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{{quote|She [[Death threats|threatens to kill me]] in her episode of emotional rage.|Chris on Barb.<ref name="jackie26">[[Jackie E-mails 26]]</ref>}}
{{quote|She [[Death threats|threatens to kill me]] in her episode of emotional rage.|Chris on Barb.<ref name="jackie26">[[Jackie E-mails 26]]</ref>}}
{{quote|Barbara was more of a “Guilty Pleasure” waifu|Chris [[role-play]]ing as Magi-Chan, demonstrating his oedipal complex}}
{{quote|Barbara was more of a “Guilty Pleasure” waifu|Chris [[Chris and escapism#Roleplaying]]ing as Magi-Chan, demonstrating his oedipal complex}}

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Barb doesn't have dementia. Her behavior in begging videos is exaggerated for sympathy donations, and she still demonstrates cognizance off-camera.
I am close to my mother, but I would advise some space between you and your mother. And I recommend finding yourself a Girlfriend/Sweetheart to remain with in your later years of life. Mama's not gonna be around forever.
Chris gives advice to a Sonichu fan.[1]
She threatens to kill me in her episode of emotional rage.
Chris on Barb.[2]
Barbara was more of a “Guilty Pleasure” waifu
Chris Chris and escapism#Roleplayinging as Magi-Chan, demonstrating his oedipal complex
Barbara Chandler
Barb 11-19-2019.jpg
Birth name Barbara Anne Weston
Also known as Barb
Sugar Darling
Date of Birth 1 October 1941 (age 79)
Gender Female
Nationality American
Race White
Spouse Ran Coleman Yeatts (1961–1963)
Robert Franklin Chandler Jr. (1980–2011)
Children Cole Smithey
Christian Weston Chandler
Father Joseph Otto "Joe" Weston (1896–1955)
Mother Carrie Edna Wynn (1911–1967)
Occupation Office worker (retired)

Barbara Anne Weston Chandler[3] (born 1 October 1941[4]) is the widow of Bob Chandler and the mother of Christian Weston Chandler and Cole Smithey. The sole recognition for her motherly qualities is the Mother of the Year 2000 Award Chris created for her.[5] She has not won the award since.

Early life

Barb's mother on her wedding day (artist's impression)

Barbara is the fifth child (out of eight) of Joseph Otto "Joe" Weston (1896–1955) and Carrie Edna Wynn (1911–1967). They married in 1926, when Carrie was either 14 or 15 years old and Joseph was 29 or 30.[6] Otto died in 1955, after falling from a horse-drawn wagon.[7] Barb's maternal grandfather was an alcoholic moonshiner, who carried out affairs and failed to provide even the most basic support for her mother's family.[8]

According to a Facebook status Chris wrote on January 30th, 2012, Barbara lost her virginity at some point during her high school years. Why Chris knows this is anyone's guess.

Barb grew up in Red Oak, Virginia, and graduated from Randolph-Henry High School in Charlotte Court House, Virginia in 1960. While there, she was treasurer of her school's chapter of the Future Homemakers of America, a member of the Randolph-Henry bus patrol, a typist for her school yearbook, The Log, and a member of the Spanish Club. She was also a member of many other school organizations, suggesting that she was very involved in extracurricular activities while in high school. She was also known for her perfect attendance record from her sophomore through her senior years of high school.

According to her senior yearbook, her nickname in high school was Bobcat, possibly due to her figure.

Chris stated in a leaked video that he and his mother are not liked by the members of the Weston family who have outlived Aunt Corrina.[9] It is not clear whether Chris meant to say that after Corrina's death all the Westons started hating him and his mother, or alternatively that by the time of Corrina's death no Weston other than her had a cordial relationship with Chris and Barb. Regardless of how this statement should be interpreted, it appears that Barbara's relationship with rest of her extended family is strained.

Cole and his various fathers

Cole visits for Chris's 18th birthday.

Barbara grew up and raised Chris's older half-brother Cole in Richmond, Virginia, near Virginia Commonwealth University and West Avenue.[10]

Barbara gave birth to Cole in 1963. Throughout his life, Barbara has lied to Cole about who his father is because she's Maury Povich trash.

