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Welcome to the CWCki!
We currently have 1,796 articles...and counting!

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Quote of the Now

Okay, who’s Ready to have their minds Totally, Royally F***ed Up? Rosey, our Prime Rosechu, Sweetheart of Sonichu...

Was born, as a Pichu, MALE. The D***ed Trolls were correct. Up until around the 4Cent Garbage Adventure, Rosey did have, not a vagina, but a penis. She had the Operation to become Fully Woman, and give birth to Christine, Roberta and Cera. I felt Super Mortified and Beyond Shocked when she came out to me as a Transwoman, herself. Since when I created her after Sonichu, around 2000, I had created her to be a Female-Only Pokemon, like a Kangaskhan. But, apparently, even though I am Creator, apparently, I am not a total Goddess over my own city and creations.

So, I will now put this to Everyone Online, for their responses: Do You Like It That For Once, The Trolls WERE Right, or would you rather I revert back to telling everyone, in book 15, that our Miss Rosey Rosechu was always Female?

SHE wanted me to come forward with her Truth on her behalf. As much as it really hurts me deep. I Really feel like I should be reeled into my Poke Ball and stored in the PC a while. I accept My Rose, My Rose, as having been born Male.


—Chris, Facebook

Begging Counter

  • It has been 145 days since Chris begged for money.

Article of the Now

Around early November 2017, an anonymous troll acting as Chris's "idea guy" decided to coerce Chris into adding politically incorrect themes and false rumors into his comics, seeing how gullible he is and how little he understands about the world. Chris's interactions with this idea guy started when he informed Chris that the characters from Hyperdimension Neptunia were invading CWCville.


This Day in Christory

"tossed salad"

Today in Christory, in 1979, Joseph Herring was born.


Did You Know...

  • ...that he didn't know what kind of jobs one could get with a CADD certificate?
  • ...that he still has absolutely no idea how marketing works?

Da Update


CWCki News

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Check out Chris's own sections in CWCki Club and the Kiwi Farms, full of lively and often times thoughtful discussions on Chris and Sonichu. (Please limit extensive discussions and speculations there, and only use the wiki talk pages for article-related discussions).


Notice: Stop putting conjecture or theories into main pages. Stop outright insulting Chris; he's terrible, we know.

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Improvement Project of the Now

This page is up for deletion. Every ounce of it will be shot to the moon unless a convincing case for its preservation is made on its talk page.

The articles in desperate need of improvement at the moment are...

Be sure to consult the talk page for improvement suggestions.


Picture of the Now

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Video of the Now

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