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(Future: Noting that Chris (indirectly) pays the mortgage already, and that Virginia also has housing support for the disabled.)
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Chris's only valid point is regarding people who are so intent on trying to troll that they'll contact a business just to harass management about him with made-up stories – as happened when he patronized [[The End Games]] and [[Anytime Fitness]].
Chris's only valid point is regarding people who are so intent on trying to troll that they'll contact a business just to harass management about him with made-up stories – as happened when he patronized [[The End Games]] and [[Anytime Fitness]].
==Why you shouldn't donate to Chris==
Buying things from Chris and/or donating to him is not at all recommended, mainly because:
* Chris has habitually neglected his customers. He has repeatedly failed to ship orders to his buyers on time, and will ignore messages from customers asking about their purchases, or give a myriad of excuses as to why they haven't shipped. If he does get around to shipping them, his [[naive]] methods of "packaging" often cause items to arrive damaged. Other times, he simply won't ship items at all (as seen perfectly with his [[Patreon]]).
* If Chris is angry enough, he can use your information against you. This was infamously seen when [[Mr. Smith]] attempted to purchase a medallion from Chris and, after Chris failed to make and ship one, filed a claim against him on [[eBay]], causing Chris's PayPal to be locked. Chris responded by furiously ''doxing'' Mr. Smith and another buyer on [[Facebook]], both of whom eventually received [[prank calls]] from [[weens]]. The information that PayPal releases to eBay sellers includes your full name, home address, e-mail address, eBay username, and (possibly) phone number. In other words, "the exact kind of information you wouldn't want a screeching manchild to post in a public place when it's followed by hundreds of cannibalistic Internet trolls."<ref>[https://kiwifarms.net/threads/important-dont-buy-from-chris.5048/]</ref>
* Chris will piss away your money. As stated above, Chris and Barb have had a long history of irresponsible spending habits, which is the biggest reason why they've fallen into debt. Even if he does manage to ship something to you without any sort of hassle, chances are extremely high that Chris will immediately blow your money on Legos, toys, video games, and other stuff, and then immediately go back to begging.
==2016 timeline==
==2016 timeline==

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I do not feel I would be mentally suited for an application-required, long waits to be contacted or not contacted, "am I hired yet", under "The Man", Freaking job!!! Stop Telling me to "Get a Job". Gawd!!!
Chris, April 2017,[1] after his friends on Facebook refused to entertain his nonsense excuses for not having a job.
truly Bad Intentions of spamming actual hate speech (Get A Job).
Chris's online activity for much of 2016

The Financhu Crisis is a term coined by users from Kiwi Farms to describe the steep decline in the Chandler family's financial management beginning in early 2016. Signs of the Chandlers' worsening finances were made apparent by the increasing amounts of begging videos and donation requests on YouTube and Facebook.

In June 2017, Chris began to take his Patreon account more seriously and recommenced drawing Sonichu comic pages. He has gotten several hundred dollars per month for his efforts, and continues to get as much to this day. As a result, begging had temporarily subsided. In mid-2018, however, begging resumed, for the stated purposes of avoiding foreclosure on 14 Branchland Court and buying enough food for his family. Meanwhile, Chris has been and continues to be sued for debts by several collecting agencies. Given that Barb is elderly on a fixed income, and Chris is lazy on a fixed income, one can only bleakly speculate what will happen when Chris is eventually left to fend for himself once Barb passes away.

As of 2019, Chris has mostly turned a blind eye to the Financhu Crisis because of the Dimensional Merge. Believing that he has vast wealth stored away in CWCville that should soon become available to him, his begging has again become relatively infrequent.


A wordcloud of the videos and Facebook posts Chris made during the Financhu Crisis. Note how big "money" and "donations" are...

To this day, the Chandlers' financial woes are caused by their own irresponsible behaviors. Chris, learning absolutely nothing over the years, has squandered any available money on children's toys, video games, fast food and sex toys. Barb, on the other hand, has simply been ignoring long-term debts and letting them pile up to alarming amounts, armed only with vain hopes that her manbaby would raise money for her bills.

Chris has made some efforts to generate income for the household over the past few years (bar that of actually finding a job), which included opening an Etsy shop in 2015. However, any profits gained would immediately go straight to toy purchases, an irresponsible move that would to turn out to be a recurring problem that keeps the Chandlers in the red. The shop would eventually shut down from Chris lazily not fulfilling Etsy orders, but he would still find some revenue by the occasional eBay sales of select merch from the hoard. To further compound the issue, Chris has been instilled with a very real belief that fans are willing to drop large sums of money into his bank account for nothing, an expectation that has since been strengthened by the $1,000 donation by DStecks in September 2015. This belief would take on the form of the many begging videos that highlight the saga to this day.

