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Your user page (that is, the page User:YourUserNameHere) is your personal space on the CWCki. However, due to people getting trolled as a result of content they put on their user pages, there are several guidelines for user pages.

Purpose of user pages

User pages are your place to express your interests in regards to the CWCki project or what else you do besides editing here. Your userpage should be focused on your interests in contributing to the CWCki. Your user page should serve as a means and not an end. If you're spending days of your time editing your user page, you're doing it wrong.

What the user page is NOT

Some users, such as ADF, have become trolling targets themselves largely in part of things they have posted on their CWCki user pages.

Your user page is NOT:

  • a place to rant about everything wrong with Chris
  • a place to promote your personal projects outside of the CWCki
  • a place to tell the world about your trolling plans
  • a place to post either your personal information or "dox" relating to another person

For your protection, user pages that violate this criteria will be deleted. People have gotten trolled as a result of content they've posted on their CWCki user pages and as a result, instead of trolling Chris they find themselves being trolled. Even something innocuous as, for example, a YouTube video you made about Chris could result in you being subjected to trolling.


User pages should only be edited by the user who "owns" the page. Other users are strictly forbidden from making edits to another user's user page. There are rare exceptions:

  • To replace categories, images or templates which have been moved, renamed or deleted
  • To revert vandalism (where vandalism also includes edits by users other than the owner which does not fall within these exceptions)
  • To remove blatant advertising or promotion of websites/services outside of the CWCki, particularly if unrelated to the CWCki or Chris.
  • Administrators have discretion to edit user pages where the content is deemed inappropriate or violates the guidelines set out in the user page policy.

If you feel that a user page warrants a review by an administrator, feel free to contact one directly - either through their user talk page or find them on IRC. You can also post a message on CWCki:General to bring it to the attention of an admin.


Userboxes are a fun way to display your interests on the CWCki. However, they should serve as a means, not an end. Your userboxes help you to express your background to other CWCki users. If you spend all your time on the CWCki making userboxes, you are still doing it wrong. Please think before you make a userbox. It's good to know what languages you speak or from what country you're from, but it's not necessarily important that everyone know you're a post-modernist and a Tony Danza fan.

Please do not substitute or copy the wiki code from each template you want to use. Simply place the name of the userbox template you want to have on your page, in between curly braces e.g. {{Americunt}}. Further usage information can be found on each userbox template page. You can find all existing userboxes by browsing the userbox category.