Based on the experiences with his various stepfathers, Cole thinks that Barbara has a "proclivity to isolate herself via scurrilous mates".[11] The use of "scurrilous" in this statement makes no sense, suggesting Cole tries to use big words to impress people – a family trait, perhaps.

Jack Dale Smithey

Barb insists that Cole's father is Jack Dale Smithey, to whom she claimed she was married, but records show she actually wasn't.[11]

In 1995, Cole's friend syndicated cartoonist Ted Rall made an Internet post questioning the whereabouts of Jack Dale Smithey. According to the post, Smithey lived in Richmond in 1963 (the time Cole was born), and was a Merchant Marine. He later worked as a trucker for Pilot Trucking in North Carolina, but had not been heard of since 1964.[12]

Cole eventually hired a private detective who tracked down Jack Smithey in Sarasota, Florida.[13]

Ran Coleman Yeatts

Cole's TRUE and HONEST biological father, Ran Coleman Yeatts, from the 1961 Wake Forest yearbook.

Records, which Cole later found after making a trip back to Richmond, show Barb married one Ran Coleman Yeatts in 1961. Yeatts was from South Hill, Virginia, and was enrolled at Wake Forest College as late as 1960. He was scheduled to graduate in 1961, the year he and Barb married.[14]

To further fuel Cole's rage, Yeatts would visit him and was introduced as a "friend" of the family when he was a child.[13] After Cole hired a private detective, Barbara hung up the phone on him when he called to ask about his father.[13]

Yeatts died on 6 June 2007 in South Hill. His obituary made no mention of Cole and, curiously, none of Barbara either.[15]

Jerry Harmon

Jerry Harmon is Barbara's former lover and alleged sinister step-father of Cole Smithey, Chris's older half-brother. Barbara claims to have married Jerry after her relationships with Jack Dale Smithey and Ran Coleman Yeatts. However, in the course of Cole's investigation into his family history, he was unable to find a marriage certificate.[13]

I grew up in an abusive household with Barbara and my former stepfather Jerry, where physical and mental punishments ran the gambit from bare-assed beatings to cold showers to bizarre scenarios acted out with glee by two deeply neurotic adults... Even at a very young age, I knew that they would abandon me. They were both irresponsible and incompetent parents who exposed me to traumas that I would rather not remember.
Cole on Barb and Jerry's parenting skills.[13]

In his article Saturday Night Special, Cole would further elaborate about his first step-father. According to Cole, Jerry was a professional magician who lived with Barbara in a second-floor apartment adjacent to the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. Jerry allegedly kept a gun in his nightstand drawer, which his stepson would play with, and was out cheating on his wife when an intruder came to the apartment, leaving Barb to have to fire the gun to scare them off. The shot ricocheted and nearly killed Cole as a result, hitting the wall a hair's breadth behind his head.

Marriage with Bob

1980 6 7 - Borb's marriage license
Barb c. 1993

Bob and Barbara met in a bar on a karaoke night. Barbara was there with friends and Bob was singing.[16] Cole's friend Chuck, who worked at the bar, has a vivid memory of them being drunk retards.[17] According to Chris, Barbara did the pursuing: "She chased him down the hall." They got married in 1980.[16]

She never was much of a looker.

According to Chris, Barbara had not had sex with Bob for at least two decades before his death. They had been sleeping in separate rooms for the past few years.[18]

On September 1992, Chris and Bob moved from Ruckersville to Chesterfield County.[19] Barbara did not accompany them, but rather stayed in their old home. Chris claimed that the separation allowed Barbara to continue working at her job with Virginia Power until retirement, and that she still visited Bob and Chris on every weekend during the time she lived separately from them. After going into retirement when Chris was in the eighth grade (in early 1996), Barbara came to live with her husband and son in Chesterfield.[20][21]

With both Barbara and Bob retired, they resided with Chris in their Ruckersville home. It is difficult to ascertain what their relationship was like, but sources such as the tour of the house would suggest that Chris's parents neglected the family home and spent most of their time apart in separate areas of the house.

