I Got A Fish

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Welcome to the David Lynch movie of your nightmares.


— WBCN, hitting the nail on the head.

I Got A Fish is a video uploaded by Chris to YouTube on 27 April 2009. In this video, Chris jog-dances in place in the security of his room full of toys, while holding a PS3 controller and lip-syncing to a stupid song full of random-access humor that he made up playing in the background. The song is about his apparent possession of a wish-granting fish. Despite the claim, he does not actually have a fish. Also, this song is probably the closest that Chris has ever come to carrying a tune.

The video is one of the few cases where the mainstream media got in on it.

The audio file included with the Power series of videos is a modified version of this song, but with the word "fish" replaced with "dick".

Chris reprised the song in Twelve New and Old Things of Christmas (2015).


I Got A Fish
Stardate 27 April 2009
Subject Matter MusicMusic Music
Performance Style ComedyComedy Comedy, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Shirt Classic ShirtClassic Shirt The Classic
CWC's "It's All Coming Back To Me"


A true sturgeon with rage.

[song is delivered via voice-over as Chris mutely jog-dances in place holding a PS3 controller]

I got a fish!
Would ya like to make a wish?
I got a fish!
Would ya like to make a wish?
I got a fiiiiiiiiish! [spreads arms wide to accompany wobbly falsetto]
Would ya like to make a wish? [swings arm around and turns off camera with grace]

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Stardate 13 February 2015
Subject Matter I Got A Fish
Video Type Song Cover
Other Info From the album Trollsta's Paradise: A True and Honest Tribute to Christian & The Hedgehog Boys (Deluxe Edition).
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Chris-Chan's I Got a Fish Reversed
Stardate 22 October 2017
Made By Craig Smith
Other Info A TRUE and HONEST Sturgeon with Rage, Reversed
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