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Note on Misinformation:

This article previously included information that was primarily speculative or incorrect. This is being fixed. For more information see here.

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Note on Credibility:

GiBi has been deemed to be an unreliable narrator for the following reasons:
GiBi has taken information from many questionable sources at face-value, placing it in his videos.[note 1]
GiBi has made bold, accusatory claims without verifying them first.[note 2]
Bear this in mind, and use healthy skepticism when taking statements from the subject being discussed.

Name Devon
Also known as GiBi_Devon
Gender Male
Race White
Nationality American
Saga Jacob, Watchmen, Praetor

GiBi, or GiBi_Devon, is a YouTuber specializing in Chris-centric content since 2019. He would upload videos summarizing Chris's weekly activity, while giving commentary, typically in the form of reading Chris's posts, sometimes infamously with his own theorizing.

Channel Beginnings

GiBi had created his YouTube account, "GiBi_Devon" on 14 September 2015. Before posting any Chris-related videos, the channel primarily consisted of let's plays and reviews based around Star Wars movies, video games, and toys (mostly Legos). His most viewed video at the time would also be his first video cenetered around Chris, where he comments on his beliefs about the Dimensional Merge.[2]

GiBi's primary source for his videos was this very website.

The Incest Scandal

GiBi discusses a screenshot of a text between Bella and the Suitress. The screenshot was uncensored in his video, leaving a phone number visible.

In the wake of the incest scandal, GiBi would attempt to create a daily series documenting the affair, which led to controversy surrounding his channel. One video in this series was made to document the potential perpetrators of the act. GiBi would attempt to research this subject by contacting various sources, many of which conflicted with one another. One of these sources was Bella, who had previously befriended the Suitress, and gave him screenshots of text messages between her and the Suitress and between her and Chris. Another was a Discord user, LavenderBonez, both a former member of his Discord server, and another friend of the Suitress and of his.

Bella had attempted to avoid getting doxed by putting the Suitress under her "Kelly Osborn" pseudonym, while GiBi was convinced that "Kelly" wasn't Bella. GiBi would produce a video on the screenshots - claiming this was the case, but also did not redact the phone number of the Suitress in them; he took the video down three hours later among criticism.[3] GiBi uploaded the video a second time, placing in information that he received from the Kiwi Farms, again without removing the Suitress' phone number but deleted that video after a few minutes.[4][5] GiBi made some changes, planning to upload another version,[6] but cancelled as new information had come out in the meantime.[7]


  1. Would take information told to him by Bella at face value, specifically claims from her saying that she wasn't "Kelly Osborn". This would get him in hot water, as Bella was placing the Suitress under this pseudonym to divert attention from herself and onto the Suitress, and GiBi had leaked her phone number in one of his videos.
  2. Produced a video in which he erroneously named people in the Taser Discussion clip as being exclusively Praetor members.[1] The uncut version of the clip would later reveal that only one person in the clip was from Praetor, who objected to the idea of Chris using a taser on himself.


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