25 September 2009

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"25 September 2009" (officially "09252009") is a video addressing fake websites and unofficial Sonichu merchandise.


25 September 2009
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Stardate 25 September 2009
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19 September 2009
29 September 2009

Do not buy into him. Completely ignore him.


Cover of the "Hot Chocolate" comic Chris was trolled with.

Captain's Log, Stardate September 25th 2009.

I wish to, uh, elaborate to everybody on the Internet and everybody in my Sonichu and Rosechu fanbase. The true, only, sole, legitimate, official websites for Sonichu and Rosechu and everything of that sort are CWCipedia and this, the ChristianWChandler YouTube page, that this video originated from. Now, this uh, web—uh, this, uh, ChrisWChandler YouTube guy, he's an impostor, he's selling fake merchandise, do not buy from him whatsoever, it's not official, and you are—and you are aiding and abetting an illegal guy—a guy who is committing fraud, a scam artist, a con artist. Do not buy into him. Completely ignore him.

And, also, this, uh, google.com/CW—I mean, this http://sites.google.com/site/sonichusite/home Google.com/SonichuSite: that's not mine, either; that is a fake website, and this, uh, "Hot Chocolate comic" I've heard about through e-mails: that is not mine either, so, disregard that website. Forget about it, because that is a fake. Someone else did that... behind my back. Okay? Anyway, I am continuing work on the, on m—on my original pages... and I'm doing it one moment at a time. I just wanted to let y'all know that.

Peace out, and have a good day.

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