Update 1/29/2016 - There is NO PewDiePie or Felix here whatsoever

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Update 1/29/2016 - There is NO PewDiePie or Felix here whatsoever is a video uploaded to YouTube on 29 January 2016, in which Chris clarifies that he is not popular Let's Player PewDiePie, so that weens stop sending emails to him addressed to PewDiePie/Felix. The odds of this plea being heeded are not good.

For what must be the thousandth time, Chris shows that he is oblivious to many forms of trolling, mislabeling being the case here. This video also implies that Chris was not previously aware of PewDiePie, which is bizarre considering how much time he spends online and that he himself is also a part of Internet culture.

Surprising no-one, Chris demonstrates his complete and utter inability to wrestle with Swedish orthography as he tries (and fails) to pronounce Felix's surname Anglo-phonetically. (It's actually pronounced "SHELL-berg".) While Chris struggling with language is hardly new, Chris doesn't even decide on one incorrect version; he comes up with no fewer than three different pronunciations of "Kjellberg" in the span of three minutes: "Kuh-zhellberg", "Kilj-berg", and "Kill-berg".


Update 1/29/2016
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Update 1/25/2016
Apologies for offending people
I thought, for a long time, I thought it was prank mail.
It was prank mail


This is Felix; he resides in the U.K.; NOT in Ruckersville, VA, United States of America.


Please, Do Not Send any mail addressed to him to My home address.

via YouTube Capture


[Elevator music playing in background]

Hello everybody on the internet today. Nuh- Once again, this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from... my own desk. [touches Sonichu Amiibo] My own figures and everything. Brought to you courteously from my own shop. [puts hand on binder with shop name] Cwcville Shopping! [taps image on binder] Online and I have my own binder catalog as well, yadda yadda... Aaanyway, do shopping, whatever, all that good stuff.

I am making this video as of- uh- matter of- of- has come to my attention... for a while now, but it's of minor importance, but it's not um, tired of it, so I'm bringing it up. I want to bring up the uh, matter of one, uh, "Felix... Arvid... Ulf... Kjellberg" also known on the internet as "Pew... Die... Pie." I keep gettin- I'm- every now and then I keep getting mail that goes out to this guy. And, I have his Wikipedia article up here which I'll post the link to this below this video, but I mean- [holds phone to camera with PewDiePie's Wikipedia image on the screen] Seriously... Does this guy look anything like me? No! This is not me whatsoever! And I do not know this person at all! [pulls phone away] Lord- Lords know- Lord knows where he is but okay, yeah, he's reside- he's residing currently in the UK. And he was born in Sweden. Not Ruckersville, Virginia. This is not me. I am not this Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg or PewDiePie. You have the wrong address. Stop sending mail to this guy at my address. Okay? Cause it's annoying. I don't even know where this guy- and I do not know where this guy lives whatsoever. And I thought, for a long time, I thought it was prank mail. But I look him up on the internet today, and I find his Wikipedia article. So once again, [one of the dogs barks in background, Chris shows image on phone again and points at it] NOT this guy. [elbow hits binder and it falls over] Not Felix. [picks up binder and fixes it] He does not live here whatsoever. There is no Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg or PewDiePie here at 14 Branchland Court, Ruckersville, Virginia, whatsoever. Okay? [pulls phone away]

And, uh, let's see. I have more- I have uh, more money coming in and I'll be shipping everything out uh, after the weekend's over. I have some more things- I have some more medallions and whatever to make over the weekend. I'll get everything shipped out on about Monday. Thank you, and have a good, blessed day.

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