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Typical Chris at a convention.

Chris has attended several conventions over the years. Prior to the 2010s, he had only ever been to one specific convention; in recent years, however, whenever he's interested in a nearby convention that has been organized and announced, and Barb doesn't get in the way, Chris won't fail to attend it.

Chris generally has a blast attending conventions, mainly because instead of sitting around his house stalking people on the Internet and playing vidya, he's outside socializing with people. Another possible reason for Chris' appeal in conventions is the fact that he is surrounded by people with similar interests, therefore making it easier for him to converse with them.

Conventions Chris has attended

  • BrickFest (9-11 June 2000, 19-21 July 2002): The first convention that Chris has attended. Not much is known about his exploits at this particular convention, but we can assume he probably showed off his Lego creations. Chris attended the very first BrickFest as well as its 2002 installment.
  • Anime Mid-Atlantic (29 May 2004-17 June 2005): The last convention Chris would attend for a decade. Here, he met voice actors and actresses such as Monica Rial, tried out Japanese foods, and hocked copies of Sonichu 0 while cosplaying as himself.
  • OmegaCon (29 August 2015-28 August 2016): The first convention that Chris attended in 10 years. He went alone dressed up as Vinyl Scratch, and attended a cosplaying contest that he lost. He went back the next year and attended all three days from winning a free ticket from the last year. Chris also apparently tried marijuana here.
  • BronyCon (11 August 2017-4 August 2019): Chris attended this My Little Pony-themed convention during its last three years.
  • MAGfest (January 2018): Chris wanted to attend this convention all the way back in 2011, but budgeting issues prevented him from doing so. He later attended it 7 years later, after hearing that there would be a panel themed after him that year.
  • TooManyGames (22-23 June 2018): So far, the only convention that Chris has been kicked out of. Chris got too touchy-feely with guests and kissed many of them without their consent; because of this, on the second day of the convention, he was kicked out. Chris reacted by melting down and curling to the floor for an extended period of time.

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