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I Pimp My Ride.MOV is a video uploaded by Chris on 5 May 2010.

Some time earlier, the CWCki featured a page with detailed information on how easy it is to place a bugging device in a PS3. Not to be outdone by the trolls who keep stealing Chris's PSN accounts, Chris shows how he has removed the Wi-Fi antenna from his PS3, believing that this makes covert information transmission over WLAN much harder (this claim can not be substantiated by even the brightest of the CWCki geeks).

Chris brags about his technological prowess and virtual victory over the trolls all while wearing a never before seen, ill fitting Pokémon shirt. The shirt reads "Books-A-Million Trainer", a position which he dubiously held back in 2000; the shirt certainly looks that old. He then takes out his PS3 keyboard controller (that has wheels taped on to it) and a Lego car, and proclaims that he has "Pimped His Ride".

Chris's actual ride remained un-pimped.


I Pimp My Ride.MOV
Stardate 05 May 2010
Subject Matter Video gamesVideo games Video Games
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy SmugSmug Smug
Shirt Pokémon LeaguePokémon League Pokémon League
Autism Awareness & Men
Should NEVER be Topless
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Hey yo trolls! You got nothing going on for ya, 'cause you know what?

[Chris proudly lifts the Wi-Fi antenna, thinking it is the bug.]

I removed it. The Wi-Fi antenna! It gone! You ain’t getting on my PS3 anymo! You bunch of dumbasses! And yeah I p-did spend a bit of dough on my grill, but you know what? I'm no b-different from y’all! 'Cuz I like to Pimp Mah Riiiiiiiiidddde!

[Chris lifts his hands, showing a PS3 keyboard controller with taped on wheels in one, and a Lego car in the other.]

I'm out, peace!

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CHRIS CHAN RAP: Pimp my riiiiiiiiiiiide
Stardate 5 May 2010
Made By Andjealous
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