Barb seems to have outstanding debts that dwarf Chris's financial handiwork. On September 2016, she faced lawsuits from Discover and Capital One for failing to pay the large amounts of her credit card debt, according to Virginia District Court records. It is worth noting that it takes a lot of ignored debt collector calls over a long period of time to get a simple credit card debt escalated to a lawsuit, suggesting that Barb may have been outright ignoring making any payments to her credit cards. Only time will tell if more creditor companies begin to sue Barb for her neglect. In August 2016, Chris revealed that the household is still under a mortgage of $115,000, introducing a far more worrying debt looming over the horizon.

Both Chris and Barb continue to barely stay afloat with their lives thanks to their own tugboats, but their inactive lifestyle and reckless spending will not last forever at this rate.

Despite it all, Chris has not once attempted to find a job. In April 2017, with the household finances near the breaking point, one of Chris's IRL friends informed him of DARS, a service designed to help people with disabilities enter the workforce. Chris reacted with a temper tantrum, posting a multi-paragraph rant on not wanting to work.

Outstanding debts

Main article: Debt

Chris's frivolous spending during the crisis

A recurring theme throughout the Crisis.

Like any terminally irresponsible adult, Chris likes to keep his bedroom filled with toys, while keeping his wallet empty. Below is a list of the known expenses Chris has made during the Financhu Crisis, collected from online postings and eBay purchase history. Some amounts are estimated, but all amounts are debilitating.

During 2016, Chris was known to waste over $2,500 on toys.

In late 2017, Chris spent a considerable amount of money to attend Bronycon. 3-day pass tickets were around $60, but money spent on travel, food, souvenirs, and lodging is rounded to $2,000-3,000 by other attendees.

Below is a list of known frivolous purchases made during the Crisis. There are doubtless many more that are not known about, including cash purchases.

Item Amount ($)
New PS4 console[3] 540.00
About 30 game purchases for the PS4[4] 600.00
$350 Ghostbusters lego set, bought on eBay[5] for higher 425.88
Transformers action figures[6] 587.00
Naru, a dakimakura (or hug pillow) 90.00
Skylanders toys[7][8] 195.00
Pokemon merchandise[9][10] 181.79
Amiibo (Smash series "Pit")[11] 12.99
"I'm Done Adulting" T-Shirt[12] 23.99
Lego Dimensions (assorted sets)[13][10] 238.00
My Little Pony-themed card sleeves[10] 13.54
14K yellow gold Cleopatra bar 16" necklace[14] 399.99
Skylanders avatar products, for use as raffle prizes[15] 750.00
DoopieDoOver artwork 80.00
HexBox One 400.00
HexBox Live Gold 59.99
HexBox Games 89.94
Sonic Forces 39.99
DNA ancestry reports on Chris, Barb, and Bob 500.00
God of War (PS4) 59.99
Total $5,288.09

Why Chris refuses to work

“You Want Money, GET A JOB”?

Our Response is that WE ARE ALREADY EMPLOYED BY YOUR BOSS’S BOSS’S BOSS due to our better and special powerful abilities. ⚡️💙⚡️

Therefore, for all of you Haterade-Chugging “GET A JOB!” spouters out there, I suggest you Shut Up and enjoy your ability to settle in a cozy Office or wherever. For the rest of us, the worlds and the dimensions are our Offices, and we are doing our best, so we can reach our respective Fated Destined Promotions. But, I Digress.

I am Employed by Emanuelle, this world’s GOD; Scarlet, the Original CPU Blue Heart of the Commodore Consoles; the Chaotic Rainbow that sent me to be born in this 1218 to find my guided paths.

Chris, clinging to his fantasies about the Dimensional Mergeto justify why he's unemployed in the real world.[16]

Despite actively begging for money since 2016, Chris has not attempted to get a job (then again, the last job he's had dates all the way back to 2003). One of his IRL friends, a woman from his Pokémon club named Alexa P., became concerned after seeing Chris repeatedly beg on Facebook. She suggested, in November 2016,[17] and again in April 2017,[1] that he contact one of her family members who works at Virginia DARS, a government service that helps disabled individuals find work. At the first suggestion, Chris didn't follow through, and at the second, he fired off a rant about why he was unwilling to get a job, and Alexa then gave up trying to help him.

In his rant, Chris gave the following flimsy excuses:

  • He was busy with helping Barb and the pets (though he had no qualms towards going on a three-day trip to another state without bringing them along in August 2017).
  • Trolls ruined his "background check"/reputation. While it is true that a Google search on Chris reveals unsavory details, they are only records of facts, and there are agencies that find work for slow-in-the-mind adults that would not care about minor crimes or indiscretions.
  • Finding a job runs the risk of being discriminated against for his tomgirl gender.
  • Stress.
  • He fears being incompetent.

