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Miss Cherry
Danielle Stone.png
Name Daniel Stone
'Danielle' Stone
Also known as Miss Cherry
Merry Miss Cherry[1]
Gender Male (Tomgirl)
Nationality Australian[1]
Race White

Miss Cherry is a tomgirl, also known as Daniel Stone,[2] who spent three thousand dollars in a failed bid at becoming Chris's first sweetheart in the Idea Guys' wake. On 20 July 2018, he pledged $589 to Chris's Patreon, as a means of getting Chris's attention by being the first to hit his monthly goal and referring to himself as his number one fan and his newest sweetheart.[3] However, Chris simply took the money and disputed his claim of being in a relationship with him, partially doxing him as well:

Oh. you're a good patron, I appreciate your support, but You and I are NOT Lovers, Cherry Stone.

In response, Stone doubled down by increasing the pledge amount to $1,000 of his mother's money to win Chris over.[4] On 23 July, Chris posted to Twitter about the good fortune of getting the money, as he needed it to fund his car repairs as his Plan A for getting to BronyCon. In doing so, he doxed Stone fully.[5] That Chris appeared annoyed at Miss Cherry claiming to be in a relationship with him is interesting, considering that he has done the same thing to many women in the past. Stone discontinued his pledge on the next day;[6] however, as Chris had set his Patreon to upfront charging in September 2017,[7] the money remained with Chris. Miss Cherry faded into obscurity, broke and broken-hearted, as Chris's attention returned to My Little Pony and the Financhu Crisis, tweeting:

Minor update: My vehicle situation will be set and good for BronyCon this weekend; my repair bill is going to be paid (Thank You All for your Help and Kindness)! 😊 I will see y’all, and a bunch of my favorite Bronies and Pegasisters as wel, This Weekend! ⚡️💙⚡️

Cherry would return briefly again at the end of December 2019. Seeking to earn acclaim from Kiwi Farms, he resumed enabling him on Patreon, albeit at a smaller scale: twenty dollars instead of five hundreds. They casually conversed, at one point about Chris's onanism, and Stone would immediately turn about and leak the conversations onto his own lolcow thread on Kiwi Farms, claiming it was a Christmas gift for them. Naturally, the Farms were not entertained by this display, and brought the swift sword of doxing to Stone to nip this second round of enabling in the bud.


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