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This page archives Chris's Patreon posts from October 2017.

Sonichu 12, pages 84-94

3 October

Woah! How much weight did he just lose now?!

7 October

More fetishes in Sonichu.png

It’s Time to Work It Out!

8 October


Last Page Drawn for Sonichu #12!

9 October

Nothing left but the colouring, editing and uploading. The people who paid extra last month will get Book 12, with their other books, later This Month, as duly promised. Everyone else, all current eligible, and all new eligible pledges will get Sonichu #12 as their Book of the Month for November, 2017. Also, as described in the new Patreon video uploaded earlier today. Please pledge large, or increase your pledge, with successful payment collection, if y’all can to further our Sonichu Merchandise Possibilities.

Thank you all!

He uploaded the lineart for the last page.

Sonichu 12, pages 95-112

16 October

Sonichu 12 completed

16 October

Yep! And right after this page is a past-drawn artwork, followed by the six pages with the song, "Love Is Love (Not You've Been Pwned)", the two Thank You Pages to all my Patreon Pledges and other supporters (Only Offline in the book), and then the poetic letter to myself with the drawing I made for Remembering Pulse, 2017, a few months ago.

Make Your Pledge Now to get a copy of Sonichu #12 for your collection, as the Book Of The Month for November, 2017 for Everyone.

Thank you all again for your support and continuing support.

Stay Tuned next week for the first number of pages for Sonichu 12-9 SPECIAL: Miss Night Star! This will be a good story, with Lots of good details, you will Not want to miss about this Dimension-Traversing Psychic Unicorn Artist of Equestria!

Sonichu #15 Cover!

17 October

Sonichu 15 cover.jpg

This Goodness Will Be Here after the next Two Books, as Sonichu, Rosechu and I will Renew Our Love and Dedication to the Book Series, with perhaps a "rehashing", but Not So! It will be a Retelling of the Classic First Three Episodes, BUT with More Details; More Commentary and Dialogue from Sonichu and Rosechu as the events took place since when Super Sonic fatefully collided with the Pikachu, and with the Chaos Energies, the prime Sonichu and Rosechu came to be. It's the Full Sonichu and the Full Rosechu Stories; it's also a Love Story, "so, baby, just say yes". You All will NOT be Disappointed!

Creating Christmas Card Covers!

24 October

I’m drawing/colouring up some Holiday Cheer with a few Christmas Card Covers for actual Christmas Cards, coming Next Month on my Redbubble Shop, along with a few other choice items, including a Certain Family Photo for a poster or such.


Sonichu xmas card.png

Christmas Gift Contest For Patreons

24 October

Announcing another Giveaway for the Holiday Season, exclusively for All November and December Pledges (for EVERYONE who pledges the minimum Book of the Month Pledge of $20 or more, And successfully gets processed and paid for November and December, 2017). Five Lucky Randomly Chosen Winners will each receive a signed and framed copy of my Family Photograph, printed on glossy photo paper. All pledges made at the earliest before October 31st, 2017, as well as all pledges made before November 30th, 2017, on the minimum pledge of $20 or more, And successfully Processed and Paid Up, will each be eligible for the drawing on Friday, December 8th, 2017 to each receive an autographed and framed Christine, Sonichu and Rosechu Family Photograph. Limit One Entry per person.

So, Make your Pledge Today, if you haven’t already, to not only get in on the Sonichu Book(s)-of-the-Month, but to have a Limited-Printed and Autographed copy of this Family Photo!

Family photo giveaway announcement.png

Night Star Rosechu

28 October

*She Just shared her transformation with me! Awesome!*

Night Star Rosechu.png

Delay, needed some me-time

31 October

Update on new pages

I sincerely apologize for the delay, but I have six new pages drawn up. I’ve been having some me-time, due to some mental quandaries; nothing too bad or worrisome. I am colouring these pages, and will have them uploaded soon, as well as Sonichu #5 on Tapas on the same day, of course. Thank you for your patience.

Happy Halloween.