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|data1    = Ben Saint
|data1    = Ben Saint
|label2  = Also known as
|label2  = Also known as
|data2    = The Cop Killer<br><br>ItsAllSoUgly<br>Phantom Horn
|data2    = The Cop Killer<br>ItsAllSoUgly<br>Phantom Horn
|label3  = Date of Birth
|label3  = Date of Birth
|data3    = 7 April 1988 (age {{age|1988|7|4}})
|data3    = 7 April 1988 (age {{age|1988|7|4}})

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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

my dream is to somehow get [Chris] to draw phantom horn or better yet NLACakaNM [...] I HAVE to ignite the Slime Saga
Ben Saint
Name Ben Saint
Also known as The Cop Killer
Phantom Horn
Date of Birth 7 April 1988 (age 31)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Race White
Occupations Engineer (Former)
Comic Artist

Ben Saint is a webcomic artist and troll who exploited Chris and his Internet infamy in order to boost views of his comic, by inserting Chris's Night Star character and role-playing with Chris to get him invested in the comic story.[1][2] Ben is a divisive figure among Christorians; some of the aspects of Ben's interactions with Chris share similarities with Alec Benson Leary and Asperchu, with a comic that clearly parodies Chris' life and antics that Chris finds offensive and attempts to change. Saint's first involvement with Chris was as a member of The Pro Crastinators Podcast, which lectured for nearly two hours on the Sonichu canon in 2016 as part of their PCP University series, hosted by Saint himself. In the lecture, Saint showed off a piece of artwork detailing the fate of Liquid Chris within the comic canon.

Chris usurps Ben's comic

His strips have some catching up to do to get to this point
Chris, on his unauthorized version of events based on Ben's comic[3]
Chris tries to roleplay with Endless War, a Discord bot, which kills his character. Chris retcons the loss in his version of Ben's comic.

Ben began working on a comic, which mostly serves to promote the Discord server/game Endless War, which he runs. In the comic, Night Star banishes two My Little Pony characters, Strawberry Milk and Phantom Horn, to NLACakaNM, the land of the game. The latter character is a clear parody of Christorians, so obviously that even Chris notices it. Chris took a near immediate interest in the comics, as early as 16 September. Ben and Chris presumably opened correspondence soon after. As the narrative continued, however, Chris became more displeased with the directions it took.

This came to a head on 1 October 2019, when Chris began releasing Sonichu Special 6, his own drawings depicting what he wanted to happen in Ben's comic lore. Chris, role-playing as Magi-Chan, then sent Ben a DM both announcing/commanding that Ben make the comic as Chris willed, as well as demanding Chris provide Ben with $300.[4] Unlike Sonichu #15, where the fancomic author in question approved of Chris using her work, Ben is much more resistant to Chris influencing the work, creating two concurrent and battling canons.

Chris also attempted to play Endless War, but was killed and became frustrated. Later, Chris would go on the server and announce that the game was over, as Chris' comic canon had deemed it so.

In response to this, Ben accused Chris of genocide, depicting his own characters being injured and killed by Chris's cleansing rains. Chris denied the charges, affirming that Ben's characters would just become normal humans.[5]

An annoyed Chris tells Ben to stop harping on the genocide, perturbed to the point he slipped up in his role-playing and ended the message writing as Magi-Chan instead of himself.

Saint would continue to draw his characters being massacred by the soda rain and beg Chris to stop, yet Chris maintained that he already had, and that any deaths already inflicted were for the greater good. Chris tried to compose his message with a calm tone, but his annoyance at Ben still shone through, when he slipped up and ended the message writing as Magi-Chan instead of as himself.[6]

Like clockwork, white knights came in to defend Chris's actions and further their own strain of nonsense, among them Noel Manlove, who Magi-Chan began following after she released a Twitter thread describing how Ed Bighead took the throne of Babylon in C-197, changed his name to Darius, and is raising an army to defend Chris from the slime.