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26 February 2009

Chris travels to Cleveland, Ohio to visit his TRUE and HONEST sweetheart Julie.

24 February, 2009

Chris' 27th birthday. Aunt Corina buried.

23 February 2009

Chris uploads a video tribute to Julie, wherein he compares their newfound love with Romeo and Juliet. In a shocking admission, Chris says he doesn't know very much about Shakespeare.

Additionally, Chris appears to have completely convinced himself that Panda Halo died in the Australia bushfires earlier in the month. [1]

20 February 2009

Video footage of Christian porking a sex doll and calling it Julie is released on the internet. [2]

18 February 2009

Chris makes two new videos, One a shoutout to Sarah May apologising for what he said in a conversation with her and pleading her not to commit suicide [3] and a second retracting his comments of his hatred towards homosexuals [4].

16 February 2009

Christian posts the first three pages of Episode 19 from Sonichu 9. That's right, he started work on this issue on December 1, and ten weeks later all he has to show for it is the cover and three pages. Three uncolored pages. [5]

12 February 2009

Christian opens an all-new adults-only section of his website, Sonichu and Rosechu's Luv Shack. The site effectively serves as a repository for the various Rule 34 drawings Chris had previously put into Sonichu 8 and on his Encyclopedia Dramatica page.

10 February 2009

  • Chris cleans up his room to honor a promise he made to Clyde Cash. Also, Chris finally exposes the Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aimé impostors as frauds. In reaction to his discovery, the rest of the world population was reported as saying "Well, duh." [6]

08 February 2009

  • Christian announces the new new new location of his Sonichu website, [7]. He also refers to the recent wildfires in Victoria, Australia, and worries that PandaHalo may be have been killed in the blaze (even though she lives over 1,000 kilmoeters away in South Australia) [8]

06 February 2009

  • In a stunning correction of the previous video, Chris reveals that he was coerced by Clyde Cash into saying he was gay. Clyde had threatened to kill Chris's gal-pal unless he "came out of the closet" and destroyed his vibrator. Ironically, this video caused many to learn for the first time that Chris owned a vibrator in the first place, cementing public opinion that Chris is ridiculously gay. [9]

05 February 2009

  • Christian reveals that he's gay [10]