Barbara became a widow on 6 September 2011 when Bob died.[22]

Treatment of Chris

Abuse and manipulation

And he told me of mom saying she was going to pack up and leave the house, then I ran downstairs, finding her on the couch; she was soo miserable and sad; she talked of Wanting to Die, "you don't even have to change my clothes, you can just bury me in what I have on." I was soo sad and crying and soo sorry for the way I misbehaved; we hugged and made up a bit.
An example of Barb's manipulation.[23]

Barb has had a long history of abusing and/or manipulating her children. For example, she has often used threats of suicide to guilt Chris into obeying her whims. When Bob and Chris once tried to discuss cleaning the hoard to Barb, she responded by threatening suicide.[24] She also threatened suicide to her family during the Ivy Saga, as a response to the stress she was going through.[25]

In an episode from 2011, when Chris failed to book himself a hotel room for MAGfest, due to being broke, and planned to sleep in his car,[26] Barb prevented him from going by pointing out the "crime risk and chilly temperatures", threatening to lock him out of their house, claiming that she would pack up and leave, and later told him she wanted to die. After Chris folded and went to his room to cry about it, she gave him a "half-payment of a copy of DC Universe Online to make up for not allowing [him] to go".[23] Later that year, after Chris became a tomgirl, Barb tried to stop him from wearing dresses and make-up by telling him she feared he would kill her. She then ordered him to sit down, and she cut his hair[27].

It also appears that Chris's diet doesn't worry Barb.The night after the Chandler family moved back to Ruckersville, Bob and Chris refused a spaghetti dinner offered by Barb. As a response, Barb decided to forego cooking for her family and hasn't made a meal for Chris since then.[28]

In addition, Barb has used the specter of old age for her own gain, by manipulating Chris into thinking she will have a heart attack. This tactic has been used so often that Chris will panic and call 911 if Barb does not answer the phone if he checks up on during the times he goes out of the house.[29] When Barb and Chris were both arrested for assault and battery, Chris was extremely worried about her health, saying in an e-mail:

My mother fought the police in my defense, and she was handcuffed and I was emotionally distraught, I screamed and Screamed and SCREAMED, until an ambulance came for my mother to take her to UVA Hospital; she was okay, but her Blood Pressure was high.

I prayed a LOT to Jesus for my release and safe return home with my mother. And I banged the cell door with both my feet while lying on a folding mattress on the floor (to get those bastards to let me see and talk to my mother

Only after seeing my mother in her suit pass by my second cell, did I start to calm down. I was REALLY WORRIED about my mother and her health. She Needed Me, and I Needed Her.

The Man in the Pickle Suit summed up Chris's relationship with Barb:

Well, I don't think they talk very much. However, no, Chris is Barb's hand servant. She screams for him and he comes running. She has him change the newspaper the dogs shit on, she has him run errands to bring her stuff, and she used to have him haul her goodwill crap to the car, and then from the car into the house.


I think Barb's yelling has gotten much less frequent nowadays. It seems like she's pretty feeble nowadays. Chris is just as scared of Barb as he used to be though. I don't think he realizes how much power he has over Barb nowadays.

They're really physically affectionate in a strange way. Chris is pretty touchy feely with women because of habits he learned by spending time with Barb.[30]

After Bob died, Barb's abuse of Chris escalated. She treated him as a slave and forced him to be on-call at all times. Around 2013, she forced Chris to move out of his bedroom, specifically so she could bark orders at him more efficiently, by throwing a tantrum and wrecking his possessions.

a few months to a year before the fire, Chris stopped being permitted to sleep separately from Barb, in his bedroom. He had to sleep closer to Barb, because she needed to be able to yell for him to go to sheetz and buy her crap, and he wasn't able to hear her up in his bedroom. He kind of tried to resist at first, but then she got super pissed and threw a tantrum. She wrecked his room and like flipped everything over because he was trying to sleep on his own.[31]

Financial exploitation

she is also being Very Annoying. “Christine, Let’s put this random good item on eBay. I REALLY Need the Money for not only my bill payments, but also, we need more food here. I am greedy too.”

