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Several of the conversations in this page have been shared in chunks, therefore, many parts of them may be missing. The dates given for some of these conversations are also based on the events that surround them.

This page will showcase a series of texts that Chris had with the Suitress, some she had with Bella, and Discord chats detailing the creation of the second leak of the Incest Call. Chris's messages are in blue, the Suitress's are in magenta, and Bella's are in orange. Other parties will be represented by other colors.

The Suitress shares her Personal Information

This is the earliest known interaction between Chris and the Suitress. In it, Chris asks her about her personal details, including her age and state of residence. The Suitress would then unwisely answer to this, despite Chris having accidentally doxxed two other gal-pals prior to this. After inviting both Bella and the Suitress to Sean Walker's Knights of CWC Discord Server, Chris would then share the information given in this chat to Sean while describing her, which would in turn lead to the Suitress's doxxing.[1]

The conversation also has Chris attempting to act as a mentor to the Suitress, trying to give her advice on her relationships.

16 July

I am trying to start a drawing with Punchy and his present lady friend.
Who's his present gal-pal?
You will see, because it will be shared on my Twitter after colouring it.

If I may ask, are you in your twenties at present?

I am a full grown woman, <CENSORED>[note 1] at this time.
Ah. My more accurate guess of about <CENSORED> was close.

And, if I may ask, have you had any relationships for yourself so far? If so, how many?

I've had about 5 in my life.
Ah, that's very good on you.😊

Now, I am certain in your relationships, when they started, like you, each of your partners likely wanted space for themselves.

This is a consideration that I feel should be common amongst most individuals, even if not in a relationship, or just friends or acquaintances.

Yes, true. I feel that is important.

I have many things going on in my life right now as well, like finding a college.

Checking your area code, you reside in <CENSORED>, is this right?
Yes, but I hope not for that to be doxxed
Of course.

You know I live on the East Coast, yes?

¿Qué hora es?

Of course I know your home address, I've seen your videos
Time zone

Your time

It's 9:20 pm, here.
Nice to know, I always see that you wake up at around <CENSORED> in my time zone
It's late for me, and I would like to get this commission drawing featuring Punchy that is literally canon in this timeline completed.

And, actually, my alarm by default is set for 8:30 am, and often I hit the snooze for two hours.

Okay 🤗
Okay. I will talk to you tomorrow. I may have a question for you then.

But, at the present, if I may offer a constructive criticism.

If this were a relationship, albeit long distance, I feel there would be a major bad impression on lack of empathy and consideration coming from your end. I can, however, tell you are still a smart, intelligent woman. Yet, the inklings I was presenting to you in guidance towards the conclusion on your end of the present situation, I feel, don't seem to have been picked up.

This can be worked on with your effort and practice. Try practicing involvement on consideration for the other individuals you are talking with, and even picking up on subtleties (body language, included in this).

I am not saying that you lack these qualities, but there is room for improvement.

Also, do note, that a Soul Mate is one who is encouraging and supportive of their partner to improve and better themselves for themselves.

Hmm. Okay. I'll let you know that I am also on the autism spectrum and it is hard to pick up on these social cues sometimes, but I'll do my best.
I can appreciate this as well.

Take inspiration from me that if even I can learn and improve my own empathy and understanding of my subtle cues, you are capable of doing this, too, <CENSORED>.

And I offer this supportive note genuinely, and in prayer and blessing for you: I, Chris Chan Sonichu, believe in you, <CENSORED>


Take it to heart for yourself.

And also appreciate others who believe in you as well.

Thank you, Chris Chan. I'll keep that in mind. I just can't contain myself sometimes. I'll learn to dial back

The Suitress meets Bella

This is the first known interaction between Bella and the Suitress. After being invited to the Knights of CWC server run by Sean Walker, Bella would invite her and Chris to her Chess Club Discord, and converse about a number of topics.

19 July

Joined the server
<CENSORED> hey i don't believe we chatted yet in the other server

u wanna play a game of chess when im done with @Griffit?

Oh yeah

I was a bit busy

ah its cool, nice to meet u
I wonder if @CWCSonichu1982 is knowledgeable in chess
we used to play alot
Yeah, I'm going to the Bronycon in Everfree
but i could only do it on sms with my iphone but i lost my phone so i invited her over here bc i can
oh wow its like that now?
It's on August 13

CWC is coming to Bronycon too

ohhh that one im going to lol i was confused sorry

yeah im coming as her bodyguard

i might be her roommate im not sure yet, but ill bring us games to play

Christine told me that she was going to have people guarding us
thats me!

if u need anything lmk then im here to help u feel safe

First Incest Leak

This is part of a conversation that the Suitress and Bella had regarding a call with Chris, seemingly the Incest call. This happened directly before the 4-minute leak of the full 4-hour call, which Bella had made herself, as evidenced by her making mention of using clips from it. Judging by this, and posts from later conversations, it appears that the Suitress had not yet had any access to the full recording before releasing the first leak, nor was she ever in the call itself. After receiving the full audio, the Suitress would end up creating a 9-minute version of the call, adding in parts of Bella's dialogue, and give it to a friend of hers to upload on their own channel. This would end up causing Bella to attempt to frame her for everything.

