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== External links ==
== External links ==
[https://archive.org/details/chrischancelebratesinternationalwomensday Mirror on archive.og]
[https://archive.org/details/chrischancelebratesinternationalwomensday Mirror on archive.org]
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{{succession|label=[[List of videos|Chris's videos]]|prevlink=[[Happy Birthday Tom]]|nextlink=[[Yu-Gi-Oh!#Let's Play|Yugichris]]}}
[[Category: Chris-chan videos, 2016]]
[[Category: Chris-chan videos, 2016]]
[[Category: Videos Christian uploaded to YouTube]]
[[Category: Videos Christian uploaded to YouTube]]

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Happy Women's Day is a video Chris uploaded 9 March 2016 to belatedly mark International Women's Day streamed from his PS4. In it Chris sports a side-parting in his hair resembling a bad comb-over, his usual clothes that are too tight for him and announces his support of woman's rights, encouraging them to be sexy, not stare at his "tits" but stare at his ass and free their nipples. Chris frees his own before announcing he was late to the party.


Happy Women's Day
Stardate 9 March 2016
Subject Matter SexSex Sex
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga TomgirlTomgirl Tomgirl
Shirt Turquoise Tank TopTurquoise Tank Top Turquoise Tank Top
Happy Birthday Tom





[Chris, controller in hand, stands in his now favoured video position of the centre of a room surrounded by his amiibos, medallions, collected toys and garbage. His hair has a noticeable side parting making it more thin looking than usual].

Christine Chandler commin' live from her house. I just uh, been reminded that today is International Women's day so, I wanna wish everyone a ha—wish all the women a happy one, and a safe one too.

I support women's rights and their freedom to choose in what they do and everything.

[Chris raises his hand to his face and points at his eyes, which are staring blankly at his TV screen, and not into the camera] My eyes are up here!

[After a moment of silence, Chris puts his arm back down behind him, returning to the awkward stance he had before] 'kay...Yeah...So anyway [Chris raises his arms up in a surrendering notion] be sexy as ya like, ladies!

[Chris now awkwardly maneuvers himself to show the camera his butt, though still staring at the TV, and sings in a higher pitched voice] I'm sexy too, look at my booty! [Chris then proceeds to slap himself in the ass before shifting and standing awkwardly, puffing out his chest and giving his "seductive" face for a few uncomfortable seconds]

Also if you're free to do that, so, free the nipple. [Chris pulls down the front of his tank top and exposing his nipples, he attempts to bounce them for a second before covering then back up] Um, D-cups. Lady Cups. Enjoy.

Everybody have a good day, do what 'cha like. [Chris turns and points at what's presumed to be a clock off-screen] 'Specially for the remainder as I'm putting this in at the near last minute. Have a good day.

[Chris attempts to turn off the camera, as a look of confusion grows on his face before it cuts to the termination screen. After several seconds of fumbling with buttons, the video ends.]

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