“OH! You sold something of Yours? I Want $50 From That”, she is constantly pestering and bugging me. Nowadays, Nearly every time she comes downstairs to talk or chill, my Impulsive, Subconscious feeling of her presence is Cringe and “Oh, No! She’s gonna Bug Me Again of the Da** Finances Again!”



Yeah, but then my Mom is pretty much jealous of me loving another woman more than her.
Chris, describing his Oedipus complex.[33]
Yes, dear.
Chris, addressing Barb[34]
Barbara evolved into Snorlax as she raised Chris.

According to Cole, Bob and Barbara left Chris alone every day for years with the abusive babysitter while going out drinking, effectively ignoring the onset of the earliest symptoms of autism.[35] After Chris's initial diagnosis, and after their negligence was inevitably thrown back in their face, Barbara resorted to any means necessary to coax Chris into talking, most notoriously by bribing him with toys.[36]

Chris and Barbara in an intimate moment.

While both of Chris's parents are largely responsible for his current state, Barb has more often than not been the most active in protecting Chris from recognizing any failure or shortcoming on his part, doing everything from being his sole commission with Cutco to going as his date to his senior prom.

This pattern of accountability continues even into Chris's adult years. On at least two occasions, most notably after he was banned for good, Barbara visited the GAMe PLACe attempting to protect and defend her little snowflake and argue his case with Michael Snyder, but to no avail.

As first evidenced by the "GAMe PLACe/4Chan picture" incident, she is extremely paranoid regarding Chris's online misadventures, likely because she fears that he'll get arrested and go to prison. Given some of the violent states of some of his videos and Chris's track record, she's probably not too far from the truth. She may also suspect that Chris is a pedophile, as she thought it was possible that he may have fallen for a To Catch a Predator-esque sting operation during the Julie fiasco. She even seems to suspect that Megan Schroeder, one of the few women Chris has known who wasn't out to troll him, is partially responsible for the persecution he has endured over the years. She does her part to keep his activities under control by acting as Chris's personal concierge, as seen when she interrogated Ivy for about half an hour before letting her speak to Chris.[25]

Barbara constantly babies Chris and tells him how handsome he is.[37] She also told Chris that the reason he often "blanks out" or gets confused isn't that he's a lazy dumbass, but that he's a "creative genius and is simply overwhelmed by having so many creative ideas".[38]

However, it seems that even Barb has her limits. Like Bob, she was ashamed of Chris's effeminate escapades, claiming that she didn't raise a daughter, and that "tomgirl" is not a thing. She tried and failed to get Chris to stop wearing a bra and panties, even offering to pay him to stop.


I, myself, Did have dreams of having sex with my mother.
One result of Barb's parenting choices, as explained by Chris in August 2016.

To cap off their relationship, Chris revealed in private conversations with multiple people that Barb has spooned with him.[39]

From Arthur Spatchcock, on Chris sleeping with his mother:

Story time, kids. Now most of us are aware of the fire; how Barb and Chris were displaced for some time while the house was getting renovated. You know how Chris was all whiny about his legos, right? Some getting melted, shit like that...well he kind of left out that his own bed was ruined as well given it had years of grease soaked into it because not bathing is so chic in his eyes. So when they got back home Chris didn't have his own bed anymore so he was sharing one with Barb instead. This came with the horrifying addendum that Barb wanted to spoon with him; I don't know if he was little spoon or big spoon but I know she was unimpressed and one night just unloaded on him angrily enough that Chris decided to get his own bed with his own money. So it goes without saying that from the time Chris and Barb got back home until he got that grand he was sleeping in the same bed as his mother.[40]

In August 2016, the Man in the Pickle Suit observed Chris and Barb in public during a court hearing:[41]

Barb and Chris are way too physically intimate. It's one thing to describe their creepy relationship, it's quite another to watch it IRL. They hold hands and Chris is always putting his arm around her and rubbing her shoulders sensually. That's shit I'd do to someone I'd want to bang. Not a family member. It's weird.
I am not a "Bates". OMG.
Chris, in denial[42]

Barb's habit of cuddling with Chris had been going on since Bob was alive, and he knew of it, but Barb was too manipulative and he wasn't able to stop her.[43] In August 2016, Chris admitted to having incestuous fantasies about Barb, prompting further analysis of their uncomfortably intimate relationship. Chris sometimes refers to her as "dear" or "darling", as he usually does for would-be sweethearts. In his April 2018 Twitch stream, when Chris got his mother to reluctantly say "turn me loose, you silly goose" after hugging him, he commented that she "used to do that more flirtingly".