The Suitress had shown shock at the idea that Chris was having sex with his mother, but also seemed to show a sort of naive belief that she could save him from Barb by having sex with him, not yet aware of the full story. The Suitress, who was already under the belief that Chris was abused by Barb,[2] would have undoubtedly believed Bella in this scenario. The conversation also makes mention of Bella pushing for Chris and the Suitress to have sex, but didn't seem to discourage Chris from having sex with Barb, indicating that this may have been part of her Everfree plot, as they were to have sex in the hotel they'd stay in during the event.[3]

The conversation also recounts an instance of the Suitress exposing herself to Chris, presumably on live video, and Chris being turned on by it, showing some degree of interest in her. The context in which this might have occurred is unknown.

28 July [note 2]

He only told me you have to keep this absolutely private from him

At least until he tells someone else and we can put the blame on them

OKAY. SPILL THE TEA. I'm the only one drinking it
Based thx sm

Ok so I compiled as much as I can

Talk away

I'm listening


Its all jumbled bc we talked fir like 4 hours and it's random clips that I could pick up so u might miss some of it when you hear it.

He's fuckinh his mom

They're actually dating

Wow...I knew it! We all knew it!
They fuck ALOT


He only told me this but he's in a romantic relationship like he wine's and dines her



I've seen the wining and dining in a video before
He puts a vibrator up her ass

And they MAKE LOVE

Holy shit I didn't ACTUALLY expect him to do this

Sadly I'm not surprised. Got recording?
Yup it's taking FOREVER to export

Tried to cut out some of the random convo bc it was mostly us talking about random stuff

I might be able to dance
Oh I have a cold sry

My voice is fucked

I'm not saying I'm not going to dance

I'm saying we're checking out of the hotel before we dance

He said u couldn't


He was mistaken

Oh Chris

Yeah its in really random order lol

I tried

It cuts off mid sentence lol

If the convo seems like it changed its bc i just cut it rn


I'm fine with the friends with benefits thing
Yeah I was hust trying to get him to talk about it

We talked for like 4 hours and he got really spicy when he talked about the weird shit they do

I didn't hear the weird shit
We talked about so many random things but the convo always went back to the kinky shit I dies to her

Yeah I didn't get it

He has sex with her every 3 days and he uses flavored lube and they both use vibrators

that's more action than I get with my boyfriend
Nipple stuff too

Lmao i never got anything close

When did this start!
Nipple clips on both, lingerie on both, 3 hour long massages, candle wax

Almost two months ago

Barb groomed her son
Uh yeah and now he's grooming her
He's grooming HER?
All in all it's her fault

He won't let her have friends

And will refuse to let her leave now if she doesn't

Apperentky she didn't even want to have sex with her and he had to convince her

Jesus...was it rape?

They groomed each other

It also hurts her alot apparently but he says she probably likes it rough

Not really bc she actually agreed to it and they still do it ALL the time

He coaxed her into it but she groomed him to be this way

Its own both of them

Yeah ^^^

When I have sex with him, I hope it sways him away from his mother
I was pushing realllly hard for that bjt he's convinced that you'll fall in love in college or something
He's still in disbelief of his first real sweetheart

He tells me that he's still embarrassed and nervous

"The tarot cards tell me she'll fall in love in college
At least it keeps him occupied


Jesus dude what is wrong with him just go after her
Don't tell anyone this but I showed Chris my tits

And he went like "mmmmmmmm"

"You're starting to turn me onnnnn"

Chris is so in love with me


Please tell him to quit her for me

"You WILL call me here on video call tonight"

I'll try

Jesus Chris Chan, that sounds like a threat
Ik I was like damn ok

I gtg to ckass ttyl

"I'm kinda scared"

27-30 July 2021, text messages[4][5]

This section showcases chunks of a conversation that appears to have occurred sometime around the first leak of the Incest Call, but before the second.

The first chunk of this conversation centers around Bella gifting the Suitress bath bombs and other hygiene products.

The incest call leaks and Bella brags about how they "broke the internet". However, the Suitress replied being scared at this and still meeting Chris, showing hesitancy when Bella suggests to her to bask in their supposed glory. However, the Suitress had also made claims that leaking these calls was a good idea, seeing how she was already told that Barb was grooming Chris.