Months later, in October 2017, Chris reiterated his excuse of helping Barb and the pets, and added another:[18]

In May 2018, despite being in desperate need of money after losing $6,000 and risking losing his home at 14 Branchland Court, Chris was still unwilling to work and served up another excuse:[19]

  • He fears trolls will harass him at work.

In June 2019, he added yet another excuse, his most pathetic yet:

Most of his claimed reasons hold no weight. A "background check", as explained by Jackie and Kim Wilson many times, only applies to legal records, and Chris's misdemeanors would not prevent him from getting a job. Fellow lolcows like William Elliott Waterman and Kenneth Englehardt also have their names linked to their internet shenanigans, yet they have gained employment. Also, discrimination on the basis of gender is illegal; Charlottesville is a fairly liberal city, so his trans identity should not be an issue. All in all, getting a job would probably reduce his stress over needing to beg in order to afford more toys. His excuses on being fearful of making mistakes and his obsession over his imaginary friends are blocks set down by his own mind – revealing that, rather than growing up and assuming responsibility for his future, he would rather remain a manchild forever.

Chris's only valid point is regarding people who are so intent on trying to troll that they'll contact a business just to harass management about him with made-up stories – as happened when he patronized The End Games and Anytime Fitness.

Why you shouldn't donate to Chris

Buying things from Chris and/or donating to him is not at all recommended, mainly because:

  • Chris has habitually neglected his customers. He has repeatedly failed to ship orders to his buyers on time, and will ignore messages from customers asking about their purchases, or give a myriad of excuses as to why they haven't shipped. If he does get around to shipping them, his naive methods of "packaging" often cause items to arrive damaged. Other times, he simply won't ship items at all (as seen perfectly with his Patreon).
  • If Chris is angry enough, he can use your information against you. This was infamously seen when Mr. Smith attempted to purchase a medallion from Chris and, after Chris failed to make and ship one, filed a claim against him on eBay, causing Chris's PayPal to be locked. Chris responded by furiously doxing Mr. Smith and another buyer on Facebook, both of whom eventually received prank calls from weens. The information that PayPal releases to eBay sellers includes your full name, home address, e-mail address, eBay username, and (possibly) phone number. In other words, "the exact kind of information you wouldn't want a screeching manchild to post in a public place when it's followed by hundreds of cannibalistic Internet trolls."[20]
  • Chris will piss away your money. As stated above, Chris and Barb have had a long history of irresponsible spending habits, which is the biggest reason why they've fallen into debt. Even if he does manage to ship something to you without any sort of hassle, chances are extremely high that Chris will immediately blow your money on Legos, toys, video games, and other stuff, and then immediately go back to begging.

2016 timeline

March '16

  • 1st - Chris buys a PS4, worth $540, from Fingerhut (using a credit card).[21]
  • 16th - Barb is found guilty in a debt case involving Discover Financial Services. The judgement states that she owes $4,706.93.[22]
  • 19th - Chris spends $425 on a single Lego set,[5] available for $75 less on the lego website.[23]

April '16

  • 12th - Chris begs. This video is notable for being the first video devoted to asking for money.
  • 16th - It's revealed that Chris borrowed $3,000 from a payday loan.[24]
  • 24th - Chris begs again, this time without offering crafts in exchange.

May '16

  • 4th - The donations listing on Chris's Etsy shop is removed, presumably for violating TOS.[25]
  • 9th - Chris spends $60 on his waifu.
  • 23rd - The Chandlers pay $616.52 for the first half of 14BC's 2016 property tax.
  • 23rd - Chris begs for bananas. He also announces the debut of a Support button on his Youtube channel to replace the Etsy listing.
  • 25th - Chris begs in a Facebook post while reminding readers that Etsy removed his donation listing and that he has a Support button on Youtube instead.
  • 26th - Chris begs on Facebook, links to his game stream of Uncharted and repeats his statements from the 25th.
  • 28th - Chris spends nearly $100 on Transformers.[26]
  • 29th - Chris spends another $30 on his waifu.[27]
  • 31st - Chris spends $150 more on Transformers.[28]

June '16

  • 8th - Chris's Etsy shop is closed,[29] presumably for failing to send orders.
  • 11th - Chris begs for money in the same video in which he announces that his shop is closed. Starting from this video, Chris adds his begging to the video descriptions.
  • 14th - Chris begs to have $100 for Barb's asthma medicine, in two videos which feature Barb.
  • 17th - Chris begs to have $200 for an electric bill, while reading a fanfic called "Unicorns, Rainbows, and a Bluebird of Happiness".
  • 19th - Chris begs, again saying he wants $200 for an electric bill, and also wanting food money, while reading another chapter of Bluebird.
  • 19th - Chris wants to become a prostitute, in an attempt to get both money and china.
  • 26th - Chris begs his half-brother Cole Smithey for financial help, while simultaneously insulting him for "pissing and burning" the money he earns from working as a movie critic on apartment rent.[30]
  • 29th - Chris begs, saying that even though he got donations, he wants more because "we could still do better", before reading the third chapter of Bluebird.

