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Chris in 2008.
Graph showing the Google-popularity of the terms Sonichu (blue) and Christian Weston Chandler (red). 2008 is marked in Mellow Yellow.
On 17 March 2008, Chris is forced to start attending the Wesley Foundation Methodist Church.
From 17 March 2008, Chris is no longer welcome at the Grace Baptist Church.
On 4 April 2008, Chris gets a one month ban from the Game Place.
On 11 May 2008, Chris was baptized.
On 12 August 2008, Chris announces an interview with Robert Simmons V.
On 11 September 2008, this image, among others, leaks onto the internet.
In September 2008, we meet Reginald.
The Jiggliami Medallion, first seen in October 2008.
Chris's lawn was trespassed on 31 October 2008. The sign that was left would make a second appearance in September 2009.
In November 2008, Chris mostly plays LBP.
In December 2008, Chris thanks us for helping him win.
Chris, you've got a way to fall.


Vivian Gee, 9 October 2008. How right she was.[1]

The year 2008 is the year that Christian Weston Chandler turned 26 years old. This year showed the completion of two phases that would, because of a strange coincidence, put Chris in the unique and unreal situation that he would be in the first months of the next year.

The first phase was one of alienation, in which Chris's illogical behavior frightened away his only friend, Megan, and got him thrown out of his old church, leaving him desperate and lonely.

The second was a phase of trolling in which a semi-organized group of obsessed, amused and anonymous individuals, via a vast understanding of the new media, started to take the places of Chris's acquaintances, either by posing as online girlfriends, or as members of an online fanbase. This second phase was rough and bumpy, but eventually established the parameters of Chris's life in 2009.

Events of 2008


  • January 2 - Megan writes that she is thinking about staying in the Chandler household for a while, probably because of personal problems.
  • January 3 - Chris gets a set of anal beads as a free gift with a purchase at In the future, this will be used against him by trolls.
  • January 4 - Megan tells Chris to take off any reference to Megan on his site.
  • January 10 - Using HTML-like code, Chris tries to hack Encyclopedia Dramatica again.
  • January 19 - The ED page on Chris is vandalized by someone named "Danilah", likely Chris under yet another alias.
  • January 21 - Under the name "Clyde", Chris again vandalizes his article on ED. He complains about them kicking the autistic.
  • January 25 - Chris tries to get ED to start trolling Joshua Martinez. It doesn't work.
  • January 26 - Chris tries to destroy his article using HTML. He apparently doesn't really understand how computers work...
  • January 27 - Chris sends an e-mail to Anna about her story "The Crazy Pacer", and how his Encyclopedia Dramatica page is partially based on it.


  • February 24 - Chris's 26th birthday


  • March 4 - Megan asks Chris to remove all references to her from the internet.
  • March 8 - At the Game Place, Chris tries to find out if employee Lucas was the one who took his picture.
  • March 12 - Megan finds out Chris drew pornographic images of her. She is angry.
  • March 12 - Chris apologizes to Megan for the images he drew.
  • March 12 - At 5:52 AM local time, Chris begins a nine-day effort to remove references to Megan (including ShecameforCWC.JPG) from the ED page. He is unsuccessful.
  • March 13 - Megan says Chris has hurt her on an emotional level.
  • March 14 - Megan asks Chris to leave her alone.
  • March 15 - Again Chris tries removing all references to Megan from his ED article. The page is soon protected.
  • March 16 - Chris starts his war against ED, and sends off different e-mails for support.
  • March 16 - Megan is fed up with Chris's attitude, and tells him he needs to take responsibility.
  • March 17 - After his pastor discovers some of the information about him on the internet, Chris gets kicked out of Grace Baptist Church. He turns to the Wesley Foundation Methodist Church.
  • March 17 - Again Chris tries to delete the Megan image from ED. He also tries to ban ED's admins from his article using code.
  • March 18 - Chris's edits to the ED page become more focused on showing that it is Megan, not his imaginary sister Crystal, in the infamous fingering picture. He describes Megan as "his lost Sailor Soldier, Megan, who dumped his sorry ass for drawing the pic of him fucking her; she never even had any inkling of interest in him." Of himself he says "What a intolerable sad-sack loser."[2]
  • March 19 - Chris tries to delete all references to incest from his ED article.
  • March 19 - Chris attempts to get help from the Wikimedia Foundation in deleting the Chris-chan page.
  • March 20 - Chris adds a whole gallery with articles claiming that he hates himself to his article on ED.
  • March 20 - The Wikimedia Support Team respond to Chris, stating that Encyclopedia Dramatica is not created by them.
  • March 21 - Chris tries to apologize to Megan, but doesn't want to take any responsibility for the drawings he made.
  • March 21 - Chris puts up a gallery on his ED page entitled "You know what, I HATE ME TOO!!!" containing pictures from his comics of himself being beaten and humiliated.[3]
  • March 21 - Chris tells Megan that he does not regret the picture he drew, and that it helped prevent him from raping her.
  • March 23 - Megan tells Chris to back off for a while.


