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Christian's sex joke refers to the extremely retarded story Christian tells whenever he wants to or is asked to tell a joke and/or prove he is "much, much saltier" than people expect. His first known use of the "joke" on the internet was when he put it on his Encyclopedia Dramatica page in November 2007. You may notice that the joke should have ended after the word "egg". However, Chris adds two extra sentences to the punchline that are completely incoherent, causing the joke to lose the little humor that it had.

He has repeated this joke in conversations with sweethearts,[1] in one of his ED edits,[2] and in Mumble.[3]


There was this married couple, George and Barbie, and they have been working at having children of their own. One night, George came home after work, and he was tired. Barbie welcomed him home, "Hi, Honey. Rough Day?" "Yeah," George replied, "I'm tired." Barbie said, "Well, why don't you and me go upstairs, and we'll have some Breakfast." "Breakfast," George replied, "At Nine-Thirty in the evening?" Barbie replied, "Sure, Dear, you bring the MILK, and I'll get an EGG." Later, they had a boy and a girl, Junior Bacon and Orange Juice. All Part of a Balanced Breakfast.


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