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CWC Lego Manchester High School Oct 18 2013 is a video uploaded on 5 November 2013, in which Rocky Shoemaker holds the camera[1] while Chris guides the viewer around a Lego version of Manchester High School. Hilariously, Chris made this nostalgic video just days before discovering that his high school gal-pals had only pitied him and hadn't really been his friends.

This was the first video uploaded onto YouTube by Chris personally since August 2011.

This Lego build was one of Chris's most important concerns after the fire in 14 Branchland Court. Unfortunately for Chris, while the Lego MHS did survive the fire, it suffered major damage and had to be rebuilt.[2]


It took me over thirty hours in a whole week, but I built a full size school building, based from the Lego Friends animated Series (on the Lego Channel on YouTube). Fully inspired from my High School and my fondest memories there, as well as the Best Ever Lego Set, Heartlake High School and "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls" movie. It is built, stud-to-stud scale, as shown in episode three of the animated series, where it is shown from one corner to the back and its left. Let's go back to school.

Disclaimer: The High School Building in its entirety was built from LEGO Brand pieces, elements and bricks; ONLY two character minifigures shown in this video were comprised of Kre-O.


CWC Lego Manchester High School Oct 18 2013
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Stardate 5 November 2013
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[Chris is seated in what appears to be a public restaurant. His hair is shoulder length and he is wearing a long sleeved lime-green top with a black Extra Life T-shirt over the top. The aspect ratio of the video is unusual and the video appears to warp, possibly as the result of YouTube's anti-shake feature.]

Hello, my name is Christian Weston Chandler, Ruckersville, Virginia. And I here to [stumbles over words] about to present something very fantastical that I have worked over three hours on--over 30 hours on from October 18 to October 25, 2013. [camera pans left] This lovely high school! Stud-to-scud...size...scale replica of what is seen in the 3rd episode of the Lego Friends series available on the Lego Channel on YouTube. Dedicated to the high school I went to, Manchester High. Go, Lancers.

[to the camera person] All right, put it back onto me now.

Yeah and er I'll tell you about how I did--I did--I'll tell you more about this, I was inspired to do this starting from last August when the Fr--when the Friends High School came out. Now this thing was built with eight of these sets: a Summer Riding Camp, Olivia's House, one Café, two of Stephanie's Dance Classes, and a whole bunch of improvising from my parts. The building of this is dedicated to Manchester High School in Midlothian, Virginia.

And which on that note, I was further inspired for my high school from the My Little Pony Equestria Girls movie. I mean, tell you, that's a really great movie, available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital copidy.

My senior yearbook, yep.

Anyway, so now we're going to take a tour of the inside of this-- what did I just knock over? Oh.

It also, yeah, just Lego Friends, just a little plug in for the Lego Company, pretty much and The Lego Movie, coming out in February 2014, and I'm standing right here at the entrance.

Yay! I mean Lego [stumbles over words] take an idea from your competitors at least.

We're going to go inside the school building, this thing is literally the three story height. (Unintelligible)

Oh, there goes the basketball hoop, put those to the side.

Ah, shoot, oh well, no problem, I'll collect the pieces later.

Anyway, welcome to Man--welcome to this High--welcome to this High School. We've got expansive hallways and staircases. There's the cafeteria, and here's the lunch table, pretty much where which I used to sit with my High School Gal-Pals Tiffany and Sarah. And, she's taking my place there for the moment.

And look who we have here, a (unintelligible) that's-what-she-said douchebag, flirting with Ahsoka. And look, Michaelangelo's eating a pizza! Nomnomnomnomnom. And Venus de Milo is practicing her cheerleading moves.

Here's the principal, the Infomaniac from Lego Island, not in any way corresponding or whatever to acting and past Principal Mr Peter Koste. And there's my dad, negotiating with the Principal, because, that's one way to make friends in High School, negotiation.

And here is the home economics class.

There's the music.

And here is the gym, complete with treadmill, a bunch of yoga mats, a weight machine, two ex-, two exercise bikes, basketballs and boyfriend-girlfriend gym teachers, and there's the showers that they gotta hit plus the bathroom right net to it, and the locker rooms where cheerleaders are hanging out, plus this little boy, apparently he can't sit down because the wedgie he got was so uncomfortable.

Yes, the Manchester High School spirit is all the rage around this--all the rage around here and the stair case literally goes up!

Doo doo de dup! Ba-bump ba-bump, that works. Thank you.

And now we go up to the second floor, zoom in on the hallway, the hallway. Here, Bumblebee Prime is monitoring the hallways.

We have ourselves an expensive library, look, somebody left a book behind, and we got whole bunches of books everywhere.

Right here we've got the computer lab, somebody printed out something, and the teacher's teaching the class. And here's my original mini-figure, taking--taking a class with my other gal-pal Miranda, right there.

And right here, you can call this a study hall or detention, but a certain someone from my more recent years is in detention, at the moment.

Hmm, well, I did not secure the second floor to the bottom because I didn't want to do that just yet.

Anyway this is the science classroom with, clearly, the French character Miss Stevens. Kellie's taking this class, looking through the telescope, and, oh right here next door, here's another science class, featuring Dr Emmett Brown! "Marty! 2 plus 2 is 4! E=MC²! And the flux capacitor makes the DeLorean into a time machine! Pay attention, boy!" "Yeah, Doc."

And the English classroom, my Mother is teaching it, and they're talking about Abraham Lincoln. 4 score and 7 years ago. I forget how the rest goes. What are you trying to do? Cheat off your partner for a test?

And there's a janitor's closet.

And here's a dance studio.

We got all the supporting columns, I mean, the only problem I have is, definite on the second floor here, some of the bigger plates are warped so they don't tend to stay in place. Well, I don't know what Lego can do to improve that.

Then we go up to the third--topmost floor, where we have arts and crafts, with the craftmaking--dress making over here. Globe making.

And the arts, with painting and everything. Complete with balcony, and then we zoom out for the whole rooftop where, once in a while, everyone can have rooftop parties. Tonight, tonight, there's a party on the rooftop tonight, tonight!

And what do you expect, each of the High School sets came with an owl. "Hoo hoo" You, that's who!

Zoom out and see the whole thing again.

So anyway yes, I, Christian Weston Chandler, dedicate the construction of this entire school building to my Man--to my Manchester High School in Midlothian, Virginia, not to be confused with Manchester, England, or any other high school with the same name within the United States of America.


Thank you very much, and have a good day!


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