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This page will showcase a series of DMs that Chris had with the Suitress. Chris's messages are in blue, and the Suitress's are in magenta.

Dating Advice

16 July 2021

This is the earliest known interaction between Chris and the Suitress, which she shared on a throwaway account two weeks after the Incest call leaks.

In it, Chris asks her about her personal details, including her age and state of residence. The Suitress would then unwisely answer to this, despite Chris having accidentally doxxed two other gal-pals prior to this. She also provided a photo of herself. After inviting both Bella and the Suitress to The WCT's Knights of CWC Discord Server, Chris would then share that information with The WCT while describing her.[1]

The conversation also has Chris attempting to act as a mentor to the Suitress, trying to give her advice on her relationships.

I am trying to start a drawing with Punchy and his present lady friend.
Who's his present gal-pal?
You will see, because it will be shared on my Twitter after colouring it.

If I may ask, are you in your twenties at present?

I am a full grown woman, 19 at this time.[note 1]
Ah. My more accurate guess of about 18 was close.

And, if I may ask, have you had any relationships for yourself so far? If so, how many?

I've had about 5 in my life.
Ah, that's very good on you.😊

Now, I am certain in your relationships, when they started, like you, each of your partners likely wanted space for themselves.

This is a consideration that I feel should be common amongst most individuals, even if not in a relationship, or just friends or acquaintances.

Yes, true. I feel that is important.

I have many things going on in my life right now as well, like finding a college.

Checking your area code, you reside in <CENSORED>, is this right?
Yes, but I hope not for that to be doxxed
Of course.

You know I live on the East Coast, yes?

¿Qué hora es?

Of course I know your home address, I've seen your videos
Time zone

Your time

It's 9:20 pm, here.
Nice to know, I always see that you wake up at around <CENSORED> in my time zone
It's late for me, and I would like to get this commission drawing featuring Punchy that is literally canon in this timeline completed.

And, actually, my alarm by default is set for 8:30 am, and often I hit the snooze for two hours.

Okay 🤗
Okay. I will talk to you tomorrow. I may have a question for you then.

But, at the present, if I may offer a constructive criticism.

If this were a relationship, albeit long distance, I feel there would be a major bad impression on lack of empathy and consideration coming from your end. I can, however, tell you are still a smart, intelligent woman. Yet, the inklings I was presenting to you in guidance towards the conclusion on your end of the present situation, I feel, don't seem to have been picked up.

This can be worked on with your effort and practice. Try practicing involvement on consideration for the other individuals you are talking with, and even picking up on subtleties (body language, included in this).

I am not saying that you lack these qualities, but there is room for improvement.

Also, do note, that a Soul Mate is one who is encouraging and supportive of their partner to improve and better themselves for themselves.

Hmm. Okay. I'll let you know that I am also on the autism spectrum and it is hard to pick up on these social cues sometimes, but I'll do my best.
I can appreciate this as well.

Take inspiration from me that if even I can learn and improve my own empathy and understanding of my subtle cues, you are capable of doing this, too, <CENSORED>.

And I offer this supportive note genuinely, and in prayer and blessing for you: I, Chris Chan Sonichu, believe in you, <CENSORED>


Take it to heart for yourself.

And also appreciate others who believe in you as well.

Thank you, Chris Chan. I'll keep that in mind. I just can't contain myself sometimes. I'll learn to dial back

Top 10 Hottest Anime Moms Ever

25 July 2021


Chris sent the Suitress a photo of his tablet which is displaying "Top 10 Hottest Anime Moms Ever", a YouTube video by WatchMojo.[2]


  1. The age that the Suitress had provided to Chris was not genuine, as she was actually younger.


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