An Inspired Poem for Jackie

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You keep that to yourself; print this message so you can read it every day to lift you up as much as you have lifted me. :)
Chris's words to Jackie

On 1 October 2010, Chris made a surprise return to his poetic career, composing an ode to his sweetheart Jackie.[1]

The poem

Jacklyn, your smile is a ray of sunshine to me.
Seeing your beautiful and radiant face,
I can't help but want to kiss it and your sweet lips.
Your wavy hair drives me wild;
I want to run my fingers through it gently
and feel the energy that burns wildly and sweetly.
Your wit and smarts guide me great,
helping me sort out better the dilemmas I've been pondering.
The distance between us is hard to bear.
I throw away the sudoku puzzle of the newspaper
I was working on when I thought up this poem,
so I would rush fastest to you.
Sweetest Jacklyn, you are the missing piece
I've been longing for to complete me.
While I am capable of being independent,
I just feel soo much better with you by my side.
Sweetest Jacklyn Romy, I Love You Soo Much.
Let us rid each other of the distance that
keeps us apart, so we can be together forever.


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