July '16

  • 1st - Chris pays his $541 court costs for pepper-spraying a Gamestop employee in 2014.[31]
  • 8th - Chris begs while reading chapter four of Bluebird.
  • 9th - Chris begs in a long rant, saying he is stressed from dealing with finances. He mentions a mortgage among the bills. He wants food money for himself, Barb and their pets.
  • 10th–11th - Chris begs in a series of four videos, wanting $20 or $50. He demeans himself on camera to get people to donate. Finally, he thanks people for sending the "minimum $20" before begging to have money for Barb's teeth.
  • 13th - Barb begs to have money for her dental work.
  • 13th - Chris finally decides to sell some of his toys to raise money. He lists one Pokémon card on eBay for $50.[32]
  • 14th - Chris lists two more Pokémon cards on eBay, for $100 each.
  • 15th - Chris begs for food money in a Facebook post, complaining that people aren't willing to donate anymore.
  • 18th - Chris begs for money in the same video in which he reads an anniversary dedication, while expecting to be paid $50 for it.
  • 18th - One of the $100 Pokémon cards Chris listed on eBay is sold.[33]
  • 20th–22nd - Chris produces eight videos to earn money from his fanbase.
  • 23rd - Chris returns to begging on Facebook. He also announces that "this window is for Donations Only. No video requests until further notice", after his YouTube account receives its second strike against it for violating policy on "nudity or sexual content" after a video he uploaded on the 22nd got reported. He also begs to a Kiwi Farms user named crayolasword who asks him about the situation.
  • 24th - Chris announces on Facebook that he has grown a labia using subliminal frequencies found on YouTube. He also requests donations for gender reassignment.
  • 26th - Three days after being barred from uploading videos to his CwcvilleGuardian YouTube account, Chris circumvents the ban by uploading to another account, restarting the Paid Video Requests program and accepting offers for $10-$50.
  • 28th - Chris makes one sale on the video program.

August '16

  • 4th - Barb is sued by yet another bank. The hearing will take place on September 14th.
  • 5th - Chris pays $121 in court costs and fines for failing to acquire proper certifications for his dogs.
  • 5th - Chris begs for donations in a Facebook post and asks for tubes of Oestrogel to be sent to him.
  • 9th - Chris relists the Birthday Pikachu card on eBay for $500 and begs people to "Buy It Now and help me and my family".[34] He also offers a VHS tape of Aladdin for $3,000.[35]
  • 11th - Chris begs Cole Smithey for financial help again, this time by saying, "Hey! Cole!!! Get off of your ass and apologize and make peace with us here, In Person, and Help Us Financially, Please".[36]
  • 14th - A buyer purchases the Megatron pistol from Chris, netting Chris $50. It's the first Relic of Fail to be sold during the Crisis.
  • 31st - Chris begs his audience on Facebook to pay his mortgage of $115,000.

September '16

  • 12th - Chris is spotted and photographed at a Toys "Я" Us buying two tins of Pokémon cards, two days before his mother goes to court.
  • 14th - Greene County's court rules that Barb owes $15,906.99 in unpaid debt to Capital One bank.
  • 19th - Chris begs in a Facebook post, while showing off his new pet cat. He wants money to cover bills for the second half of the month, one paragraph after stating that he needed "allowance fun" to get a break from stress in the first half of the month.
  • 27th - Chris claims in a video that the "fickle finances" are improving for him and Barb, shortly before playing with his newly-bought Transformers toys, showing that he is unaware or does not care about the fact that his mother legally owes over $20,000 as a result of the two lawsuits filed against her in 2016 or that the property tax for their house will be due in two months.

October '16

  • 18th - Chris resumes begging in a video, saying that he is sick and that he is running low on chicken noodle soup and money. Notably, he had spent $160 buying Transformers toys on eBay in the weeks beforehand.[6]

