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|data6    = White
|data6    = White
|label7  = [[Chris and religion|Religion]]
|label7  = [[Chris and religion|Religion]]
|data7    = Neo-Pagan
|data7    = Neo-Pagan<br>Satanism(former)
|label11  = [[Chris and work|Occupations]]
|label11  = [[Chris and work|Occupations]]
|data11  = Amateur Occultist<br>Conspiracy Theorist<br>Stalker<br>Unemployed
|data11  = Amateur Occultist<br>Conspiracy Theorist<br>Stalker<br>Unemployed

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ONLY if he has lost weight in that belly; his profile banner is Most unsettling to me.
Chris, criticizing Sockness[1]
Sockness Head Cutout.png
Jacob Sockness
Name Jacob Sockness
Also known as Michiro Hutaki
Agian Siin
Jacob JS
Ashva Gohda
Gakuto Numata
White Knight Blue Heart
Date of Birth 1 April 1983 (age 36)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Race White
Religion Neo-Pagan
Occupations Amateur Occultist
Conspiracy Theorist
Weight 215.8 Pounds (97,9 kg) (probably higher)

Jacob Sockness is a 36-year-old Chris fanatic and ween from San Francisco, California, who emerged in mid-2018. Like Chris, he is autistic,[2] receives a monthly tugboat, believes he is a god,[3] thinks he has magic powers and has built an elaborate fantasy universe with over a dozen instalments which he believes really exists.[4] From his habit of showering praise on Chris that would make Kengle blush, it appeared that, like him, Sockness was another autistic white knight, albeit an exceptional one for expressing his love and sexual attraction towards him. His more recent behaviour has indicated more malicious intent behind his actions.

Sockness occasionally comments on Chris's tweets to court him or to support his delusions. However, most of his activities are based on his Twitter page, where he frequently makes graphic messages on his love for Chris, or else his personal subreddit, r/Kidasuna, which he treats as a blog. He is also known to spread his message to other forums, most notably Reddit and Kiwi Farms. Occasionally, he would make videos dedicated to Chris in his YouTube account. Jacob has also appropriated Sonichu characters in his self-made pantheon of pagan, extraterrestrial spirits. In mid-2019, he gained Chris's favor as the two agreed to work together financially following Chris's June 2019 ban from eBay, and achieved considerable influence over Chris's own fantasy world, as seen in Sonichu #14. For months the two would express interest in meeting in person, to onlookers' alarm, yet when Sockness would finally set out to cross the American continent to 14 Branchland Court in late September 2019, Chris rebuffed these efforts.


Sockness posing next to a Sonichu Through the Years poster sold by Chris.

Jacob was discovered by chance by Kiwi Farms user neural while observing the many users surrounding Chris's Twitter posts. After further digging, it was revealed that he also created a Kiwi Farms account under the name Jacob JS. It was in his profile page where he accidentally doxxed himself by posting links to his Facebook page and Tumblr blogs that reveals his personal information. As he exposed himself on the Farms, Sockness, like Michael Hirtes, is considered to be a halal lolcow.

Like many of Chris's orbiters, Sockness is a furry and lives in subsidised housing with a tugboat. He has a very low view of blacks, describing them as 'beastly' and 'hyper sexual', believing that 'their race can only rape, because that is [their] way of reproduction in a natural setting.'[5] Unlike the Idea Guys, who would inject such themes into Chris's mind for their own amusement, Jacob seems to be genuine. Sockness also controls several sockpuppets to white-knight himself and converse with, while claiming them to be different people; like Chris's similar past attempts to cover himself, these are quite feeble and transparent.

While some of Chris's most diehard white knights are exposed as trolls soon after their discovery, Jacob showed neither hatred nor amusement at first towards Chris's activities, but a legitimate sense of love towards him. Besides finding a fellow believer, Sockness is also sexually attracted to transgender people. Ironically, despite Sockness's desire to father a child with Chris, he is unaware that Chris is already in a polygamist marriage and has ended his Love Quest. By the time he seemed to have disappeared in spring 2019, there was as yet no indication that Sockness had any ulterior motive. It would only be after Chris started responding to his many comments on Twitter that Sockness would publicly reveal his real goals.


Sockness states that his 'Chris kink', or erotic desires for Chris, are not genuine.

Before disappearing temporarily from the Internet in May 2019, Christorians could not discern Sockness's true motivations for his unusual behaviour. Unlike many previous imitators of the Idea Guys pretending to belong to Chris's abortive personality cult, Jacob appeared to be the first TRUE and HONEST believer in Sonichu and the Dimensional Merge after Chris. More recent evidence, however, shows that his feelings are not entirely earnest. At least, they are not consistent: Jacob's opinion on Chris has been known to flip-flop in his opinion on Chris from sexual love to outright cursing him.

In his Reddit account, Jacob had lurked around subreddits for incels, flirting with them. In his Twitter page, besides tweeting about arcane rituals and complaining about liberals, Jacob expresses his close love between a "sugar daddy", suggesting he is in a gay relationship with an older, wealthier man. When Chris allowed Jacob access to his Twitter account on 11 July 2019, he boasted about it on Reddit, even claiming that his sexual attraction to Chris was a facade. On 21 September 2019, when a concerned onlooker tried to warn Chris that Sockness was tantamount to an autistic Idea Guy, Sockness embraced the charges of manipulation, justifying his actions as protecting Chris against other trolls.[6]


Interactions with Chris

The Sacred Shoes have samples of cat & doggy DNA. Looking for the Treasures of Heaven, a single hair from Christine's head to put into an amulet of serious power to manifest one's dreams. This is a divine experience.

