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Chris believes in the existance of Parallel Universes, otherwise known as '''Dimensions''', that co-exist with [[Chris and reality|his reality]]. In accordance to his [[Autism|unusual]], [[Chris and his ego|egotistical]] [[Chris and religion|beliefs]] and [[Reality Cartoon|fantasies]], this is a list of all the known dimensions that Chris believes in.
Chris believes in the existance of Parallel Universes, otherwise known as '''Dimensions''', that co-exist with our reality. In accordance to his [[Autism|unusual]], [[Chris and his ego|egotistical]] and [[Honor Roll|unreal]] [[Chris and religion|beliefs]] and [[Chris and reality|fantasies]], this is a list of all the known dimensions that Chris believes in.

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Chris believes in the existance of Parallel Universes, otherwise known as Dimensions, that co-exist with our reality. In accordance to his unusual, egotistical and unreal beliefs and fantasies, this is a list of all the known dimensions that Chris believes in.


C-197 houses not only Cwcville, but also the ton of our other “fictional” individuals of the Simpsons, Captain America, Batman, Eric Cartman, Kim Possible, Meg Griffin, Optimus Prime, Papa Smurf, Inuyasha, Ash Ketchum, all of the Pokémon, Digimon, and so forth; Sunset Shimmer and the Canterlot High group, with the Portal to Equestria there too, the CPUs, and all the many others as well. You imagine it; (unless it exists in an alternate setting, like where World War 2 never happened), It Will Be There!

C-197 represents an expansion of Chris's imaginary land. It includes CWCville, RuleCWC, the rubble of the 4-Cent_Garbage building, and characters and places from many other franchises. Superheroes, Sonichus, copyright infringement, anything is possible.

No longer content with the city of CWCville, Chris spends his mid-30s fantasizing about an entire dimension of cartoon characters and imaginary friends from fiction the world over. He hopes that one day the Dimensional Merge will unite that dimension with ours.

List of OCs

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Chris occasionally churns out descriptions of various residents of C-197. Some might have originated with Chris, while others were planted into his head by Idea Guys or their ilk.

  • AyyJay Farton - A My Little Pony OC. Chris "discovered" him and said he's known for "Apple Juice Farts; really bad, and yet apple juice is his favourite beverage. Pew!" Probably a troll creation. After describing this character, Chris had to deny that he has a fart fetish[2].
  • Bob Chandler, aka Robertchu - Chris was convinced that Bob's spirit resides in C-197[3] during the Idea Guys saga[4]. Bob's Sonichu form may have been designed by Idea Guy - he is in the form of a beaver, a possible nod to Bob's Internet Lumberjack nickname. Featured in Sonichu 16, in which Bob meets Ted Bundy.
  • Chris's deceased pets - Patti and the deceased Chandler Cats[5].
  • Cindy Zapbud - Chris imagined this up out of spite towards Cole Smithey. In the Rosechu's Story's fancomic, Cole is a Pokemon Professor. Chris disapproved of this detail and claimed that Cole was later demoted due to faltering work, and that Cindy Zapbud replaced him. Chris made sure to note that Zapbud is 4'11'' and has D-cup breasts[6]
  • CWC Psychlight
  • Dark Idea Guy
  • Fate - A Pikachu, later evolved to Raichu, that Chris met at Target in October 2018. Likely created by the Teen Troon Squad, as Fate was only mentioned during the timeframe Chris was in contact with them[7]. Fate's purpose was to work with the Squad and Chris on the merge, and was a watchdog, a convenient reason as to why Chris wasn't allowed to give details:
And the reason why I can’t tell y’all the specific details is for y’all’s own safety and being. If I were to tell y’all the details, someone will recklessly attempt to prevent the Dimensional Merge in Full Progress now. Fate Is Working with us to make this happen. And everyone knows better than to tempt Fate. Fate WOULD and WILL Kill You Off or Stop You from doing anything to stop or prevent Any of the crucial Events in regards to the Dimensional Merge.[8]
  • Gary Stu
  • Hitlerchu - Created by Idea Guy. Featured in Sonichu 16.
  • J-chu, aka The Captain[9] - In October 2018, Chris had a vision of "flying wonder" J-chu[10]. The Captain was not thrilled at being dragged into Chris's fantasyland[11]
  • Jesus Christ - In June 2019, Chris claimed that Jesus was working with him on the Dimensional Merge[12].
  • Johnson Wiles
  • Kun T’Nyuget
  • Lightning Quartz
  • Lukas
  • Night Star
  • Null
  • Ted Bundychu - a Sonichu-fied version of serial killer Ted Bundy. Created by Idea Guy. Featured in Sonichu 16.



On Twitter, Chris asked Marvel writer Seanan McGuire which dimension number represents the Earth that we are currently occupying. Seanan responded with the Marvel Universe canonical answer "Earth-1218". Chris took this to literally mean that we exist in a parallel universe with other realities (a scientific possibility that is nonetheless currently untestable). Over the following months, Chris harmonized this concept with his own C-197. According to Chris, Earth 1218 and C-197 are in the process of merging.


Main article: Dimensional Merge

A mash-up of the other two dimension names, this would be the combined dimension of the cartoon C-197 and our reality, which Chris believes will occur with the dimension merge.


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