  • April 4 - Chris gets banned from the Game Place by Michael for two weeks, on the grounds that he had been going into the back of the store unauthorized. The actual reason was that Chris was scaring away customers with his behavior.[4]
  • April 18 - Chris's ban from the Game Place expires, and he returns.
  • April 21 - Chris exchanges his last e-mails with Megan, who firmly states that she can't trust him.


  • May 11 - Chris is baptized at the Wesley Foundation Methodist Church.


  • June 13 - According to Chris, this is the date of the "Wii-Incident". What transpired was an attempt to trade his Pokémon to the younger customers, Michael forced him to stop whoring the widescreen and ushered him out of the store. In response, Chris wrote "Michael Loves the F out of Mary Lee Walsh" on a card box, which led to his second ban.


  • July 12 - In an e-mail Chris says he has apologized for his behavior to Michael of the Game Place that got him banned in April.


  • August 3 - Chris's second message. He declares war against ED in a video, and blames his breakup with Megan on ED.
  • August 6 - Chris shows his anger for Jason Kendrick Howell, creator of the ED page.
  • August 6 - Chris sends an e-mail to several news stations, hoping that they will air it to gather support for him.
  • August 8 - Chris declares victory over ED, as the site is offline. He is, however, mistaken.
  • August 9 - On the PSN Blogs, Chris complains about not being able to import data to his PS3.
  • August 12 - Chris promises to interview Robert Simmons V in his next Sonichu comic.
  • August 15 - In a new video, Chris addresses those who want to steal his medallion.
  • August 16 - Chris finally responds to Vivian Gee's e-mail she sent him in 2007. She tells him that she could be interviewed in his comic.
  • August 17 - Chris asks his fans to make the Sonichu game reality. He also introduces them to the Official Sonichu Game Blog.
  • August 19 - Blanca's first e-mail to Chris, Jiggliami is created.
  • August 19 or 20 - Lolisa Rosechu is created.
  • August 20 - Chris draws the first part of Sonichu #8.
  • August 28 - In a new video, Chris talks about the Sonichu game.
  • August 26 - Chris draws a first sketch of Simonla Rosechu, based on an idea by Evan.
  • August 28 - Chris is permabanned from the Game Place by Michael for getting into a screaming fight with a small kid. The real reason was that Chris was racist towards the black customers, and often cried after losing at card games.[4]


  • September 2 - Chris uploads Rosechu nudes to ED.
  • September 4 - Chris writes a disclaimer in which he states that all Sonichus and Rosechus are 18 or over.
  • September 5 - The Official Sonichu Game Blog is revealed as a troll blog.
  • September 8 - GameStop Guitar Hero Contest begins. Chris will be the first winner.
  • September 10 - Chris sends his first nudes to Lordsillynipples, another troll posing as Blanca.
  • September 10 - Vivian begins sending e-mails to Chris attempting to white knight him, and she continues for the next few days. Chris does not initially respond.
  • September 11 - The first of Chris's nudes emerge on the internet. Chris's penis has Sonichu drawn on it.
  • September 11 - Chris mails his church about his nudes being leaked.
  • September 11 - Chris publishes a video about the nudes.
  • September 13 - Chris removes the sex scenes from his latest comic.
  • September 13 - Chris blames the leaking of the nudes on trolls posing as his GF.
  • September 13 - Chris claims the Sonichu game is temporarily on hold, and admits to having been conned by the Official Sonichu Game Blog.
  • September 16 - Chris is offered counseling by his church.
  • September 16 - Chris's e-mail is hacked for the first time. More nude pictures make the rounds.
  • September 17 - Chris's half-brother, Cole Smithey, is fed up with Chris and breaks contact with him.
  • September 18 - Chris creates his second YouTube account, CChan6789. He abandons his old Sonichu profile.
  • September 18 - Chris meets with Rochelle Shoemaker for the first time.
  • September 20 - After having been raided by ebaumsworld, Chris declares he is safe.
  • September 21 - Web-cam pictures of Chris's duck and love-doll emerge.
  • September 24 - A picture of Christian's mother emerges.
  • September 24 - Panda rickroll video is published by Christian. Chris says to hold no grudge towards Adam Stackhouse.
  • September 25 - Chris masturbates on webcam.
  • September 27 - Audio of Chris talking about sex emerges.
  • September 27 - Chris responds to Vivian Gee's e-mails, insisting that PandaHalo is not a troll and she is his genuine sweetheart.
  • September 28 - Vivian sends several more white knight e-mails to Chris over the next week, trying to explain that nobody likes Sonichu. He doesn't send her another e-mail until next year.
  • September 29 - After dreaming that she is his destined sweetheart, Chris writes Blanca a letter that he sends to her with his medallions.
  • September 29 - Chris reports that Panda has "broken up the romance in their relationship".