Health problems


Barb is understood by most to be a highly unstable woman, and worryingly, many of her behaviors can also be observed in Chris. Many believe her to be selfish and extremely narcissistic, on account of her seemingly baseless belief that she is descended from Tudor high nobility, and the pathological manner in which she lies and assigns blame to others, even in instances when any sane person could see that only they were in the wrong. All of these traits are shared by Chris, with Barb's apparent encouragement. Additionally, many aspects of her relationship with Chris are consistent with narcissistic motherhood, which is a fascinating but complex topic too lengthy to be discussed in detail here. Although Chris seems to be her "golden child", she does not shy from mistreating him if he displeases her. This can be seen in an email to Jackie from May 2011; Chris claimed that his mother flew into a rage over his tomgirl inclinations, forcing him to submit to a haircut and threatening to kill him.[2]

Aside from her narcissism, Barb is also infamous to Christorians for her hoarding. Chris has labelled her a "pack rat",[44] and on more than one occasion has indicated his displeasure at her hoarding and the state it has left their house in, although neither he nor Bob are known to have ever seriously challenged it. Barb compulsively hoards her purchases, particularly from Goodwill, which, by 2009, had rendered the living room uninhabitable.[45] When Bob was admitted to the hospital for the final time, he was quarantined for bug bites, ostensibly due to the conditions in the Chandler household.[46] The situation did not improve after Bob's passing, either. A second house tour video made by Chris in 2013 revealed that Barb's hoarding had gotten severe enough to render entire rooms completely inaccessible, with some rooms literally full of stuff to within inches of the ceiling, and others reduced to crevices carved into walls of junk.

Barb's hoarding was predicted by many to lead to disaster, and finally did on 10 January 2014, when Chris started a house fire in the morning while trying to brew coffee in the bathroom, because the kitchen had been among the rooms blocked off by Barb's junk. Naturally, Barb's hoard provided ample kindling for the fire, and the house was severely damaged before the fire could be contained. In fact, given the state of the house in the second tour video, it's surprising that Chris and Barb were able to escape. Unsurprising, however, is the fact that one of the Chandlers' remaining cats died in the blaze, and one of the firefighters sent to the scene also suffered unspecified injuries.

While the Chandlers relocated, pending repairs to their home, Barb's stuff went into storage. When repairs were completed a year later, Barb had all of it moved back to 14 Branchland Court, and is not known to have disposed of any of it, even though, by all accounts, most of what she and Chris were able to salvage is either fire, smoke or water damaged, rendering it completely useless. This was confirmed in April 2017, when Chris mentioned the laundry room contained a "mountain pile" of 20-40 bags of dirty, damaged clothing which hadn't been washed since the fire occurred.[47]


Artist's depiction.

Like Chris, Barbara has previously been obese. Around 20 years ago Barbara was reasonably slim, but, along with Chris, ballooned out as the 2000s rolled along, to the point of resembling an American Rose West. Her massive size earned her the affectionate nickname Snorlax from the trolls. Barb's size may have led to her sleeping a lot[48] and usually skipping church.[49]

However, according to eyewitness reports, Barbara lost weight in 2012.[50] Her weight loss is visible in photos Chris took of her at a 2012 Mythbusters tour stop in Washington, DC.[51]

This has continued into her old age. When she attended Chris's court hearings throughout 2015, Christorians in attendance invariably noted that although she has lost weight, she appears to have low muscle mass (probably due to her sedentary lifestyle). In particular, at his last hearing, it was noted that Barb appeared to be growing increasingly frail and possibly senile, as she did not appear to be very responsive, and appeared much more submissive to Chris than she has otherwise been known to be. Chris also reportedly got short with her due to her poor hearing.

