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File:Dead fitbit.jpeg|Magic stones glued onto his FitBit.
File:Dead fitbit.jpeg|Magic stones glued onto his FitBit.
File:Rox.png|Chris's magic stones inside metal shakers, displayed next to his laptop

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For Chris's thoughts on another kind of rock, see Chris and music.
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You all should have a look at my well-kept Magic and Healing Stone Collection, and my mentally and calmness expressed as much as possible while I read the second half of SNT Vs Sonichu; I MEDITATED AND DRANK WATER ON THE ROCKS
Chris in a Twitter rant[1]
Chris's headgear for holding magic stones against his forehead, pictured in March 2020.[2]

Magic stones are semi-precious stones believed by some to have and convey various powers. Chris's interest in magic stones stems from his recent acceptance of New Age beliefs and fits well with his compulsion to collect useless crap. As seen on Discord[3], Chris has amassed a sizable number of polished stones, gems, and an $80 amethyst water bottle.


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