14 January 2010

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14 January 2010 (officially 01142010.MOV) was uploaded by Chris on 14 January 2010.


Stardate 14 January 2010
Subject Matter Fanartn.PNG Fan Art
Saga AsperchuAsperchu Asperchu Saga
12 January 2010
[[[14 January 2010|Current]]


uh Captain's Log Stardate January, 14th 2010.

Well I have just looked up on the uh cwcipedia and noticed the jumbo image that uh Alec and his associates have put on there and uh yeah I have cursed them though they probably just assumed that aside from my being angry at them, but I spy.. but regardless of that.

In response to that as well as uhh there questioning me as a individual as such I mean a lot of people have cursed people. everybody has cursed someone in there lives, or said curse word or whatever. I am still a good individual human being. Its just like them and their mental problems and me with my mental problems when we go into defense mode or responds to something that really offends us, we can mean and we can be mean. And that is just uh our defense like just like you know the something offends us and we want to punch that sucker right in the face. Every individual man with or without a mental handicap can agree with me on that, but still I have given Sonichu for the past almost 10 years now. well up anyway cause the website didn't go up till 2004 but still it will almost be 10 years since I first started him on March 17 2000. Phone starts ringing Or ten year anniversary. Anyway, in regards to incoming call here, I say Trust the man trust the individual who you have been trusting this whole time. Don't trust this new guy. He is just trying to take my fame. Please think about that my loyal fans. Stay safe and have a good day