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Welcome to the CWCki!
The encyclopedia about Chris Chan, the author of Sonichu.
We currently have 2,213 articles...and counting!
Any names, or persons, discussed in this wiki,
that may seem similar to anyone in real life,
are purely coincidental, or otherwise parodic.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability is an educational book by Miriam Kaufman, first published in 2007. It states that it's the first complete sex guide for people who live with disabilities, pain, illness, or chronic conditions. Useful for absolutely everyone, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation, the book addresses a wide range of disabilities -- from chronic fatigue, back pain, and asthma to spinal cord injury, hearing and visual impairment, multiple sclerosis, and more. (More...)

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Chris has been in custody for

This Day in Christory


Today in Christory, in 2009, Chris released a bizarre video in a bid to make Gregg Mays reveal his true identity.


Today was also the day, in 2011, that Chris and his mother were arrested after a visit to the Game Place. Chris was charged with assault, trespassing, and failure to stop. Barb was charged with assaulting a police officer and failure to stop.


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Da Update

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It is currently October 2021.
Chris is now in jail for alleged incest. His next court hearing is to be 18 November 2021.
Only significant events are listed. For all current updates, visit Kiwi Farms.

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