  • October 4 - Chris releases his Aeon Flux parody video.
  • October 6 - Chris's DVD is ripped and torrented.
  • October 6 - A picture of Christian's dad emerges.
  • October 6 - Video of Chris masturbating emerges.[1][2]
  • October 7 - Blanca receives the package containing the medallion.
  • October 9 - Trolls receive the Sonichu medallions and the letter written on 29 September.
  • October 9 - Chris immediately creates a new Sonichu medallion.
  • October 9 - Chris publishes a new video, claiming that Blanca sent the medallion back to him. He also claims the torrented DVD is not complete.
  • October 13 - Columbus Day video published. Chris shows contempt towards Jimmy Hill.
  • October 13 - Sarah Jackson is allegedly killed in a car crash.
  • October 14 - Sonichu-Fans goes online.
  • October 15 - Sonichu #10 preview is published online. Chris claims his powers lie in his High-School ring, rather than his medallion.
  • October 15 - Chris chats with Andrew Simmons.
  • October (mid) - Chris upgrades his PS3 again, to 320 GB of storage space.
  • October 16 - Chris has his first fan chat in #sonichu
  • October 20 - Sonichu medallion is destroyed on video.
  • October 21 - Blanca ends her relationship with Chris. Chris is devastated.
  • October 24 - Chris has another fan chat in #sonichu, among various topics, he discusses his High School Ring.
  • October 26 - Chris announces the existence of Chloe in a IRC chat in #sonichu.
  • October 27 - Q&A video published.
  • October 27 - Chris publishes Sonichu & Chris Chan in Guitar Hero World Tour, the first of many video-game-oriented videos. Chris will spend the next month playing these games.
  • October 31 - A stranger leaves mysterious signs on Chris's front lawn.


  • November - In an attempt to curb the spam in the ED article's talk page, a humble wiki and a blog documenting Chris's updates are set up. Eventually, the site gained the PVCC boards, the CWCki you're currently browsing, and would later become the de facto headquarters of the coordinated trollings from 2009.
  • November 14 - In a new video, Chris shows he has created a Sonichu character in Little Big Planet.
  • November 24 - Chris publishes his History of Playstation 3 LBP level, ending his period of solitary confinement.
  • November 26 - Chris's PS3 History level is given credit on the LBP' site, pleasing Chris, and enraging many of the game's fanboys.


  • December 1 - Chris meets a waitress, Caitlin. He thinks she likes him.
  • December 1 - Chris draws the cover for Sonichu #9.
  • December 13 - Chris has another short fan chat in #sonichu. He talks about the comic and LBP.
  • December 14 - Chris makes his last post on the PSN Blogs, it's about the PSP.
  • December 15 - Chris has a Q & A chat in #sonichu. He also talks about the comic and LBP.
  • December 17 - Chris has another Q & A chat in #sonichu. Among various issues, he talks about alcohol, strongly condemning it.
  • December 18 - In a #sonichu fan chat, Chris is told that he has a large female fanbase.
  • December 22 - In a Q & A chat in #sonichu, Chris answers some more questions. Most of them are about pop culture.
  • December 27 - Chris has a chat about sex with PandaHalo.
  • December 28 - In a chat with Panda, Chris admits that he can't maintain full control over his bowels.
  • December 28 - Chris publishes video in which he thanks his fans for voting for him in the GameStop Guitar Hero Contest.
  • December 30 - Chris finds out about the Sonichu Girls fanclub, and is delighted. He joins the community.
  • December 30 - The Gay 4 Sonichu fanclub is founded. Later, when Chris finds out, he expresses his disgust.
  • December 31 - In a chat with Panda, Chris talks about the Sonichu comic that will be coming out soon.


  1. Vivian Gee E-mails, 2007-2008
  4. 4.0 4.1 Stated by Lucas on the PVCC boards.

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