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One of the many ways the CWCki fulfills its goal of documenting the life and times of Christian Weston Chandler is through transcriptions of audio and/or visual media. Doing so enables those unable or just unwilling to listen or watch Chris related media to enjoy the content otherwise. Furthermore, it allows easy citation into other articles.

This document serves as a style guide for transcriptions pertaining to Chris-related videos, phone calls, and Mumbles.


Chris performed some noteworthy action while speaking. What do you do?


Describe the action as succinctly as possible. Italicize this description and place it in brackets.

"My name is Christian Weston Chandler." [removes glasses dramatically]


Write an autistically lengthy description of the action.

"My name is Christian Weston Chandler." [uses his right hand to remove his glasses in a dramatic fashion]


Italicize the brackets, too.

"My name is Christian Weston Chandler." [removes glasses dramatically]

Long pauses

Chris paused for a long time between two words unnecessarily. What do you do?


Use an ellipsis followed by a space.

"My name is… Christian Weston Chandler."


Use three dots followed by a space.

"My name is... Christian Weston Chandler."


Use only two dots.

"My name is.. Christian Weston Chandler."


Use an ellipsis not followed by a space.

"My name is...Christian Weston Chandler."

Color Coding

In transcripts that feature multiple humans (for transcription purposes, this includes Chris), color coding individuals makes the conversation easier to follow and makes the page more visually interesting.While color coding, only color the names. The text and actions performed by Chris must remain black. Many individuals are recurring figures in Chris's life, and should be displayed in the following colors.

  • Chris is blue, like Chris Chan Sonichu.
  • Bob
  • Barbara
  • Clyde Cash is rollin' in green.
  • Julie
  • BlueSpike/Max
  • Liquid Chris
  • Kacey
  • Alec Benson Leary
  • BILLY MAYS nevar 4get
  • Jack Thaddeus
  • Vivian Gee
  • Champthom
  • Falsion
  • Cogsdev
  • PandaHalo
  • Sarah_May
  • Van Dierten Both Arjen and Cameron since they're the same person.
  • Crass Crab
  • Evan
  • SonichuGal