Uh shower jelly, bath bombs, soap bars, shower streamers, shower bombs, body butter and body scrub
U like this stuff? I never heard of it lol


I'm using a bath bomb tonight tho they gave me like 9

Lmk which ones u want they left it in the bowls for us to grab

Which ones do they have?
Alot basically everything here and some more

[next day]



We did it


But I wanted to meet Chris
dude fucking awesome

We still cab


Everyone thinks I'm a 42 year old dude
Okay goof


So what do I do here

They think my trollsona is bella
Oh ok
But y do they know my name
So what do I do herr
Either way its cool bc I anonymous
Okay good

But what do I do

Notibg just bask in our glory

We did it

I'm kinda scared

I know it's good to release

Were the best trolls on history

I got u protected

Josh is after me


I don't know Null's phone number

[next day]


[next day]

Can you send the 4 hour call


I don't have it lol my phone would record randomly
How would it record randomly

Just asking

Second Incest Leak

29 July

This is a series of Discord chats that the Suitress had with other users in regards to her recent findings that Barb and Chris were having sex. It also details the beginnings of the creation of the second leak that would follow several hours after the first. One of these users, GunLoader420, also known on Youtube as EllDudeRocks, would upload this newly created leak on Youtube. This video would be removed for Violating Youtube's Terms of Service, but reuploaded by another user named Dr. Retard.

In this case, GunLoader's messages will be represented in red, and various other users in the chat will be represented with other colors.

Barb has a weird relationship thing with Barb too

I talked to someone who knew Chris personally

She told me he fucked his mom

I have proof

What proof?
Lemme fetch it real quick
Jesus Christ
Where was that from? Who are they talking to?
Chris was talking to my friend

I'm not telling her name

Yeah course get that

Was this very recent?


It was a couple days ago

No. I'm the only one who released this part (first leak) of this clip

So I only leaked this much

And that's enough to prove that Chris does it with Barbara

My friend (Bella) knows Chris through brony conventions and she and I have been friends for a while

There's personal info in there, so I might need to bleep out things.
I can't believe how composed your friend is
She's known Chris for a while, so you have to be composed

Here I am going to bleep and cut out some parts before releasing this

I didn't think anything about Chris would shock me anymore

But this is something else

He's going to kill barb fucking her, mark my words

She's holding on by a thread as it is

I'm getting the video ready

Do you want me to turn it to an mp3 so it's easier to share on discord?


It would be dope
I cropped the video to only the important parts
God bless you
And now I'm going to convert the video to only a sound file

It takes an extremely long time for this video to render

I'm not sharing personal info

I'm only sharing the fact that Chris is having sex with Barbara

Look at the two videos above
<CENSORED> has audio of Chris admitting to it
My friend was chatting with Chris
Chris fucks his mom and I have the audio to prove it
no way

ur lying

He admitted it
No I'm not

Listen to the audio

I'm not lying my friend had contact with Chris
are you guys playing a prank on me?
Hell no
come on

wer u get this?

My friend sent the audio to me
All you need to know is that Chris bangs his mom
since wen?
I already got that from the first video you posted
Once every third day since June 27
I only leaked what was necessary
Take it down or I'll cut it down
So it doent matter to you if it was uploaded ti kiwifarms or the cwckie or whatever?
It's Chris's wrongdoings not mine

My friend is anonymous

She doesn't want her voice on it I heard

So I need to filter it.

I just found out

I didn't think it would be an issue

But before this gets released, I'll edit her voice

I just talked to her now

If Chris found out I'm guessing he'd cut off your friend
I'm making sure he won't now
Honestly it's not revealing anything

So I don't give a shit

I only removed her voice

yes but ur friend does

She literally just told me now

I'm sorry

I'm trying to look at the benefit of the doubt

I'll say the trolls leaked it
Nobody recognizes her voice
Chris will
Chris will, but he'll blame it on the trolls for leaking it
I'm uploading a censored version

30 July

The next day, the Suitress appears worried at her decision to make the second leak.

I started something
i'm just
And I hate it.
My friend was talking to Chris about Bronycon shit and he just brought up incest because he thought it would be a secret.
I can't believe I created this
We witnessing history bois.
What the fuck


Well...I unleashed a moment in Christory for y'all

I don't know how I feel

Wait so is there a different version of the phone call? Coz that shit sounded edited as fuck
Yes, an unedited version

Her voice was edited out

I edited out


I feel like Chris admitted to it, so he has to live with it


Is the rape actually confirmed???????
nothing is confirmed yet but if barb is senile and cant consent, its rape. possibly statutory of some kind but fuck knows, we might have to wait a few days to find out what happens next

31 July

The Suitress would then post one last message in the Discord, and go quiet for a couple of days before being framed by Bella.


I love you guys

I'm saying goodbye


I love you

I love you

And I love you



  1. In keeping with the Suitress policy, these conversations have not been transcripted faithfully. All references to her personal information present in the conversations have been redacted.
  2. Based on Discord leaks where Bella discusses sharing the original leak with the Suitress, this conversation had likely happened sometime between 6 and 7 AM of this day