November '16

  • 9th - Chris, in response to the election, films a video of him destroying a Transformer toy that is meant to represent Donald Trump. The toy was part of the Transformers toy purchase back in September, costing him $25.
  • 18th - Chris spends $90 on Pokemon[37][38] and Transformers.[39]
  • 21st - The Chandlers pay the second half of their 2016 property tax for 14 Branchland Court, costing them $616.52.[40]
  • 21st - Chris makes another video to beg for donations again. He also posts to Twitter, saying, "We need more money, please. The Mortgage people are kicking us again. Please send money to me via PayPal".
  • 22nd - Chris reacts to a penny donated by a troll,[41] tweeting, "We need Donations larger than a penny apiece. Please try to give us $10 or a Lot more than that".
  • 30th - Chris posts that he will join Patreon, after Barb had to pawn a necklace, which she had to sell at a significant loss for $325, to pay debts/bills.
  • 30th - Chris updates his Christmas wish list, to remove the $50 Transformers toy,[42] named "Alpha Trion and Astrotrain", which he had bought. He does not pawn this, or any of his other toys, to help Barb; instead, he makes a video of himself playing with it.
  • 30th - Chris launches his Patreon account. He states that he wants $200,000 to pay the "home's finances, including the Mortgage and Credit Cards". He also says he wants an extra $50,000 for "rainy day(s)".

December '16

2017 Timeline

January '17

  • 4th - Chris whines about having "head of household worries", like the bills and debt; however, instead of Adulting and applying for a job, he begs to have $500 a month.
  • 13th - Over three weeks after the original lawn tractor ad was taken down from Craigslist due to a ween, Chris finally realized what happened and re-posted it, still asking for $595. In the meantime, he had bought over $100 worth of Pokémon and Skylanders toys and had made videos of himself playing with them.

February '17

  • 16th - Chris uploads A browsing around an ol' playground, in which he begs for money before showing footage of himself walking around a playground.
  • 17th - One day after begging for handouts of $10 per person, Chris plays a newly-purchased video game level for Lego Dimensions, The Lego Batman Movie Story Pack, which had been released on 10 February with a cost between $35-$50.[43]

March '17

  • 1st - Chris offers parts of Bob's stamp collection for sale.
  • 2nd - Chris spends $50.25 on toys after making $68 (minus the cost of shipping) from selling his father's stamps.[10]
  • 3rd - Chris lists his personal stamp album for $1,000.
  • 7th - Chris buys Lego World for the PS4 on its release date[44] for $30, erasing the last of the profit he had made from selling stamps, even though he had claimed to need the money for paying bills.
  • 13th - He spends another $9 on Transformers.[10]
  • 19th - Chris begs on Facebook for people to buy more stamps, saying "My mother and I can Really do with the money". At that point, he had made $85 in sales then quickly spent $90 on toys.[10][45]
  • 19th - White knights spring into action and purchase seven stamps, totaling $41.50. Five were bought by a single person (at $34) and the rest ($7.50) by two others.
  • 19th - Chris lies about wasting stamp money on toys, claiming in Facebook's comments section that he "did NOT buy any lego sets" and that the money went towards "our debtor payments" instead.

April '17

May '17

What Cole would have seen if he had clicked on the Paypal.me link Chris tweeted to him while begging this month.
What Cole would have really paid.

June '17

  • 16th - Barb begs for food money, while wearing both a $400 gold necklace and a pearl necklace. Shortly after, Chris posts an in-progress Sonichu page to Patreon and begs on that platform for grocery money.

July '17

Mariner Finance vs Chris
  • 11th - Mariner Finance sues Chris for unpaid debt.
  • 22nd - After a month without begging, due to a boost in Patreon funds after Chris revived the Sonichu comic, he begs for $50. He had given that amount to DoopieDoOver earlier that month as a pledge on her Patreon.

August '17

Verdict on Mariner Finance case
  • 1st - Chris pledges more money to DoopieDoOver's Patreons, hoping to receive anthropomorphized lesbian My Little Pony porn in return. Doopie, aware of Chris and Barb's financial straits, offers to refund Chris's payments to her, but he refuses.
  • 11th–13th - Chris makes an expensive, three-day trip to BronyCon in Maryland. Other attendees have stated that the cost for going to BronyCon is around $2,000–3,000 when including travel, food, souvenirs and lodging.
  • 18th - Chris informs his patrons of a two-week delay in sending their books, as he had blown their funds on BronyCon instead.[50]
  • 24th - Mariner Finance’s unpaid debt case against Chris is dropped.

September '17

  • 1st - Chris donates $20 to Red Cross to help victims in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in Texas after seeing a message from Tara Strong on Twitter.[51]

October '17

November '17

  • 6th - Chris reveals he had purchased an Xbox One at some point recently, and looking at his games/account, he has spent around $549.93 on it.
  • 7th - Chris buys Sonic Forces on release day, at the price of $39.99.

