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Petty enablers, whether financial or fantastic, should not get more than a paragraph or two, and should be squarely focused on their relation to Chris.

When the Idea Guys showed everyone in late 2017 that Chris is still just as naive as he was a decade earlier, he inspired many bored, childish and mentally ill copycats. Chris's deteriorating psyche has made him less amenable to being reached by such traditional methods as claiming to be a boyfriend-free girl; the Idea Guys had indeed caused Chris by March 2018 to conclude the Love Quest, blocking off this avenue outright. Instead, those who wish to prove themselves latter-day Miscreants play along with Chris's more eccentric beliefs, including in his own divinity. A few such enablers, such as Ben Saint and Jacob Sockness, have left their indelible marks on the Sonichu series. Most have not. This page lists such petty enablers who have got TRUE and HONEST responses from Chris on social media or in chat rooms, yet have not provoked Chris into doing anything substantial.


Arbitarch CWC Alliance


Christine...Please stop this, Mewtwo is not real, the merge is not happening, you need serious help. If you need help there are people to help you with these delusions. This is incredibly unhealthy for you.
AquaDiamond8, March 2019[1]
Still i dont want [Jacob Sockness] attacking my people when the merge happens, Christine has said there will be no more war or need for violence in the merge, my Sapphire has forseen this
AquaDiamond8 changes her tune, November 2019[2]
AquaDiamond8 and Magi-Chan. Drawn by Aqua November 2019.

AquaDiamond8 is a Twitter user who has bounced from being a ween[3], to a white knight, to an enabler. In November 2019, after having tried to discourage Chris's delusions months before, Aqua abruptly switched tactics and instead embraced Chris's delusional beliefs. She changed her Twitter handle to "CPU Goddess Aqua of the Mac Book Pro", echoing a similar move as fellow enabler MKRNightVee. Like MKR, Aqua had frequent spats with Sockness. Later, Aqua began drawing fanart of her OC interacting with Magi-Chan[4]. She then posted a Pokémon drawing, claiming it to be an alt-dimension Magi-Chan[5]:

Val Valentino, The Masked Magician.jpg

Val Valentino, The Masked Magician. A celestial powerful magician

Dex Enter: "This Magi-Chan is so powerful he has to mentally project a simplified form that the human mind can comprehend. Looking at his true form would drive you mad."

Dex #: unknown

Chris was enticed by this news:

Seriously? You disovered an alt-dimension Magi-Chan Sonichu? This is a very interesting find. I'll look more into this one for myself.

Also, for your information, regardless of which variant, Dimension or Timeline of origin, Special, Regular, or Mega Evolved, the Pokedex Number for Sonichu and Rosechu will always be at #982 and #979, respectively.

Aqua answered:

Oh i wasnt aware ill make sure to write that down. But he more discovered me in a way. I was meaning to chat with your hubby when i realized i wasnt in our normal meeting spot, then he appeared through a portal.

Meghan K Ringo

I am a CPU, that means I am directly on the same level of godhood as Christine.
Meghan, replying to Sarah and Steve questioning if she really follows Chris's beliefs[6].

Meghan K Ringo (born 24 April 1992), also known under the aliases MKRNightVee and thepixietailartist) appeared in early 2019, using a combination of cosplay, fan art and pastiches of Chris's various media, such as comics and medallions, to present herself as goddess of the Nintendo Switch.[7] While she has never got any more than vague approval from Chris while playing with him on Discord. On Twitter, she could see the danger in, and would try to steer Chris away from Jacob Sockness as he won him over in summer 2019; he thought her dangerous enough to abuse her verbally on Twitter as his second dramatic cycle approached its climax in early November.


Eschcal tipping Chris $10 during a livestream.

Helena Fiorenza

Helena with Magi-Chan.

Helena Fiorenza, also known by her Twitter handle PickinyFelliny, is an Argentinian who draws surrealistic art. In September 2019, Helena posted to Twitter photoshopped drawings of Magi-Chan and role-played that she and Magi-Chan had gone on a date, tagging MagiChan111448.[8] Chris noticed and followed Helena back. While in his own phase of role-playing as Magi-Chan, Chris answered:

The images Helena has been uploading chronicled the one day she and I shared together, and yes, I did spend the night; her bed was comfortable. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. My wish I made is coming true, as I had foreseen. 💜⚡️

In later updates she started to add to drawings of her OC (Known as Jeffrey) that was a trap. In later tweets she heavily implied that Magi-chan and Jeffrey were dating, as well as sexually intimate, to which Chris noted on Nov. 30th:

He does like to have fun at times, so his brain is not overworked. He also does enjoy the simple things when he can.

Multidimensional White Knights

'Carrie' pleads for SonichuMerch to advocate to let her back into Chris's viewing box.

The Multidimensional White Knights (MWK) or Knights of C-197 are a group of accounts, all associated with fictional characters from disparate children's programmes, chief among them Carrie Krueger of The Amazing World of Gumball, originally created in February 2019 for an unrelated Twitter meme and repurposed that summer in an idle attempt to mess with Chris as he was emerging from the Soft Exile. Throughout summer 2019, they would interact sporadically with Chris, getting occasional replies and likes but no Laughs Under Lucricities, being overshadowed by Sockness's distended belly. No conclusive evidence identifying the puppetmaster behind these accounts exists; several allegations of the offender have since been retracted.

