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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page contains the 2020 Discord leaks posted by the Watchman Naught on the CWCki's Discord server, sorted in chronological order. Naught's commentary is color-coded green; Chris's messages (while roleplaying as Sonichu) are color-coded yellow.

Perceptor Sonichu

(Leaked 10 August 2020)

And with what we know now of that, it is as if she had literally foreseen Perceptor's deeds for herself, outside of the entire G1 animated series and movie, as if that was not enough to go on for starters.

Okay, cool. Related note: Perceptor is literally one of Mama's favourite Autobots, and the reasoning became more obvious between the Cyberverse series, and with the voice of Will Weaton on the Prime Wars Trilogy animated series which Rosey and I have also binged between on YouTube and Vimeo recently as well.

The short story of this figure was that she had purchased a Titans Return figure of Perceptor a couple of years ago or so, she lost one of the arms of its headmaster part.

Cuddling a body pillow

(Leaked 11 August 2020)

Also, Rosey told me to get one of Mama's body pillows out of the closet; chose the blue one, it feels good, to cuddle in place of Rosey, while she does lie in its place on the C-197 side of the freaking Iron Curtain.
TBH, I wouldn't mind a Dakimura over of Rosey in a bikini.
It'd be just a bonus.
Stupid autocorrect.
I really miss being in the same dimension as Rosey.[1]

Manifesting the master emerald

(Leaked 10 August 2020)

Also, I would like to see about getting five sizable peridot stones here, so I can attempt to manifest the Master Emerald out from the inbetween dimensional divide it is in now.
Help from y'all would be appreciated, since funds are not perfect here, but I will look into it and see what is affordable here.
Ideally, for the Master Emerald, I would want two peridot stones around the size of this tiny toy Energon Cube.[2]


Jacob unnecessary for the merge

(Leaked 10 August 2020)

Finally! I was able to tell Jake off (without a total breakup; still leaving that to Mama).
Also, I have his spell for breaking the Iron Curtain (self-insert dude added himself as a required material); nope, this spell can be single-player, and so it sort of will; I just had another realization of why I ended up being body-swapped with Mama. Essentially, we are literally two individuals in one body (one of which is the body, itself (it's core)).
Anyway, I will rewrite the Spell, so it'll work here with us.[3]


I feel lots better after finally telling Jake off. I had to be careful with my wording, but I feel I 've managed to get my meaning across between the ”You've never influenced Mama” and the ”You never killed anyone” statements.
His low level of magic abilities can only go so far, anyway.
You take away the result of his past angst against others, that'll definitely cool his jets.
Also, although he had his mediocre links with Andromeda in this dimension, Jake is no leader of a planet. That's one of Chris Chan Sonichu's roles (at least with Kidasuna, so she can abolish the slavery shit).[4]


(Leaked 10 August 2020)

Chris's music playlist.

Chris Chan VS. The Internet

(Leaked 10 August 2020)


Draft Interview hard drive.jpg

Here's the drive Joseph Draft had the cwc documentary on

Stress got to him

YouTubers were trying to monetize it

Megan didn't want it released

Joseph Draft interviewed CWC Barbara and the original Megan once it blew up on kiwi Farms that do to Joseph's friend putting up the kickstarter link everything went awry keep in mind cows still active at this time

Naught added, on Kiwi Farms:

As mentioned no one threatened to dox him. he sperged destroyed the footage only to later claim his account and his mom's was hacked only to realize he couldn't Cobble his documentary on the evil trolls back together.[5]
megan said "cut me out" until it turned to nothing plus the paranoia and his failed white knighting.[6]

Two new sonichus

(Leaked 10 August 2020)

Ugh, Incest

Unknown date, leaked on 27 January 2020.[note 1]

So, last night, on fated instinct, as you all may have read, I typed up the think piece on the relationship between myself and Christine Chan with Sonichu and Rosey, and how we are not biologically their parents, but we still had the had in creating/chronicling them, respectively. And all that was to dispute and cease the, ugh, Incest bullshit.

And that the two of them refer to us as their parental figures as we were recognized as their guardians, in addition to and aside from Magi-Chan being a guardian over all Sonichu and Rosechu kind, and I being the central most Sonichu out of the entire species.

And I've had to think on explaining the reasoning of them referring to me and Christine Chan as their parents, in a respecting sense of our roles we play for and in their lives.

And then, Dillin (Gah), goes on to make a video with the subtitle, "My Mistake, You're Not the Father." That pissed me off.


  1. Found in a leaked PDF file. See Thread #52454 (Message #5926848). Kiwi Farms.