2018 timeline

January '18

February '18

  • 3rd - Chris lowers the price for the last Pokémon album to $500 and it is snapped up. He then lists a binder of UFS cards for $300 (cutting the price to $200 later). The binder eventually sells for $150.
  • 11th - Chris suffers seller's remorse and buys two Pokémon cards – Charizard and Shining Gyarados – to replace the ones from his binder, spending over $50. He also maintains his habit of buying empty game disc cases to make his collection appear neater, acquiring three for Xbox at a $9 cost.[53]
  • 27th - Searching through the hoard for more junk to sell, Chris finds a package of 25 bootleg Pokémon LeafGreen/Emerald games from a concerned fan who mailed them to him years ago, and puts them up on eBay, saying he wants sales "to help my mother and I some more, please. Thank you. :)"[54] He makes $80 in sales that day, then promptly spends $35 of it on two My Little Pony Funko dolls.[55] Also, Chris sent one of his eBay buyers an empty envelope and receives negative feedback.[56]

March '18

  • 31st - Chris spends $500 to get ancestry DNA reports for him, his mom, and his deceased father.

April '18

  • 5th - Chris lists Cole's old homework and childhood awards for sale.
  • 6th - He begs for sales of Cole's stuff in a paid request video.
  • 9th - Chris uploads another begging video featuring Barb and they claim the Chandlers must make two payments to the mortgage company this month, echoing a problem from a year prior. Tings Tingz donates $40 because a ween had failed to pay Chris for a paid request video.
  • 11th - On the 74th day of the Sonichu comic's hiatus, Chris apologizes for the lack of updates. He records I’m stressed, but I am working and begs for more sales.
  • 13th - Chris lists more of his personal belongings and toys for sale. He also makes another begging video.
  • 14th - Chris lists the Amnyfest Ring for sale, asking price: $10,000.
  • 16th - Jack Z pledges $100 for a video.
  • 17th - Chris thanks a fan during a Twitch stream for purchasing the ring. Jack Z gives Chris $1,200 for a trip to Bronycon, in the hopes that he will meet with Chris there and get to interview him on YouTube.
  • 19th - Chris lists his Wii U Fit meter for sale, along with a bonus emptied Teal Overtone bottle.
  • 20th - Chris buys God of War (PS4) for $59.99. He also begs for a new phone because the battery on his current one is dying.
  • 23rd - Chris lists his porn drawings on eBay for $1,000.
  • 24th - Chris begs for $200 in exchange for a video tour of his house.

May '18

our finances are Very Low - the worst is has ever been.
  • 10th - During a paid video, Barb and Chris beg for eBay sales to help pay the mortgage. Chris complains that he can't go to BronyCon 2018, saying, "I TOOK CARE OF MY BILLS AND EVERYTHING WAS TAKEN FROM ME! FUCKING EVERYTHING!"[60]
  • 16th - It's estimated that eBay charges Chris a $220 seller fee for the $2,265 worth of sales he made in April.
  • 18th - Chris tweets to BronyCon, requesting free admission, on the grounds that "y'all know who I am" and that he is having extreme financial difficulties.[61] A fan points out that BronyCon offers a three-day pass for only $65, but Chris hesitates, saying he wants a higher tier pass for getting autographs and laments that "due to Unfortunate Circumstances my funds are low beyond my typical 'careless spending'".[62] Note: The higher tier passes only grant priority in line.[63] Chris also complains about Seterus, saying that the mortgage company had called Barb and claimed they had not received their check, despite Chris consulting his bank and confirming a cashed check.[64] Note: Seterus has many negative reviews for its poor customer service, many of which make similar allegations as Chris. It could also be the work of Lucas Wolf, a ween who has a history of fraudulently representing himself as a customer service representative.[65] Finally, a fan suggests that Chris get a job, to which he quips: "You're so original."[66]
  • 19th - A fan suggests that Chris use BronyCon as an opportunity to make some money by selling at the Artist Alley, but Chris rejects the idea, saying he wants to "experience the whole BronyCon, and I cannot do that from Sitting in ONE spot in the marketplace".[67] He requests a rain check on @LifeofBria's comic book prices until next month.[68] He then asks BronyCon for a free upgrade from the Bronze pass he had paid for weeks ago to a Diamond pass,[69] conflicting with his claims from the previous week that he could not afford to go at all. Note: It is confirmed that Chris had indeed paid for a Bronze plan – a perk of which is a Website Thank You, and his name is listed in the Sponsor section as "Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu". Also of note is that the Bronze plan is $250 while the Diamond that he desires is $2,000.[63]
  • 20th - Chris makes a plea for eBay sales money in case he needs to put Pollo, one of Chris's cats, who is terminally ill, to sleep at a vet. Pollo passes away hours later at his home due to natural causes from old age. While grieving for Pollo, Chris tweets that the household is running out of food, saying, "We have no Fresh Food. No Raw Meat, no Fruits or Veggies! Only CANNED food and an Old Bag of Powdered Milk! I need to go to Food Lion TOMORROW to buy Fresh Food!" He lowers the price on his iPhone by $25 to encourages sales.[70] He also specifies the amount he had lost during the previous six months: $6,000.[71]
  • 21st - At least two Twitter fans donate $35 to Chris. He begs for a sale on his GoBots figure, but the listing expires with no takers.[72]
  • 23rd - Chris thanks people who gave him donations,[73] noting for his audience that he was given Food Lion gift cards as a way of ensuring he would only spend the donation on food, and that he's still in financial distress. He sets standards for the video requests he'll make, specifically no more shout-outs to school shooters[74] and donated food he'll eat, turning down an offer for pizza as it's junk food.[75] He puts a price tag of $1,000 on his Twitter account to a fan who asks about buying it.[76]
  • 25th - Chris tweets he's still in need of food money, suggesting that if people want to be sure the money goes to food, they can send him Food Lion gift cards, and offers to show receipts to show it won't be wasted on junk.[77] He also says he is exploring ideas to level off his financial situation, but follows up by saying, "And NO, don't tell me to 'Get A Job' - you know I would be Harassed until the End of Equestria! I Prefer to Work From the Peace of my Own Home."[19] A fan suggests he simply not tell people where he would be working, but Chris responds that this wouldn't be enough, saying, "They would Find Out. Lots of people in CVille know who I am - Someone would See Me Working and it would be Online within Minutes!".[78]

