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| next          = [[Family Needs to appreciate Family]]
| next          = [[Family Needs to appreciate Family]]
{{quote|I'm an overlooked treasure, and I should not be ignored or overlooked any longer.}}

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HelloLadyFans is a video Chris uploaded to YouTube on 1 November 2015, where he tries to continue his everlasting Love Quest. It shows Chris just after presumably taking a shower, draped across his bed. It also shows how Chris has yet to learn anything as he gives a Gmail account for anyone who wishes to talk to him, as long as it's a girl. Unlike his videos from last month, this one was age-restricted as per YouTube's Community Guidelines. Two days after posting, he provided a link to the video on his Facebook page.

Chris's attempt to effect a seductive drawl makes him sound especially Southern, or drunk.


Only Email me at Anightinchristine@gmail.com, please. I personally look forward to meeting and getting better acquainted with the ladies who like me from the distance. AND Honesty is always a positive turn on for me, so please use your real name when emailing me; No anonymosity at all, please.

A couple days later he added:

Also, please do attach a most current photo of yourself. Thank you.


Stardate 01 November 2015
Subject Matter SexSex Sex HomosHomos Homos
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga TomgirlTomgirl Tomgirl
Shirt The Happy HagThe Happy Hag The Happy Hag
Apology for past homophobic comments and homophobia
Family Needs to appreciate Family
I'm an overlooked treasure, and I should not be ignored or overlooked any longer.


Chris: Hello to all my lucky lady faaaans. (Chris grabs the towel on his head) Yes, I just got out of the shower and I feel clean again.... Well, it gets lonely around here in my bedroom. I feel like I might want to date some of y'all. (Chris shows more cleavage) Maybe we get to know each other, you know? Have a pleasant dinner, or just enjoy a conversation over a cup of coffee. See where things go, see how we feel around each other. Yeah, maybe I'll eventually find my sweetheart amongst y'all. (inspects something he found on his head) See where things go, you know? I'm open to all kinds of women, 'cause you get the whole package in one, the female soul and the body that can go any way you desire (pulls down his shirt to reveal his shoulder and bra) My ladieees. Mm. Straight, bisexual, lesbian, I'll take y'all on. 'Cause I have, 'cause I'm an overlooked treasure, and I should not be ignored or overlooked any longer. So I get, I think we should start gettin' to know each other, my loyal lady fans. And of course, you know who I'm talking to, hm hm hm, y'all. So just contact me at the email address (points downward) I provide underneath this video, and we`ll set up a lovely date, just between the two of us, mmm. One weekend, y'all can visit, maybe get a hotel room, y'all, where we'll spend a lovely evening together in or somethin', or maybe we'll swing by here.

Well, get to know me, talk to me, see where we, see whether we click or not. Mmm. Lovely lovely times and memories to be shared. And even if things don't work out for the long run, you'll still get a new friend in me anyway. (raises little finger) Ss-, and I pinky-promise on that. Thank y'all for your 'ttention and l-, and whatnot. (Chris flashes his cleavage once more before ending the video)

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