During Chris's Twitter follower purge in July 2019, Krueger was blocked from viewing Chris's account along with thousands of other perceived trolls, and the Knights were forced to use alternative accounts to reach him. Since then, the only one of the original ten Knights which Chris acknowledged as TRUE and HONEST was Ed Bighead of Rocko's Modern Life, conflated with the biblical Darius and marketed as an ally against Ben Saint when he was trying to revise his comics that October. Imitating the Idea Guys' love of the politically incorrect, they also convinced Chris that Mac Tonight and former South African president Botha were in league with Sockness's demons. While the Knights keep trying to ignite conflicts about cartoon characters and random historical figures on Discord and involve Chris in them, they have got little but occasional lukewarm acknowledgement from Chris; they have not affected his vision of the Dimensional Merge in any way.

Sarah and Steven

Remember, if you are ever in trouble or need help (before we're able to move) just message us first! I'm afraid other people could not be very trusted.
Part of a message Sarah and Steve wrote to Chris.
Let this be a lesson to all would-be enablers.

Sarah and Steven were a pair of half-hearted enablers, working jointly, who first appeared in February 2019 when they discussed a Rosechu medallion with Chris, as well as the possibility of meeting him in person, on Twitter.[9] They had bought a Nintendo Switch for Chris and supported him on Patreon, yet their attempts to keep themselves anonymous and out of public view were derailed by Chris himself when he filmed himself with the new console and revealed their secret plans to move to Virginia and isolate Chris from other contacts to make him dependent upon them. After this, they disappeared for a month, setting a trend that would mark a pattern in all future cycles of interactions with Chris.

In May 2019, Sarah and Steven returned, professing themselves as believers in Chris's personality cult,[10] and again sought to malign him against the Guard Dogs by presenting themselves as exclusively trustworthy.[11] After several of their private discussions were leaked onto Kiwi Farms,[12] they abandoned course again and lamented that they were swindled out of the money they had freely given Chris in their bid for influence over him; their relationship with Chris further deteriorated,[13] and he finally cast them aside on 25 July 2019, when they raised the question of what would happen should they dare question any of Chris's teachings or beliefs.[14] Further attempts to reach Chris by endorsing Jacob Sockness, in both August and October 2019,[15][16] have to date all ended in failure.


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Most financial enablers (those who just give him money) need only be catalogued in the sister article. Those here have gone beyond that: speaking with Chris and trying to get him to do something stupid.

Aly Hirschberg

Christine is actually paying bills and stuff. The money I give her at least hasn't gone to waste, she uses my money I give for gas, electricity, car fuel, food, all the necessary essentials.
Hirschberg,[17] justifying her financial enabling as freeing Chris's monthly tugboat to spend on toys instead

Aly Michelle Hirschberg (born 15 August 1987),[18] also known by her transgender byname Alan Christopher, is a mentally disturbed[19][20] Scottish Jew living in England who emerged in mid-2019 and believes herself to be Chris's best friend.[21] She is one of Chris's financial benefactors, and has even claimed to be his primary donor responsible for mitigating the Financhu Crisis,[22] though Chris has denied this.[23] She has also set up abortive fundraisers to send Chris (and, for a time, Jacob Sockness) on a world tour,[24] which Chris repurposed to support his My Little Pony obsession.[25]

Hirschberg and Chris have known each other since the Classic era: as early as 2008, they would exchange letters which contents have not yet been divulged.[26] She has also spent several thousand dollars on his Etsy and eBay offerings before these ventures were shut down. She is apparently truly convinced that the Dimensional Merge and CWCville are real, and that Jacob Sockness's sorcery is really effective. Other than as a tool to solicit funds on Twitter in October 2019, she has had no substantial interactions with Chris in public.

Miss Cherry

Danielle Stone.png

Miss Cherry, birth name Daniel Stone,[27] is a tomgirl who spent fifteen hundred dollars of his mother's money in a failed bid at becoming Chris's first sweetheart in the Idea Guys' wake. On 20 July 2018, he pledged $589 to Chris's Patreon, as a means of getting Chris's attention by being the first to hit his monthly goal and referring to himself as his number one fan and his newest sweetheart.[28] However, Chris simply took the money and disputed his claim of being in a relationship with him, partially doxing him as well:

Oh. you're a good patron, I appreciate your support, but You and I are NOT Lovers, Cherry Stone.

In response, Stone doubled down by increasing the pledge amount to $1,000.[29] On 23 July, Chris posted to Twitter about the good fortune of getting the money, as he needed it to fund his car repairs as his Plan A for getting to BronyCon. In doing so, he doxed Stone fully.[30] That Chris appeared annoyed at Miss Cherry claiming to be in a relationship with him is interesting, considering that he has done the same thing to many women in the past. Stone discontinued his pledge on the next day;[31] however, as Chris had set his Patreon to upfront charging in September 2017,[32] the money remained with Chris. Miss Cherry faded into obscurity, broke and broken-hearted.


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