Very much so.

everything you talked about a few years back is coming true. lol
I have been feeling it off and on in my core/Heart Crystal between the Heart and Solar Plexus chakra points.

And I believe the pangs are more than just stresses of the situation, as well as how uncomfortable the van was last night, that I am even more great sensing the details happening. Also, on that, I have seen on Google’s rotating headline links a bunch of recent instances where more and more scientific theories and discoveries are ever more manifesting, including Light from behind a Black Hole as foretold by Albert Eistine in his theory. One can also get a grasp of the situation with each post and blurb from the metaphysical, psychic, and even spiritual topics and specific pages I follow on Instagram. Even Molly the Medium has been spot on from her end as well. I continue to observe and experience the signs all around me as well. (edited) And even Magi-Chan and the others here sense and know the gist of what is going on in the moment.

And, as such, your ally spirits, including the Ghost Squad, have been observing and noticing the signs and events as well, and guiding you into seeing and experiencing them for yourself.

The even greater pieces of the massive scale event and the events within that coincide with the present physical events. I was meant to be away from the temple for the week’s time, because a massive chunk of it is also happening around there.

What's going on?
So, yes, between that, my visions, and even my own self-Tarot readings with angelic and spiritual guidance, and even some free Clairvoyance guidance from the Faladdin app (That shit does work and resonate as well), I have the greater knowledge of the expected and the unexpected, and the outcomes that are more likely for this timeline.
One aspect of the Merge, either directly influenced by the events, or heavily teleported by the psychic Pokemon still protecting it, including my Hubby, Mewtwo, and a few extra other Mewtwos, the temple, itself, has been slated to be relocated right next door to the Basillicom of Cwcville.

So, a wavering shift between and through the remaining veil between the two universe halves is one heavy and possible aspect there. And ANYONE who goes onto the yard during this time will Feel this heavy shift and resonance within their auras and energy. I’d even wager my neighbour who I’ve mentioned earlier, and at least his daughter, are sensing and experiencing these signs first-hand, and indirectly from across-the-street observation and sensing. (edited) I can’t fully say what is immediately happening there at this very moment, but Sean, it is heavy and it is happening. The Merge Is On. Anyway,

Have you gotten word from the authorities about your mother?
I felt it well to share this insight with you, because I drew the Miser card as one of two guidance cards after a three-card draw for myself after waking from the earlier dream tonight.
[reply to Sean's last message]

Not since early this afternoon. Meanwhile, I am presently feeling better from the earlier moments. I am going to try again for some more good quality sleep. Thank you for listening. And feel free to relay this insight with everyone in the Discord server.

Alright. Get some sleep Chris.

You’ll need it.

Even Emily, I am positive, will also back you up in agreement.
Most definitely. Goodnight.

⚡️💙⚡️ Be safe and well.

Chris's final messages

August 1

Good morning, Sean.

I have slept well and good, dreams abound and appreciated.[note 2]

Hey, Sean.

I’m checking out Molly’s weekly forecast: card one is Tiger [attached image of Molly]

Hey, Sean.

Just checking in. It’s been a restful and healing day. I called the Sheriff’s office to check on Clover and the cats; our neighbour went over and fed them and taken care of them.


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