In 2018, Chris decided to cash in on the Snorlax joke, claiming that his mother found it funny. He listed a plush Snorlax for sale on eBay, at $200.

Hey, Everyone! Those in the meme-know: the times when my mother used to be large and lazy, everyone called her a Snorlax. Well, Barbara likes the joke too, and can laugh it off as she is doing a lot better these days. So, one time only, she signed a Snorlax Plush, and YOU can own it; a 20% More Awesome Collectible. A personal Certificate or Letter of Authenticity will be included. Thank you.

Holey buttocks

In a tweet to Cole from June 29, 2013, Chris tells him that "[he] ought to be over here putting bandages on [their] Mom's holey buttocks". It was not clear exactly what sort of problem this referred to, though it didn't sound pleasant. On October 14, 2013, Chris elaborated in a Facebook post, stating, "my mother stresses me with her continuous rants about her damn miniature scabie flies, her suffering, the low finances and shit!!!". Consensus was that the so-called "holey buttocks" were in fact lesions. It is now believed that Barb currently has a colony of parasitic mites (rather than flies) that have burrowed into her bountiful booty. Naturally, while Barb is being eaten alive, Chris whines about having to take care of her.


In August 2014, Chris begged for money on Facebook, supposedly to pay dental fees, as he claimed his mother had cavities in her teeth which needed treatment. In July 2016, Barb herself begged for money.[52] Chris and Barb restarted this begging for dental fees for Barb in early 2018.


In October 2009, Barbara spent her birthday at the hospital with what the Chandlers thought was food poisoning.[53] Barbara was diagnosed with colitis, a gastrointestinal disease characterized by the inflammation of the colon. It manifests in diarrhea and cramps. Which kind of colitis has yet to be determined. It seems the Chandler family's diet has finally come to affect her, and in order to survive she will have to change her eating habits; considering their stubbornness, this clearly will end badly.

Hearing the plight of the Chandler family, fans of Sonichu created the website "Barbara Chandler Has AIDS" to spread awareness regarding AIDS and to collect donations for research foundations and charities.[54] Chris himself denied the rumor.[53]

On 23 August 2013, Chris revealed that Barbara had been afflicted with breast cancer but managed to survive.[55] He did not give details about when was she diagnosed with the ailment, at what stage it was or what kind of treatment was Barb given.


They treat, they treat you very badly in there. She, she would, she, she, she would never want me to put her into a home, and I would not do that.
Chris, August 2014[56]
Barb, aged 76, tissue in hand, comforting Chris after Jessica Quinn broke up with him.

In November 2015, Family Needs to appreciate Family was uploaded to YouTube. The video is a plea for Cole Smithey, David Alan Chandler and Carol Suzanne Chandler to visit Barb before "her time runs out", even though the latter two aren't Barb's children.

On 13 July 2016, Barb unexpectedly starred in one of Chris's e-begging videos. In the minute-long video, she speaks slowly and almost inaudibly, hardly moving or blinking for the entirety of the video. While some have voiced concerns that this may be an early sign of dementia, it is just as likely that Barb, being Barb, was putting on an act for money. She has since re-appeared in numerous other e-begging videos from Chris, including multiple in August 2018; her appearance is frail and quite frazzled, and her sentences are often punctuated with tons of "ums" and "uhs".

Barb and Chris in March 2018, the former wearing the $400 gold necklace.

In August 2016, Anna McLerran posted a photo on Facebook of herself and Barb together.[57] In it, Barb appears to have aged significantly since her last appearance in the "Donations Further Requested, Please" video.

In November 2016, Barb escaped injury when she slipped and fell.[58]

Chris has been increasingly tasked with helping Barb around the house in her elderly age. He stated in April 2017 that he was taking care-giving classes.[59] Barb is seen in Minor Update, Handouts!, a begging video, in which Chris demands money because Barb drinks costly "meal replacement shakes", possibly referring to a drink such as Ensure.