June '18

  • 4th - A day before the due date, Chris pays the first half of 14 Branchland Court's 2018 property tax, costing him $606.83.
  • 9th - Chris spends $30 on SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics game for the PS4,[79] despite having only just escaped dire financial straits two weeks before.
  • 10th - Chris spends $34 more on toys[80] – two My Little Pony Funko Pop figures.
  • 12th - Chris sells nine cards[81] from The Wall of Originals for $100.
  • 13th - He records Send Me to Too Many Games Convention!, requesting $400 for the trip.
  • 14th - Chris goes on the defensive when accused of spending donations on toys, saying he does "not loosely spend money on toys as much as I used to or at all. It is derogatory comments like that which portrays you as a troll".[82]

July '18

  • 14th - Barb requests Chris's followers to purchase a blanket from her for $200 to cover a trash bill she owed as a result of clearing out some junk from the house. A fan buys it the next day.
  • 27th through 29th - Chris spends $2,000 at BronyCon, on merchandise.
  • 29th - Due to spending his bank account down to its last $20 at BronyCon, Chris is unable to pay for a tow truck when his car breaks down on the way home. He begs for money (online) to cover the towing bill and records Waiting for the tow truck.
  • 30th - The morning after begging strangers online for tow money, Chris thinks it appropriate to brag about how he's had two phone numbers since May, while also revealing that he owns a "Muse: the Brain Sensing Headband"[83] (cost of which is $200).

August '18

  • 8th - Chris tries pushing eBay sales on his TooManyGames ($100) poster, autographed photos ($24.99), and Johnny Cash photo ($120). The Cash photo ends up selling at some point, and his autographed photos sell out as well.
  • 17th - Chris lists a Rosechu cut-out standee ($150) and Sonichu license plates ($75) on eBay.
  • 18th - Chris begs for money on Twitter, claiming he doesn't have food for the Chandler pets (and apparently has acquired more cats).
  • 19th - Chris makes Barb sell autographed photos of herself on eBay for $24.99-$50.00. He also lists a Sonichu poster for "presale" for $14.99.
  • 22nd - Barb signs a Snorlax plush and it is listed on eBay for $200.

September '18

My Mother is pestering me about finances AGAIN, AHH!

The hurricane this, food that, water this!!! My head can't handle it right now!

If anybody has A Heart, please send Donations our way to help ride out this Storm of the Century. You know the address, ChrisChanSonichu@aol.com

Chris, again trying to evade the adult responsibility of saving for emergencies.
  • 12th - Chris begs for donations ahead of Hurricane Florence.[84] It should be noted that Ruckersville was a distance from the storm's full power and never saw "Storm of the Century"-level.
  • 13th - He again begs, saying he wants "sizable Monetary Donations", apparently for food, even though their "food levels are okay, for now". Notably, he specifically requests money and omits mention of Food Lion gift cards (which he had asked people to send during his May financial emergency as he knows people are hesitant to donate money due to the likelihood of it ending up buying toys).

October '18

  • 23rd - Chris tweets that "when the worlds merge I will have access to TONS of savings in Cwcville". The same day, he is sued by Midland Funds for debts.

December '18

  • 19th - The Midland Funds case closes; Chris must pay $2777.90, plus 6% interest and court fees.

2019 Timeline

January '19

  • 6th - Chris makes an announcement on Twitter that he is selling Barbara's "M&Ms Candy Characters Ms Green, Blue & Red Animated Talking Telephone"[85] on eBay for $100. In the post, Chris also makes an off-hand comment about his mother being in need of funds.[86]
Another fine collectible from my mother’s collection; she is yelling for the money again. Ugh!
Chris, on Barb's M&Ms memorabilia.

