Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History

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Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History is a webseries created by producer and musician Geno Samuel, which began in February 2018. It is essentially a documentary about Chris's life, similar to Sachumo's. However, while Sachumo's film is an abridged summary of Chris's life for newcomers, Geno's videos go into greater detail, each video being around 30 to 40 minutes long. The series is in chronological order, taking several videos just to cover Chris's life before his internet fame, and Geno has said that he plans to step through the densely packed events of 2009–10 in increments of a few months. The series is still ongoing, and Geno predicts that it will be around 20 episodes long by the time he reaches the present day. Geno plans to continue the series incrementally until ultimately it reaches an end.

Copyright strikes

Sadly, on 13 June of that year, his GenoSamuel2 channel received three consecutive community guideline strikes, and as a result was terminated. The reason for the termination was because his content was considered a form of harassment and bullying, which was not the case as Geno only reciprocated facts in an unbiased manner. Geno confirmed that he did send an appeal form, but YouTube never gave him his channel back. Fans have reuploaded all of the episodes made prior to the strike and Geno has created a new backup channel where the series can be found today.

It is speculated that many white knights flagged the videos, which eventually got YouTube's attention and caused the channel to be taken down. Some have even asked Chris himself if he had anything to do with it; he denied any responsibility and gave Geno his hopes for his channel to be restored.

Hiatus and return

A week later, Geno revealed on the backup channel he would be taking a long break from the videos, stating that he was getting tired of always having to have Chris in his mind when making the documentary. He said that he will continue working on them sometime near the end of the year.

On 3 January 2019, he announced on his Twitter in the form of a teaser poster that the series will be coming back on 24 February 2019, which also happens to be Chris's birthday. The new series contains updated audio, some corrected info and some modifications to prevent another takedown. He also mentioned that he would not be monetizing the videos out of respect.

Episodes (both original and revived series)

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