Update, 1/22/2016, and new items for Cwcville Shopping.

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Update, 1/22/2016, and new items for Cwcville Shopping. is a video uploaded on the 22nd of January, 2016.

The video mainly deals with a few new items for his Etsy shop: Zapina and Rosechu figures, minifigures for both the past and present incarnations of his comic form, and a Lego car and jet (which he dubiously intends to reproduce in CADD). Chris comments that the coming snowstorm will help him focus on the shop, as if he was anywhere close to busy beforehand. Near the close of the video, he also briefly addresses recent events with Francine, giving astonishing 6-second moment of silence.


Update, 1/22/2016, and new items for Cwcville Shopping.
Stardate 22 January 2016
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Update 1/17/2016
Update 1/25/2016
Definitely need some more money coming in, we're kind of a bit short on the whatever this month.


Ah, yes.

Hello, good morning, or good evening—whatever it is. It's morning right here right now. Christine Chandler coming to you live with another update.

[Chris leans down to pet Lucy] Oh, calm down Lucy; I'm making a video right now. Little kitty. I love you. [unintelligible] Talk to you later.

[sigh] Anyway, um... so, I have new—few more figures that, uh, I'm going to be putting on the shop later today. Uh, have not—still have not been able to..make the, uh, design the back cards yet, but I will do that if, eh, orders will commence. And that includes the Sonee and Rosey figures, which—they will be 20 dollars apiece, or 1—2 for 30 dollars, so, one of each or two of each. But that's, uh, to be determined in the list—in the listing and whatever people want. And then there's also Zapina Rosechu; young best—young best friend and, uh, Padawan to, uh... Simonla Rosechu. And then also we have—also we will have, uh, Simonla's and, uh, Wild's daughter Sandy Rosechu. You've seen these on my Facebook page, I'll be putting these on my Etsy shop later today. Yeah, and I made this, uh, nice lovely little carrying case between the—combining the, uh, Technic-type, Technic slotted amibricks, and a bunch of Technic bricks. It works pretty good for carrying around the whole lot. Definitely easier than the big thing—than the bulky thing that I was using before.

Also, something else that I'm considering adding to, uh, my shop, I'll let y'all c—I'll let y'all... decide whether or not, I'll give them a trial basis—but I'll give y'all an opportunity to purchase, uh, my own custom minifigure; whether you want the past or the present versions of me. I'll get the, uh, individual pieces to make each figure, and, uh, combine them—I'll... put a skirt on either one, definitely: took the one of of this one and put it on to this one, but anyway, mmm, I'll make a me—tiny mediallion image to slap on there, and optionally, for only a little bit extra, I'll add a base that, uh, will allow you to put—will allow you to play the Portal 2 character Chell in Lego Dimensions, which I bidi—which I find out to be my favorite character in the game.

And also, speaking of Lego Dimensions, uh, I also would like to mention my little car that I've made out of previous models. Um, I'll have to figure out how I originally put this together and put it together in the CADD designer, and, uh, I might put this on there as well. But I did make a small version that I could put onto the dimension's base, and, uh, on the chip I put the, uh, DeLorean. Just about everything unlocked on there.

I also built my eagle jet—I call it the, uh, Thunder Eagle—Lightning Eagle, um, I'll get—I'll figure it out definitely, but anyway, it's a cut—it's a combination of, uh, Ninjago and... Chima jet, I mean—actually have that thing still roosting on top of my house. But this is like a miniature version, I saved, uh, Aerosys Eagle Interceptor onto the chip here as well. I'm considering putting these onto Etsy as well.

Anyway, I'll, uh, leave comments open, between my Facebook pa—on my, I'll leave the comments open on the Facebook post, of which I shared this video onto, and I'll listen to your comments about, uh, those options.

Uh, thinking about for on the little minifigures, I might do 10 dollars plus shipping per figure, and, I don't know, maybe an extra 2 or 5 dollars for the base, I'll have to check on eBay or wherever for the price of just the base.

Anyway, aside from that: definitely need some more money coming in, we're kind of a bit short on the whatever this month. Yeah, but anyway we're doing OK mostly. And we got a big snowstorm coming in, expected this weekend, so that definitely give me time to put together any new orders that come out recently and today.

Alright, so, link to the shop is underneath this video. Thank you very much for your continuing support. On one more note, I will add, which I have commented about recently on the Facebook, I would like to extend my most formal, vocal, and emotional apologies to Jeff, whose, uh, fate has pretty much become unfortunate. I do feel sorry for her, very much. So, just a moment of silence right here. [6 seconds of silence] And I do thank her for her little support and interest for everything Sonichu and Rosechu and myself, that I've been making since 2007.

Mmkay. Thank you very much and have a good day. [Selfie-remote button fails] Ugh, this button...

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