Sockness has spent hundreds on buying items from Chris's eBay, notably buying his old shoes for worshipping purposes. Eventually, Jacob got too retarded for even Chris to handle; Chris blocked him on Twitter on 31 January 2019. By 22 May 2019, Jacob's YouTube channel was terminated, and his Twitter account seemed to have disappeared.

I have the Sonishoes
Stardate 16 March 2019
Made By Jacob S
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Still, this would not be the end of Sockness's involvement with Chris; he would create a new Twitter account named Chris Kink. On 11 July 2019, while Chris was trying to raise funds to pay for a hotel room at the 2019 BronyCon, troll SonichuMerch told Chris that Sockness might be interested in buying his bath water. Chris saw dollar signs and followed Sockness.

The Sonichu merch guy told Chris I was interested in the buying some bath water. The guy doesn't know I have no money to buy it due to issues with Social Security in May. Even if I had the money, Chris has to follow some exact rules to creating what I need from him. I need him to make and bless some holy water with his juices in it.
Sockness explains why Chris started following him.[8]

After establishing direct communication with Chris, on 14 July, Sockness tweeted that he would open a vendor account on eBay for Chris, acting as warehouse, clearing-house and middleman. Chris responded with gratitude.[9] The next day, Chris re-tweeted a GoFundMe campaign by Sockness to raise $300, nominally as a shipping fund.[10] As of September 2019, Sockness has failed to restore Chris's access to eBay, which would be prohibited at any rate, though he has continued to set up GoFundMe pages for Chris's incidental expenses, as when his car broke down and needed a thousand dollars worth of repairs.[11]

White Knight Blue Heart.
Jakoba in Sonichu #14.

Once Sockness had his foot in the door, he began talking to Chris about his own alternate dimension fantasies, further enabling Chris's delusional thoughts.

Firstly, and mainly, I am not under Anyone’s Control. And second, I still support the Rokat and all the good peoples in Andromeda. I need to meditate further for more sound responses and thoughts. For now I will simply state that your research is valuable, indeed. Going silent.
Chris, addressing Sockness. He believes he is not under anyone's control while parroting Sockness's lore.[12]

Chris featured Jakoba, an OC created by Sockness, in Sonichu #14. As Sockness put it: "She drew Jakoba, from one of mine when her CPU pals wanted to see the Rokat".[13] For most of summer 2019, the two would interact relatively little, though other weens would try to push them closer together.[14] In August 2019, Chris, through his Magi-Chan sockpuppet on Twitter, naïvely dismissed Sockness's violent inclinations and approved the idea of him coming to visit.[15] Meanwhile, Sockness would complain on Reddit that Chris's laziness would delay the Dimensional Merge (or Merger, as he calls it) practically for ever.[16]

Abortive Virginia trip

Sockness's ominously one-way train ticket, with dates blacked out. Astute Kiwis have calculated that Sockness should have arrived on Saturday evening (28 September 2019) in Charlottesville had he continued.

On 7 September 2019, Sockness fabricated a conversation between himself and Magi-Chan, whom Chris believed to be possessing his body at the time, in which Sockness declared that he and Chris would need meet in person and marry for the Dimensional Merge to proceed. Though Chris affirmed thereafter that the counterfeit dialogue was trustworthy and begged for the funding to travel to California, he changed tactics within a few days, stating on Twitter that Chris, in Magi-Chan's body, had arrived on the West Coast from "behind the dimensional curtain",[17] while Chris's body was safely in Virginia. Nevertheless, Chris remained interested in Sockness coming to visit him at home.[18]

The rift between Jacob and Chris continued to widen on 28 September 2019, when Chris refused to join in Sockness's worship of Barney, whom Jacob believes to be Satan.

As autumn 2019 began, months of casual on-line role-playing would come to a head: on 24 September, Sockness reported that he had bought train tickets to make the transcontinental trip to Chris.[19] He made clear that his intent was both sexual and violent on Reddit, comparing his plans for Chris's rear to Germany's devastation by Allied bombs during the War.[20]

However, only a day later, Chris posted a statement on Twitter along with a short audio clip, ChrisReleasesAStatementRegardingJacobSockness, indicating his desire for Sockness to return home after Sockness had left for Virginia, and saying that somebody in Chicago would provide him with a return ticket.[21] It seemed that Chris had a moment of clarity long enough to realise the magnitude of what was possibly going to happen if he let Sockness make his way to Virginia and into 14BC. He elaborated on his decisions a day later, including a statement from one of Jacob's imaginary gods, Michiro. In his statement, Chris cited his health as unconducive to having guests, and that Jacob had gone down the path of evil. Chris also said that he foresaw that he and Jacob would end up in a similar situation to how Chris and Cole Smithey are. On 26 September, Sockness admitted defeat, tweeting that his "involvement with the Dimensional Merge has ended in failure" and that he would delete his Twitter account upon returning home.[22] Chris would confirm that Sockness had turned back the next day.[23]

Despite spending over $1,500 through the course of his failed bid for Chris's attention, Sockness still remains determined to win his prize in the end. He has tried, thus far in vain, to apologise for his emotional outbursts and reconcile with Chris, and has indicated that he wishes to try visiting Chris again at some indeterminate future time, making sure to bring a mutual friend along with him.[24] When Chris indicated on 28 September his wish to attend BABSCon, to be held in April 2020 just outside of San Francisco, Sockness consoled himself that he would see Chris in person after all.[25] Chris has neither responded to this nor otherwise engaged with Sockness since. It remains to be seen whether Sockness's autistic machinations may someday enjoy any success, or Chris's own should continue to thwart him.


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