February '19

Chris sold $164.94 worth of junk on eBay.

April '19

  • 2nd - Chris is sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC for an undisclosed amount, with a hearing scheduled on May 15th.
  • 4th - Chris shows off six purchased Poké Ball Plus toys in a Twitter post. He had purchased them from GameStop. Chris claimed he bought one brand new (a $50 price) and the other five used "at up to $15 savings difference", which would mean he still spent at least $200 on them.
  • 6th - Chris drives 150 miles to Newport News, VA, to visit fan Midnight Moonflower. He loses his wallet while in town.
  • 15th - Chris drives to Newport News again to pick up his lost wallet.
  • 23rd - Ending his 100+ day-long streak of not begging, Chris records We Need some gas money, Please, Help., saying that he needs $20 to fill up his van with gas.
  • 26th - Chris lists rare coins on eBay, begging coin collectors to consider helping him and his mom. It's worth noting that these coins are among the only things of (non-Christorical) value Chris has tried to sell so far, although their value is lowered somewhat by the fact that they haven't been graded by a numismatic authority like NGC or PCGS.

May '19

  • 6th - Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC. files a second lawsuit against Chris for yet another undisclosed amount, with a hearing scheduled on June 19th.[87] This means Chris is now facing two simultaneous lawsuits from the same company.
  • 13th - Chris lists a throw blanket on eBay for $200, tweeting: "we need the money here, that’s for sure. Thank you."
  • 15th - The first court hearing for the April 2019 warrant in debt for money owed to Portfolio Recovery Associates takes place: the case is adjourned to 19 June, when it will be heard in conjunction with the May 2019 warrant in debt.[88]
  • 24th - Midland Funding files for garnishment against Chris after he failed to maintain payments on a $2,777.90 judgement from December 2018.

June '19

July '19

  • 1st - Midland Funding’s claim for garnishment fails, due to a combination of Chris’s impulse spending, and the immunity for his federal social security payments.[89]
  • 8th - Chris begs for $600 for accommodation for BronyCon and mentions that two friends (likely Sarah and Steve) had planned to attend with him but pulled out.[90]

August '19

September '19

  • 1st - Barb takes the Dodge Caravan for repairs and is told the brake and exhaust systems need to be replaced for $1,000. Chris begs for the money, asking fans to give the money through Jacob Sockness.
  • 28th - Chris announces his intention to attend BABSCon in April 2020, an expensive convention.

October '19

  • 3rd - Displeased by how Ben Saint depicted Night Star in his webcomic, Chris releases his own amended version and demands $300 from him for "using our name and individuals for the greedy gains accrued".
  • 6th - In preparation for BABSCon, Chris enlists Aly Hirschberg's help to request £5,000 from his fanbase.

November '19

  • 5th - the Chandlers pay a $650 property tax bill
  • 19th - Chris begs for more money on behalf of Barb, posting a creepy photo of her and demanding people not tell him to get a job. On the same day, Second Round Sub files for garnishment against Chris for the $2,476.63 judgement from a year before.
  • 23rd - Cwcvilleshopping.com is launched in an effort to sell his custom-made Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder cards.


Although Barb currently claims $900 of Chris's tugboat each month to pay the active mortgage on 14 Branchland Court, the seriousness of the Financhu Crisis combined with Chris’s impulse spending have led many followers of Chris to speculate on whether the passing of Barb will lead to the so-called 'Homeless Saga'.[91][92] Chris’s future revenue, other than the monthly tugboat and fans' support, is likely to be very limited, with some of his followers admitting that Chris will never get any kind of loan or credit.[93] Even if Chris were to reverse his stance and try to get a job, nearly all potential employers would be unwilling to take on someone with little to no skills, and over a decade of real-life and internet notoriety.[94]

Both the state of Virginia and the US federal government have programmes intended to help the disabled secure independent living,[95][96] most famously Section 8 housing; a number of followers have suggested that Chris should sign up for it,[97] though these involve lengthy application processes and possibly several months' wait. On the contrary, a 'Homeless Saga' may be a wet dream for A-Loggers and weens, but it would be devastating for both Chris and many of his followers. The 2014 house fire caused a number of followers to doubt whether Chris will be able to cope with sleeping rough with little more than his clothes and medallion, especially after being pampered with toys and video games for many years.[98] Homelessness would also threaten the steady supply of fresh drama that continues to attract new fans and followers and leave them wondering: "What is Chris going to do next?"

See also

  • Chris and money - A more general overview of Chris's finances
  • Chris and business - Chris's attempts to make money outside of begging
  • DStecks - Some argue that his donation inspired Chris's shameless begging


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