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Welcome to the CWCki!
The encyclopedia about Christian Weston Chandler .
We currently have 1,958 articles...and counting!
*Any names, or persons, discussed in this wiki,
that may seem similar to anyone in real life,
are purely coincidental, or otherwise parodic.*

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Da Update


It is currently March 2019.

For all current updates about Chris, visit the Kiwi Farms.

Presently, the CWCki lacks enough editors to maintain all of its updates, leading to "Da Update" being discontinued on 11 October 2018. Articles are still updated when possible by the remaining editors. Unfortunately, registration for new users has been disabled since 21 August 2018, due to abuse from spambots.

Quote of the Now

I feel the cosmos, fate, destiny and all else in our progress all around me. ⚡️💙⚡️



Begging Counter

If you are considering donating to Chris, please keep in mind that he lies about needing money.
  • It has been 9 days since Chris begged for money.
  • It has been 113 days since Chris uploaded pages to meet his paid obligations to the Sonichu comic.

Article of the Now


Son-Chu is the name Chris gives to his car. It was originally a 1994 Ford Escort station wagon that Chris drove until 2013, when he replaced it with a white Cadillac Seville, until it died from a cracked engine block. From September 2014, Chris drove a 2010 Ford Focus sedan, until November 2018, when its engine died. The Chandlers currently share one vehicle: Barb's Dodge Grand Caravan, although Chris has now transferred the SONICHU plates onto it.


Did You Know

  • ...and then changed his mind, only to ignore it?

This Day in Christory

Good grief!

Today in Christory, in 2006, Megan told Chris that she didn't want a relationship. Saddened, he made a CD entitled "CWC's Mix Jams '06: Story of My Quest, Part 1" and also "Part 2".


Picture of the Now

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A CWCki contributor DMed Sarah and Steve

Video of the Now