Legal problems

On 28 October 2011, Chris and Barb were caught in an incident with The GAMe PLACe, and were actually arrested with several serious charges, with Barb's including felony assault and failure to stop. The two were later released on bail. After a succession of court hearings, Barb, along with her son, was arraigned on her felony charges on 10 July 2012. She was sentenced to community service and was put under a two-year probation, as well as being ordered to pay Michael Snyder's medical bills. When informed of the latter fact during the trial, Chris explained that his mother, a retired, obese, seventy-year-old woman, would take care of the charges for him. No one was particularly surprised at this revelation.

Financial problems

Barb advertising blankets for sale in summer 2018.

In 2016, Barb was sued by a Discover bank in Norfolk for not paying debts. This came to light on March 14, 2016, when sharp-eyed Kiwis noticed that she had a hearing on March 16. As she must have been outright ignoring her debt for some time for the bank to take her to court over it, it was widely assumed that she would ignore the summons too. Instead, once the court records were updated, many were surprised to see that not only had Barb attended, but she had represented herself, too. Equally unsurprisingly, this bold move failed to pay off, and Barb was still sentenced to pay $4,706.93.[60]

Five months later, Barb was sued again, this time by Capital One, for the same reason. The hearing in September resulted in a Default Judgement against Barb, meaning that she didn't bother attending. She owes Capital One $15,906.99.[61]

Her out-of-control debt was the catalyst for the Financhu Crisis of 2016.

In June through July of that year, Barb appeared in three videos:

In the videos, she and Chris beg for donations, claiming to need money for her asthma medication and dental work (although they receive a combined amount of $2,500 per month from the government[62] and their costly hoards are clearly visible behind them). See the Appearances section for more appearances by Barb.

She has failed to take accountability for ruining the family's finances, trying to pin the blame on Chris,[63] even though her known debt of over $20,000 is much larger than Chris's.

She and Chris had an inheritance from Bob worth "tens of thousands of dollars" when he passed away, but Barb decided to frivolously spend it on Rob Bell in an attempt to gain exoneration for her assault and battery charge.

In summer 2018, she joined forces with Chris in selling stuff on eBay, including items from her hoard and her autographs, which some fans bought.


In Sonichu

Chris gets to live out his fantasy of being (and having) an adequate son.

In Sonichu #0, Barbara makes a brief appearance in "Classic Sonichu Strips".

In Sonichu #9, the male Dating Education students are given Barbara dolls to talk to.

In the 2015 revisions to Sonichu #10, Chris wrote out Bianca's character and replaced her with his mother.

According to the CWCipedia, Sandy Rosechu and Sonichu and Rosechu's children go to Anneweston Elementary School.[64] It is unknown whether or not Sonichu and Rosechu's children still go that school after their evolution.

Chandlers & Sonichus.jpg

In Sonichu #11, Barb is photoshopped into a "family photo" alongside Chris, Bob and the various Chus.

In Sonichu #12.

In Sonichu #12, Barb is in a set of pages that is a cross between Chris writing an autobiographical account of himself coming out as a tomgirl to his parents and a tribute to his late father.

Due to Chris's Oedipal complex, Barb is depicted as much more youthful than Bob, even though she was nearly 70 at the time. She expresses surprise at her son's announcement on being trans. Chris states that she was "hesitant for a long while", but "got used to my subtle and more changes".

This is a drastic understatement, as the real-life Barb tried to stop his tomgirl lifestyle in ways including suicide threats, guilt trips (by claiming that she was worried Chris would kill her), paying him to stop cross-dressing, and even ordering him to submit to a haircut. If her attitude towards him cooled, it was only out of resignation rather than acceptance. Evidence of this is when she became angry with him again after finding out that he had successfully changed his name in 2016.[65]

Barb, pictured at left, as Sugar Darling, in a MLP-inspired drawing from August 2017.

In August 2017, Chris unveiled a drawing of the Chandler family depicted as My Little Pony characters, saying they will make further appearances in Sonichu #12-9.

