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Q: What would you say is the most romantic thing you have ever done with or to a woman?
Anonymous, Common Questions.
Sensual, emotionally-linked eye-contact.
Chris, in answer to the above.
Trading card version.

Chris seems to employ multiple stares, all trying to project a different emotion and all nearly identical to each other, à la Derek Zoolander. He has used them to display anger, frustration, romantic interest, or sometimes an intentional lack of emotion, almost like an autistic variant of a poker face. Like many of Chris's strange mannerisms, this is likely linked to his autism; autistics tend to have difficulty understanding and expressing the kind of non-verbal social cues that are second nature to most people.

Chris may think that his stare is a sexy and seductive gaze or an intimidating glare that will force his adversaries into submission, but to ordinary observers, it invariably comes across as creepy and/or out-of-place.


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