As toys


  • Private Skype chat with Sarah May.
  • 4 February 2009, Mumble 2: Barbara denies singing while vacuuming Chris's room.
  • 17 February 2009, BlueSpike PSN Chat 2: Barbara talks to Chris but when Julie wants to talk to her, Barbara says she isn't "able to talk to anybody right now".
  • March 2009: Barbara takes over the phone from Chris when Clyde calls after the date with Emily.
  • Kacey Call 15: Chris keeps Kacey on the phone for nearly fourteen minutes while Barb talks about the value of humility, her poor health, and her relationship with Bob, among other things.
  • November 2009, Kacey and Liquid Call: Barbara tells Chris to "just hang up on the bitch!"
  • 10 August 2010, Matthew Noble call: Barbara claims that Megan "lied" to Chris and abruptly hangs up mid-sentence. Throughout the call, she can be heard denying that she and Bob are the slightest bit in the wrong. At one point she complains about the time Michael Snyder kicked her and Chris out of the GAMe PLACe following Chris's final ban from the store.
  • Prank calls: Barbara yells in the background and foreground of several prank calls.


Barbara has appeared in several videos: off-camera in the Christian Weston Chandler Interview, and on-camera (for the first time) in You're Always Pretty. Two decade-old videos were leaked in December 2014 showing the Chandlers celebrating Christmas. Another video of her was recorded by a troll as she and Chris left court after his hearing in February 2015.

She has most frequently appeared during the Financhu Crisis.

Two more videos were released June 2016 showing Chris begging for donations to buy asthma pills for Barbara. Barbara is shown practically dead in both of these videos so god only knows what will happen in the near future.

In a video released on 13 July 2016, Barbara joins her son in shamelessly e-begging. Her voice tired and hoarse, mouth agape, she stares directly into the camera like a deer caught in the headlights.

She resumed begging in a video from April 2017, in which she wears a $400 gold necklace while asking Chris's audience to give him $1,000 in exchange for his old stamp album.

She next appeared in Live Game Stream - C-Log 04142017, when she walked in while Chris was recording.

After a more uploads from Chris, Barb starred another begging video uploaded on 24 May 2017, titled We Said Donations No Less than $1 00, US, Please. Chris removed the video the next day, after people threatened to report him for elder abuse.

After the last failed attempt of getting donations, Barb and Chris engaged in yet another begging video on 16 June 2017, titled We need immediate funds, please. Ironically, she wore both the $400 gold necklace and a pearl necklace.

Almost a month had passed, without any appearances from Barb. With Chris getting decent amounts of funds from his Patreon account, there no longer seemed to be a desire to beg. On 14 July 2017, she makes a small voice-only cameo in a Soda Awawawawa Puccho Candy Response, screaming at him for not closing the front door. She also comments in Solar Eclipse Vlogs, asking Chris if he's ready to go back inside after the eclipse ends.

Barb's first appearance on-video in 2018 was in Selling Vintage Comic Books (Cole Smithey’s Comic Books). She appeared a couple of weeks later in Our signatures to demonstrate that her signature, a key selling point in the comic sales, was real. On 9 April, Barb appeared for the seventh time during the Financhu Crisis to beg in Buy Our Things off of my eBay to help us, Please.

On 16 April, a bizarre video of a few seconds of Barb standing in a doorway was posted to the CWCki Club. On the 17th, she appeared as a guest on Chris's Twitch stream.

On 8 May, Barb appeared in WE NEED MONEY FOR MORTGAGE NOW, PLEASE!. Two days later, Barb appeared in paid videos giving shout-outs to school shooters Nicholas Cruz and Adam Lanza.

She watched Chris spray-paint his shoes (and his bedroom carpet) in Shoe Colouring, sitting in the same room with poor ventilation.

In summer 2018, she appears in multiple videos to promote her partnership with Chris's eBay business: My Mother WORKED Hard, Spent Hard; Needs Money NOW., Barbara Chandler will be making out autographed photos and posters. and Barbara’s Blankets. She then begged for her car payment money in Mother needs a car payment.

Barb confirms she isn't dead was her next appearance, a rare non-begging video.



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